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TF2 with alsa (not pulseaudio) #32

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Hello guys.
There is no PulseAudo in my OS. I configured the Steam to use alsa as an audio output device.
But TF2 wants to use only Pulse:
SDLAUDIO: SDL_OpenAudioDevice() failed: Could not setup connection to PulseAudio
And I have to use this hint to solve the problem.
Could you set SDL_AUDIODRIVER on your side as in the Steam configuration?

== Additional Points ==
Yeah, Steam maybe should check which audio server is installed by itself and act accordingly, or as Al@rm says, act according to what is specified in the options.

Even Ubuntu users may choose to uninstall pulseaudio. It should not be a big deal to set the variable in a startup script according to the steam configuration.


There may be an issue where ALSA has underrun buffering issues, and it affects the graphics.


Then forcing pulse is not the answer, because pulse talks in turn to alsa.


Using export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa seems to work fine for me.


Does microphone (in voice chat) also work for you with SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa? Because it doesn't for me.


Also, what about OSSv4 support?

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Moving forward, perhaps OpenAL is the way to go? Push the audio subsystem selection into a library made for it and you'll probably fix a lot more bugs than you create.

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This is fixed for the next beta release. Thanks!

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