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Auto merge of #2394 - micbou:move-client-tests, r=Valloric

[READY] Move client tests to the main tests folder

This makes it possible to configure all tests at a package level by implementing the `setUpPackage` and `tearDownPackage` functions in `python/ycm/tests/` file.

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homu committed Oct 25, 2016
2 parents 03835a9 + 993f0ef commit d55b5c09d6f882bcc0cd05b0b925ea68e6e11274
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
from ycm.tests.test_utils import MockVimModule
vim_mock = MockVimModule()
from .. import completion_request
from ycm.client import completion_request
class ConvertCompletionResponseToVimDatas_test( object ):

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