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//========= Copyright Valve Corporation, All rights reserved. ============//
// Purpose:
// $Workfile: $
// $Date: $
// $Log: $
// $NoKeywords: $
#ifndef THREADS_H
#define THREADS_H
#pragma once
// Arrays that are indexed by thread should always be MAX_TOOL_THREADS+1
// large so THREADINDEX_MAIN can be used from the main thread.
extern int numthreads;
// If set to true, then all the threads that are created are low priority.
extern bool g_bLowPriorityThreads;
typedef void (*ThreadWorkerFn)( int iThread, int iWorkItem );
typedef void (*RunThreadsFn)( int iThread, void *pUserData );
enum ERunThreadsPriority
k_eRunThreadsPriority_UseGlobalState=0, // Default.. uses g_bLowPriorityThreads to decide what to set the priority to.
k_eRunThreadsPriority_Normal, // Doesn't touch thread priorities.
k_eRunThreadsPriority_Idle // Sets threads to idle priority.
// Put the process into an idle priority class so it doesn't hog the UI.
void SetLowPriority();
void ThreadSetDefault (void);
int GetThreadWork (void);
void RunThreadsOnIndividual ( int workcnt, qboolean showpacifier, ThreadWorkerFn fn );
void RunThreadsOn ( int workcnt, qboolean showpacifier, RunThreadsFn fn, void *pUserData=NULL );
// This version doesn't track work items - it just runs your function and waits for it to finish.
void RunThreads_Start( RunThreadsFn fn, void *pUserData, ERunThreadsPriority ePriority=k_eRunThreadsPriority_UseGlobalState );
void RunThreads_End();
void ThreadLock (void);
void ThreadUnlock (void);
#define RunThreadsOn(n,p,f) { if (p) printf("%-20s ", #f ":"); RunThreadsOn(n,p,f); }
#define RunThreadsOnIndividual(n,p,f) { if (p) printf("%-20s ", #f ":"); RunThreadsOnIndividual(n,p,f); }
#endif // THREADS_H