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Lacking Support for Japanese/Chinese Characters in Team Fortress 2 #23

ninjin opened this Issue · 11 comments

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Currently, for Team Fortress 2, Japanese characters (hiragana, katakana and kanji) are not rendered. This makes reading the chat and plenty of player names impossible. Suspecting that it is a font issue, but not sure why Valve wouldn't be rolling their own font. On the other hand, the fonts used by Steam are general are worse under Linux.

@mikesart mikesart was assigned

Chinese fonts aren't rendered also, in TF2 and Steam both. Valve needs to find their own fonts to use between the three platforms to avoid differences and ensure multi-lingual support.


Also with CS:Source.
Adding some free font support like wqy-microhei should be fine.


Is there any roadmap or official statement on when/if this issue will be fixed? Asking for everyone to switch to English or write in romanji because you can't see what the others are writing in the chat is hardly going to get you any friends when playing.


Confirming that this is still a problem across all source games.


Not only affected to Chinese/Japanese, it also happened at Korean(called hangul) with almost every Valve Games running on Linux(i.e TF2, HL, Portal, ...)!
Why there's nothing updates about this bug for almost years?
This bug is critical to CJK users and I believe it should be fixed as soon as possible or at least until Steam OS/Console released.


Still a problem (up-to-date TF2, Ubuntu 14.04). Kana, Kanji, Hanzi and Hangul are not rendered in chat and player score board which makes it impossible to read messages and player nicknames. Is there any known workaround to fix this?


@vkargov I have exactly the same issue.


Makes playing the game impossible if you can't even change control settings. Switching to English doesn't help either.


For Debian and users of related distributions: Installing wqy-zenhei from a package fixed the problem. This is a good workaround, but I think Steam should properly support a Japanese font for Japanese language, and set itself properly when a language is picked.

Also, a user commented that Team Fortress 2 uses the Steam UI language preference, not the game language preference. This is somewhat silly.


@talexand I can confirm that this works!
Steam should probably suggest installing the packages automatically when it sees that some game needs them. Likewise, it would have been nice to see a warning from TF2 that it could not locate the necessary font.


Screenshot (installed steam i686 on Fedora 20 x86_64):
This is what I got when my language is setting to simplified chinese

The steam menu from tray icon displayed chinese well, other GUI all displayed like the screenshot.
Chinese fonts are installed of course. This steamcommunity post doesn't suitable for Fedora: the packages does not exists in Fedora.

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