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Web-API documentation & tutorials

This is a collection of various documentations and tutorials for various sections of the Web-API.

  1. AdminPanel
    More information about the AdminPanel and how to set it up.

  2. Commands (and their permissions)
    Lists the various commands the Web-API provides, including their required player permissions.

  3. Routes
    Web-API automatically hosts the documentation at http://localhost:8080/docs (by default) on your minecraft server for you to explore. You can find the same documentation here

  4. Consumer Tutorial
    This tutorial shows some basic examples of how to use/consume the Web-API. This will be helpfull if you're building an app that relies on the data from the Web-API

  5. General config
    This sections describes the basic configuration options of the Web-API.

  6. Permissions (for API endpoints, not commands)
    This documentation talks about the permissions.conf file and the various settings you can use to adjust the Web-API to your needs, specifically the permissions that restrict access and data.

  7. Messages
    Read this guide to find out how to send messages with interactive options to players and process their responses.

  8. WebHooks
    This documentation explains how to use WebHooks to have your own app stay informed about stuff that happens on the minecraft server, without constantly requesting data.

  9. WebHook Filters
    WebHook filters can be used to filter out certain web hook events and greatly reduce the amount of events that are sent to your server. Read the WebHook documentation first.

  10. Additional Data
    This documentation talks about additional data that is included with player, world and entity endpoints, as well as the implementation progress of further data which is not yet supported.

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