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This repository consists of 2 files that will assist in the encoding and decoding of deck codes. These are source examples in PHP that can be used as is or as reference for porting to other languages. This README also contains an explanation of the card set API and corresponding json responses.


  • deck_encoder.php - the deck encoder used to convert deck info into a text code
  • deck_decoder.php - the deck decoder used to take a text code and return the deck info

About Deck Codes

Deck Codes are URL friendly base64 encoded strings that allow communication of deck contents. They will always begin with the characters ADC followed by the encoded string.

The Artifact Website supports viewing of decks via a URL of the form:<deck code >

We encourage people to encode and generate a URL for sharing as this URL will show deck previews on Twitter, Facebook, Steam and other applications which support Open Graph and oEmbed.

Example Deck Codes:

Green/Black Example

1 Lycan
1 Rix
1 Phantom Assassin
1 Debbi the Cunning
1 Chen

Main Deck:
3 Pick Off
3 Payday
3 Steam Cannon
3 Mist of Avernus
3 Selemene's Favor
3 Iron Fog Goldmine
3 Untested Grunt
3 Thunderhide Pack
3 Revtel Convoy

Item Deck:
1 Apotheosis Blade
1 Horn of the Alpha
3 Poaching Knife
1 Red Mist Maul
1 Leather Armor
2 Traveler's Cloak

Blue/Red Example

1 Keefe the Bold
1 Luna
1 Bristleback
1 Zeus
1 Earthshaker

Main Deck:
3 Time of Triumph
3 Ventriloquy
3 Cunning Plan
3 Tower Barrage
3 New Orders
3 Clear the Deck
3 Foresight
3 Conflagration
3 Red Mist Pillager
2 Routed

Item Deck:
1 Red Mist Maul
2 Blade of the Vigil
2 Phase Boots
2 Leather Armor
2 Traveler's Cloak


The specification for the deck is a series of nested arrays in the structure below:

  heroes (array, expected size 5 with 3 heroes on turn 1, 1 hero on 2 and 1 hero on 3 )
    0 - (array)
      id - int
      turn - int

  cards (array)
    0 - (array)
      id - int
      count - int

  name - (string, will be clamped to 63 bytes)

Card Set API

If you're making a site that needs to show card information such as card images, names, and card text, you will need to do a 2 stage request to our servers. The first request is to request the information for the set. Current supported sets are 00 and 01. You will need both to get all currently available cards.

First, make a request to the url of the form below where setid is 00 or 01. You will receive a response similar to the one below.<setid>/

  "cdn_root": "https:\/\/<some host>\/",
  "url": "\/<some path>\/somefile.json",
  "expire_time": <unix timestamp>

After receiving the response, you must then request the JSON file from the host specified. In this example, "https://some host/some path/somefile.json". Please cache the provided JSON for AT LEAST until the expire time provided.

The response will look similar to the one below for set 00

  "card_set": {
    "version": 1,
    "set_info": {
      "set_id": 0,
      "pack_item_def": 0,
      "name": {
        "english": "Base Set"
    "card_list": [{

      "card_id": 4000,
      "base_card_id": 4000,
      "card_type": "Hero",
      "card_name": {
        "english": "Farvhan the Dreamer"
      "card_text": {
        "english": "Pack Leadership<BR>\nFarvhan the Dreamer's allied neighbors have +1 Armor."
      "mini_image": {
        "default": "<url to png>"
      "large_image": {
        "default": "<url to png>"
      "ingame_image": {
        "default": "<url to png>"
      "is_green": true,
      "attack": 4,
      "hit_points": 10,
      "references": [{
          "card_id": 4002,
          "ref_type": "includes",
          "count": 3
          "card_id": 4001,
          "ref_type": "passive_ability"

    ..... more cards ....


Some notes about the json format

  • Text fields (card_name, card_text and the name on set_info) will contain english and additional languages.
  • Image fields (mini-image, large-image, ingame-image) provide a default image and keys for each supported language.
  • ref_type indicates a type of card reference:
    • "includes" - indicates a secondary card which will be automatically included into decks when the card is added. These should NOT be sent to the deck encoder. The ref_type block will include the total count of these cards that will be added.
    • "references" - indicates that the card text mentions the specified card.
    • "passive_ability" - a passive ability
    • "active_ability" - an ability which is activated by clicking on it.
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