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JoeLudwig # OpenVR SDK 1.10.30
* Allows scene applications access the contents of the "VR View" window, including modifying properties of their own instances of that window. See the header file for details.

* Allows applications to read overlay textures and send mouse events to those overlays. See the header file for details.

* Added Submit_FrameDiscontinuity flag which can be passed to Submit to identify a discontinuity with the previous frame (e.g. when the player teleports).  This prevents SteamVR’s Motion Smoothing from being applied using that pair of frames.
* IVRCompositor::Submit – Can now handle DirectX Texture Arrays. Index 0 for the left eye, Index 1 for the right eye

* Added VRComponentProperty_IsHighlighted, which is set to true for any render model component that should be highlighted for an input binding. 

* The DualAnalog input method is no longer supported.
* Added VROverlayFlags_WantsModalBehavior. This flag causes an overlay to get a VREvent_Modal_Cancel event whenever the user clicks off of the overlay. This is ignored for dashboard overlays.
* Added flags for keyboard usage. “minimal mode” is now specified with KeyboardFlag_Minimal.  
* Made modal keyboard behavior optional. To get the behavior from pre-1.10 SDKs, pass KeyboardFlag_Modal.
* Added VREvent_LockMousePosition and VREvent_UnlockMousePosition, which are sent to overlays when a user is laser mousing over the overlay and performs the LockMousePosition compositor action.
* Removed support for rendermodels attached to overlays. This feature is no longer supported.

* Added global action set priority. When this is enabled in settings, overlay applications can override part or all of the input available to scene applications. See the header file comments for more details.
* Added GetDominandHand/SetDominantHand. This allows an application to flip left and right hands on bindings. Applications that support this must add “supports_dominant_hand_setting” to true in their action manifest file.
* Added GetComponentStateForBinding. This allows applications to get the render model component transform for any component on a render model for a set of input bindings.
* Added GetBindingVariant. This allows applications to provide multiple binding files for a controller type and determine which of them the user currently has selected. The value returned here is the “variant” field from the options block in the binding JSON file.

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Latest commit 26fa19e Mar 17, 2020


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linux32 # OpenVR SDK 1.10.30 Mar 17, 2020
osx32 **OpenVR SDK 1.8.19** Nov 6, 2019
osx64/OpenVR.framework OpenVR 1.0.10 Sep 1, 2017
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win64 # OpenVR SDK 1.10.30 Mar 17, 2020
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