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[Half-Life] SteamCloud failing to sync saves #973

sunnybubblegum opened this Issue Apr 8, 2013 · 6 comments

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I started playing Half-Life when it was in beta for Linux. I was really far into the game, when I unfortunately had to re-install my OS. Naturally, I lost all my game progress. I've been discouraged from starting over, in the event I somehow lose my progress all over again.

Could you make it so that my game saves are recorded with my Steam account, so that I will never lose my progress again?

(Serious Sam 3: BFE maintains the player's save progress like this, so I know it's possible)

Thank you!

Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit
Unity desktop environment
nVidia GeForce GT 240
nVidia 310.14 drivers

Tele42 commented Apr 8, 2013

This applies to all gold source single player campaigns.

Valve Software member

Half-Life and mods do use steamcloud, though early on it wasn’t working correctly. #379 (comment) says an update is coming (or may have come), are you opted in to the steam client beta updates?


Hi johndrinkwater, No I don't believe I'm opted in to the Steam client beta updates. You have to explicitly select that in the Preferences window, right?

The last time I ventured playing Half-Life was a few months ago. So maybe Steamcloud is working correctly with it now? (If so, my feature request was literally answered overnight, ha ha)


I don't believe Cloud Saving is working, now that I look into it. I'm opted into the betas for HL, Op4 and BS and all 3 have cloud saving enabled (and have savegames ready) but all three are showing 0 bytes stored in the cloud.

Running Windows 7

Protocol version 48
Exe version (valve)
Exe build: 18:02:44 Apr 3 2013 (6005)

I just loaded up HL to check the version and when I quit out, Steam briefly showed "syncing" next to Half-Life, but nothing was uploaded and it still says 0 bytes stored, even though I checked to confirm I had saved games.


Thanks for checking this, UndeadScottsman. Good to know.


Dupe of #379, tracking it there.

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