The Airship Mod of The Future®
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Valkyrien Warfare

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The Airships Mod to end all other Airships Mods. Better compatibility, performance, collisions, interactions and physics than anything prior!

Also the airship mod of The Future®

Setting up

Setting this mod up is exactly the same as with any other mod, just throw it in your mods folder and start MC! If you want to develop for it, clone the repo, (if you're using Eclipse you'll also need to copy in the eclipse/ folder from a fresh installation of the Forge MDK, ) then use ./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace eclipse (Linux/Mac + Eclipse) or ./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace genIntellijRuns (Linux/Mac + IntelliJ) or gradlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace eclipse (Windows + Eclipse) or gradlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace genIntellijRuns (Windows + IntelliJ).