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Red Checkbox on checkout #2941

Disk1of5 opened this Issue · 22 comments

I am currently running Ubuntu 13.10 (fresh install) and the latest steam client and when I goto purchase a game all my checkbox's are red. i am unable to proceed through checkout.


I have this same issue, Ubuntu 13.04. Didn't happen in previous versions of Steam and I'm on the latest version of the Steam Beta client.


Sorry forgot to mention i am currently running the Client Beta.


I have the same issue everywhere where there are checkboxes in steam. They're all red and not clickable. Arch Linux, Steam build Oct 17 2013 10:41:44.


I have a same issue. I can't bye a game STEAM® SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT check-box not working. Im using Ubuntu 12.10.

kuvakaappaus 2013-10-23 22 41 55


It´s the same with me, I installed Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit yesterday and my Steam client is the Beta one, it is updated to the latest version, I noticed this problem when trying to accept the Beta Hardware Agreement as shown on the picture below:

captura de tela de 2013-10-24 16 04 57

A temporary fix for this is to access Steam with an Internet browser.

My specs:

@gdrewb-valve gdrewb-valve was assigned

I've noticed this on all checkboxes on Steam, not just the checkout.


Same problem here, even paypal site have red checkbox when you open it throught Steam.


I see this all over. I'm on KDE 4.95 with the KWin window manager (that is, KDE's one).

I'm guessing it's a more general problem, not just Unity-specific.


This is a bug in the Steam client which we're working on a fix for.


in my steam client, it appears in every checkbox.

screenshot from 2013-11-01 07 07 56


It isn't fixed, at least with latest beta which steam did download right now.


Same problem here. Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit with latest NVidia drivers. Red checkboxes everywhere in steam's built-in browser.
However the checkboxes appear to be working, though. Just that they're not changing when i click on them. I bought a game, wouldn't check out because the agreement box wasn't checked. Clicked on it, and then it worked...


Interestingly, checkboxes from external websites (e.g. Paypal) are also red when viewed in Steam's browser.


The 11/6 beta client has a fix for this.


I'm also getting this with the latest steam client. However they do what intended when clicked it's just they appear as red boxes. I'm on salamander 64bit.
screenshot from 2013-11-20 13 58 28

Valve Software member

On 32-bit Xubuntu, I cannot replicate this issue any longer. @LinuxEnthusiast: are you using standard client or beta client?


Reopen: red checkboxes appear on Ubuntu 13.10 Steam package 1383158641 from Oct 30 2013.


Forced to switch to Beta client. Beta works fine.

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The fix is in the beta update, waiting to be pushed into the regular client.

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