A repo of bash and PowerShell scripts that I use.
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PowerShell Scripts
Shell Scripts


Oh hai.

Here be a few bash files that I've collected, written, and use. Feel free to utilize as well!

Here are some other very cool script repos:

Script Descriptions (bash)

  • cleanfiles.sh - super simple script that runs once a day and deletes files older than 24 hours in x folder.

  • directorytotxt.sh - another simple script that you can use to extract a list of file names and dump them to a txt file

  • rackspace-clouddb-backup.sh -- This script lets you set a nightly backup schedule for your Cloud Databases. A feature that is currently not available outside of the Rackspace API. You will need your Account Name and API key.

  • slack-stream-images-webhook.sh - this script queries a folder for any changes and posts images to a Slack channel using the Slack webhook api. Set a cron job to run this all the time and voila! Enjoy the data.

  • ssl-query.sh - this script utilizes OpenSSL to query any URL and returns it's certificate information

Script Descriptions (PowerShell)

  • DeleteSQLBackups.ps1 -- This script runs through a specified folder and removes all SQL Express backups (.bak) after an X amount of time.

  • FileCount.ps1 -- This script just runs through a bunch of folders and outputs a total file count to a .txt file

  • RemoveTempFiles.ps1 -- This script removes temporary files in whatever directory you set. Similar to the DeleteSQLBackups.ps1 script.