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@@ -17,7 +17,9 @@ the brackets) _before_ filing your issue:**
- [ ] If filing a bug report, I have included which OS (including specific OS
version) I am using.
- [ ] If filing a bug report, I have included a minimal test case that reproduces
- my issue.
+ my issue, including what I expected to happen and what actually happened.
+- [ ] If filing a installation failure report, I have included the entire output
+ of `` (or `cmake`/`make`/`ninja`) including its invocation
- [ ] **I understand this is an open-source project staffed by volunteers and
that any help I receive is a selfless, heartfelt _gift_ of their free time. I
know I am not entitled to anything and will be polite and courteous.**
@@ -29,11 +31,52 @@ quickly and that neither your nor our time is needlessly wasted.
# Issue Details
-[If filing a bug report, please include **a list of steps** that describe how to
-reproduce the bug you are experiencing. Also include test code if relevant.]
+> Provide a clear description of the problem, including the following key
+> questions:
+* What did you do?
+> Include steps to reproduce here.
+> Include description of a minimal test case, including any actual code required
+> to reproduce the issue.
+* What did you expect to happen?
+> Include description of the expected behaviour.
+* What actually happened?
+> Include description of the observed behaviour, including actual output,
+> screenshots, etc.
+# Diagnostic data
+## Output of `vim --version`
+> Place the output here, or a link to a [gist][].
+## Output of `YcmDebugInfo`
+> Place the output here, or a link to a [gist][].
+## Contents of YCM, ycmd and completion engine logfiles
+> Include link here to a [gist][] containing the entire logfiles for ycm, ycmd
+> and any completer logfiles listed by `:YcmToggleLogs`.
+## OS version, distribution, etc.
+> Include system information here.
+## Output of build/install commands
+> Include link to a [gist][] containing the invocation and entire output of
+> `` if reporting an installation issue.

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