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Requirements: This is a mobile application for both iOS and Android. The code is expected to be imported into a Titanium Studio project and will talk to a backend from the BeerShiftWeb project.

Description: Like Beer? Beer Shift allows you to track the beers that you have tasted and also see what your friends are trying! Search for Beers, read what the Breweries say about them, save them in your "Drank" list, and then use the "Keg Stand" to view what all Beer Shift users have been drinking.

Interested in Cloud Computing and Mobile application development? Beer Shift is also a sweet example of how to easily build a mobile application that uses a back-end application running in "the Cloud" on Red Hat's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The back-end application is written in PHP using CodeIgniter and talks to a MongoDB NoSQL datastore, all running on


  • If you like this example, please help us out by submitting code patches to enhance the functionality of this project.