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Picture Commander

Picture Commander screenshot

This is a quickly hacked together webapp that makes it possible to click an image in a gallery in one browser tab and have that image automatically server-pushed (via Server-Sent Events) and displayed in a different tab. Subsequent image clicks in the gallery replace the displayed image in the viewer tab.

Super-useful when projecting one browser tab to a different screen with say a Chromecast since the gallery tab can then control the projected one.

There's one "admin" view (/gallery handler) and one "display" view (/viewer handler). Provide a path to an image folder on server startup. The server will recursively collect all images in that folder hierarchy.

You can also have multiple viewer devices/browsers connected at the same time and they'll all be updated.

Install the server dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt. Python 2.7 required.

How to run the server:

./ --images_folder=./test_images --port=8080 --host=localhost

Then go to http://localhost:8080/gallery for the admin view and to http://localhost:8080/viewer for the viewer page.

Tested with latest Chrome, Firefox and Safari across desktop, Nexus 5/7/9 and iPad. For the love of god, don't expose this server to the Internet.

This code is provided on a "works for me" basis and an Apache v2 license.


Picture viewer webapp for second screens




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