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Nat Brown
Nat Brown OpenVR SDK v1.2.10:
 * Added new, more specific error messages for many compositor startup failures.
 * Fix for IVRCompositor.GetFrameTimings C# binding (#1001)
 * Added VRNotifications and VRIOBuffer C# accessors.

Event and Overlay changes:
 * Scroll events have been split into two types. The first, VREvent_ScrollDiscrete, is meant for applications that are tuned to accept primarily detented mousewheel events, which replaces the previous VREvent_Scroll event. The second, VREvent_ScrollSmooth, is for applications that are tuned for more touchscreen-like, analog scrolling.
 * VROverlayFlags have been updated to allow overlays to indicate their preferred scroll event type. The VROverlayFlags_SendVRDiscreteScrollEvents flag renames the VROverlayFlags_SendVRScrollEvents flag, and the overlay will receive VREvent_ScrollDiscrete events when this flag is set. The VROverlayFlags_SendVRSmoothScrollEvents flag is added, and the overlay's owning application will receive VREvent_ScrollSmooth events when this flag is set.
 * VREvent_Input_BindingsUpdated is sent when a user has updated controller bindings using the system input binding UI.

 * Adds ability for writers to detect if an IOBuffer has readers (IVRIOBuffer::HasReaders), to avoid potentially expensive writing work

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