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About the Resource-Based Economy.

Quoted from wikipedia: "A Resource-Based Economy (also known as post-scarcity
or postscarcity) is a form of economy or society, in which things such as
goods, services and information are free. This is due to an abundance of
fundamental resources (matter, energy and intelligence), in conjunction with
sophisticated automated systems capable of converting raw materials into
finished goods, allowing manufacturing to be as easy as duplicating software."

We do indeed currently have all the technology required to implement this.
It is only the use of our current monetary system that prevents this from
happening as fast as it could by creating a sense of false scarcity of most

This is where this portal comes into play. To bridge the gap by providing
a parallel system.

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About this portal.

This platform will serve as a hub to request resources, make available
resources, manage transport, etc. The intent is to provide a fully operational
RBE implementation that can function in parallel with our current monetary
system. Anyone will be able to either provide a resource/transportation
themselves or sponsor (pay for) a resource/transportation.