Steam tooltip and menu don't handle focus correctly #1050

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I'm currently using Kwin. Hovering my mouse on achievements on a game view raise the window and menu and tooltips make the window onfocused when appearing, even if steam thinks it's focused (according to the steam "decoration" style)

on Kwin with dim inactive effect (which is enabled by default) we can see the window flickering.

Without the dim inactive effect we can see the selection changing rapidly in the task manager (window taskbar)

gdrewb-valve was assigned Jan 30, 2013


gdrewb-valve commented Jan 30, 2013

The next client will have some fixes in the area and things should improve.


gdrewb-valve commented Jan 31, 2013

Did this improve with today's update?

No, tooltips and menu takes focus of the window.
If the main window did not had the focus before and a tooltip disappears, the main window just got the focus.

The bug is present in gnome too, but we don't see it because gnome does not have transparency effect, but the icon at the top panel disappears.


gdrewb-valve commented Jan 31, 2013

The tooltips are expected to take focus, but did the repeated switching of focus improve? There should only be one focus change now.

yes it did improve last update, but the normal behaviour of a tooltip is still not achieved. The tooltip and menu should not take away the focus of the main window.

triage-valve was assigned Jan 31, 2013


gdrewb-valve commented Jan 31, 2013

Unfortunately not taking focus is a harder problem due to the way our GUI toolkit works. That's a longer-term fix.


kisak-valve commented Mar 30, 2017

Related to #6.

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