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Mac: Fullscreen mode with second monitor #11

codycurley opened this Issue Jun 23, 2015 · 12 comments

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When using fullscreen mode and dual monitors, my mouse will track over to the second screen.

On the main client, the second monitor continued to work as intended. It would show my desktop or browser while in Reborn it goes black.


@gdrewb-valve gdrewb-valve self-assigned this Jun 23, 2015

Testing further, the mouse only tracks to the second monitor randomly after switching the fullscreen mode. If you quit and restart it locks it to the monitor Reborn is running in.

Second monitor going black is still an issue.


Seems fixed in last patch!


Unfortunately any change here from the 6/24 update wasn't intentional so this may not stay fixed.


Can you pick up the 7/20 update and report back on whether this is still an issue?


@davidw-valve I see the added full screen option. This is getting closer. The mouse locks to the app, but Reborn still isn't opening up in it's own "space" like the current app does.

The causes issues while wanting to switch spaces as it causes Reborn to minimize instead of stay in another space.


We had to turn off using separate spaces because they were causing some graphics issues, so at the moment that's expected behavior.


Then my issue is resolved.

Now, I'll be adding an edge pan stuttering / FPS drop issue that's consistent for me across all graphic settings and resolutions. Has the dev team already seen issues like this? Specifically when you pan around the mid tower.


I haven't seen it, go ahead and open an issue.


Closing as the original issue is resolved.


Problem still exists on Macbook version of Dota 2 Reborn. I'm fairly certain its only an issue in the newest version of OSX since this wasnt a problem with me before the OSX update.

OSX Version 10.10.5
MacBook Pro 13-inch Mid 2012
Processor 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory 8GB 1600 MHZ DDR3
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB

fwsGonzo commented Sep 8, 2015

Having issues on dual-monitors, same sized monitors of same type, Ubuntu X11
The physical window area is on my right screen, while the framebuffer is rendered on my left
As in: I can close the game from clicking on the top-right of my right monitor, while its being rendered on the left. In addition, cannot click anywhere on rendered area without simply switching task to whatever is underneath

I managed to make it windowed, and that makes it possible to use the client, at least

Second problem:
I change the settings back to borderless fs, everything is fine as expected - as I moved it to the rightmost monitor. I then restart the game and lo and behold - please save/load the window creation settings.. Now I have to do the whole thing again :watch:


+1 having the same issue on OSX

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