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[CS 1.6 / Half-Life] Dead commands in Keyboard Options #489

MaxKorz opened this Issue Feb 22, 2013 · 7 comments

4 participants

MaxKorz commented Feb 22, 2013

cheer and centerview commands don't exist in Counter-Strike 1.6, but you can configure them in Keyboard Options

In Half-Life, cheer doesn't exist (in Options and as a command in console), centerview exists, can be configured, but does nothing

Options->Multiplayer->Advanced...->Automatically switch to picked up weapons (if more powerful)
it's not dead, but can't be set through options - checkbox doesn't change _cl_autowepswitch cvar

And there are dead commands in counter-strike 1.6 default config:

bind "F6" "save quick"
bind "F7" "load quick"

Counter-Strike doesn't support them


offtopic: what's the name of this beautiful map? :)

MaxKorz commented Feb 22, 2013

Ship Fight - Bomb - ship_fight.bsp

@alfred-valve alfred-valve was assigned Feb 22, 2013
MaxKorz commented Mar 1, 2013

It looks like centerview was renamed to force_centerview


I cannot reproduce the _cl_autowepswitch problem, it works here correctly (use the setinfo command to check it working). The other issues I have fixes for.

zp commented Mar 26, 2013

@alfred-valve When you change the option for _cl_autowepswitch using the options menu, it doesn't update the cvar value for _cl_autowepswitch in the console, even though the setinfo gets changed.

When I changed

    { BOOL }
    { "0" }


    { BOOL }
    { "0" }

in user.scr, it updates both the setinfo value and the console cvar value when changing the option from the options menu


Ahh, I see, autowepswitch is a setinfo cvar, I'll fix it up.

MaxKorz commented Mar 26, 2013

yeah, we have _cl_autowepswitch "1" in config.cfg by default, and when I change it in Options, I get

] setinfo
bottomcolor         6
cl_dlmax            512
cl_lc               1
cl_lw               1
cl_updaterate       60
model               gordon
name                Player
topcolor            30
rate                100000
_vgui_menus         1
_cl_autowepswitch   0
_ah                 0
] _cl_autowepswitch 
"_cl_autowepswitch" is "1"

but _cl_autowepswitch cvar overwrites setinfo cvar

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