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Script for taking notes and open urls with taskwarrior
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This script is an enhancement to taskwarrior, i.e. it depends on the task binary. See

What does it do?

It enables you to add file based notes to tasks.

Basic usage

Add a task:

$ task add Example

Add an annotation which links to a file:

$ task 1 annotate ~/notes.txt

Open the linked file by ID:

$ taskopen 1

Or by a filter expression (requires taskwarrior 2.0):

$ taskopen Example

Add default notes

Inspired by Alan Bowens 'tasknote' you can add a default notes file to a task. The folder in which these files will be stored can be configured in ~/.taskopenrc.

As soon as you annotate a task with 'Notes':

$ task 1 annotate Notes can edit this file:

$ taskopen 1

More complex example

You can also add weblinks to a task and even mix all kinds of annotations:

$ task 1 annotate
$ task 1 annotate I want to consider this
$ task 1 annotate ~/tasknotes/1.txt
$ taskopen 1
2 annotation(s) found.

Please select an annotation:
   2) ~/tasknotes/1.txt
Type number: 

Link to emails with mutt

Thanks to the contribution of Jostein Berntsen you can use taskopen with mutt. The message ID is used as an identifier for the mutt mail. Here is the basic workflow:

  1. Add an email to task with 'mutt2task'
  2. Use 'mess2task' to add the message ID from this mail to the recently added task.

taskopen then uses muttjump to open the mutt mailboxes natively or in a screen window (very quick and effective). The muttjump script is made by Johannes Weissl:

You can also use 'mess2task2' which copies the message ID to the clipboard, so that you can add the mail ID to any task manually.

These macros should then be added to mutt:

macro index ,k "<pipe-message>mutt2task<enter>\  
macro index ,m "<pipe-message>mess2task<enter>"
macro index ,t "<pipe-message>mess2task2<enter>"


Just copy the scripts to /usr/bin or ~/bin. You should also copy one of the taskopenrc files to ~/.taskopenrc and modify it to your needs.

Currently there are two different taskopenrc files delivered with taskopen:

  1. taskopenrc: default configuration example
  2. taskopenrc_vimnotes: configuration to use taskopen with notes.vim plugin


Thanks to the following:

  • Jostein Bernsten (for adding mutt support)
  • John Hammond (for OSX 10.5+ support)
  • Alan Bowen (for writing tasknote)

Feel free to contribute to this project.

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