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Corrupt game updates on NTFS partitions #4800

kisak-valve opened this Issue Jan 9, 2017 · 26 comments


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kisak-valve commented Jan 9, 2017

This is a continuation of #4752, which the NTFS issue was accidentally combined with an ext4 issue.

Symptoms: Larger updates from games like Dota-2 and CS:GO fail to update when installed to an NTFS partition since the 2016-12-12 steam client update.


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dankatanka commented Jan 10, 2017

latest beta steam client and NTFS partition (FTL game as example on re-download broken cache)


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SethDusek commented Jan 10, 2017

Wouldn't just disabling the file-system "optimization" that you guys do on NTFS fix this until you guys find a better fix? Atleast then I won't have to boot windows just for dota


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TheGreatMcPain commented Jan 10, 2017

@SethDusek What file-system "optimization" are you referring to?


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dankatanka commented Jan 10, 2017


Fixed issues when installing games onto filesystems, such as ZFS, that report abnormally large sector sizes.


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tonyscha commented Jan 11, 2017

I had this same issue on Ubuntu 16.04 on my NTFS partition, but not ext4. I found a work around posted on a previous issue #596 by updating fstab with the following information when mounting (defaults,exec,uid=1000,gid=1000).

Another note, is even smaller games that don't get the "corrupt update files" fail to validate after a successful install.


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ghost commented Jan 16, 2017

I'm getting the same symptoms with my SteamLibrary on a remote ZFS filesystem mounted via NFS4 under a local EXT4 partition.

Both machines are up-to-date 64-bit Arch Linux.
Remote ZFS is using default options, except "compression=on" and "atime=off", and was created with "ashift=12".
Local mount options are "noatime,exec,rsize=1048576,wsize=1048576".

First game to show "CORRUPT UPDATE FILES" was TF2 (tooltip text says "..../downloading/440/bin/basehaptics.txt"). Tried verify, deleting local content, and manually deleting temp+download directories from filesystem. After researching issue, tried verifying a known-good game (UIplink) which failed. Download succeeds, but will fail a subsequent manual verification.

Also tried Steam beta and downloading from a different mirror without success.


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kisak-valve commented Jan 20, 2017

(From @lectrode at #4660 (comment))

Been having this issue for the past few months (same error messages and symptoms). I've tried everything from verifying files to fresh installing on a completely new computer and re-downloading all my games. The games experiencing the issue that I know of are CS:GO and Dota. Tested on both latest stable and latest beta versions of Steam for linux.

I'm using Btrfs for the main system partition. The games are stored on a larger hard drive formatted to NTFS. This setup was working fine until a few months ago (and still does for the rest of the games). Both hard drives are the standard mechanical ones, not SSD.

I did find something that seems fairly interesting: it fails when the NTFS hard drive is connected via SATA. If I connect the same hard drive via USB as an external device (through a SATA to USB adapter), it works without issue.

(There is nothing physically wrong with the SATA connections. As stated above I tried fresh installing everything on a new computer and had the same results)

(If you're wondering why I'm using NTFS instead of much better filesystems, its because this is usually part of a dual boot system and both the Windows games and Linux games are/will be stored on it)

Kernel: 4.4.41-1-MANJARO
Steam: Built: Jan 19 2017 1:23:02; API: v017; package versions: 1484790260


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lectrode commented Jan 20, 2017

I can confirm the workaround in tonyscha's comment works. Glad I was directed to the current bug report. Looks like this also allows successfully verifying installed game files.


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SethDusek commented Jan 21, 2017

The workaround in @tonyscha's comment does indeed work


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AkAntA commented Jan 22, 2017

Confirming the workaround of @tonyscha as well.


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PenguiN560 commented Jan 28, 2017

@tonyscha's workaround solved my problem with missing update files


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Zenitur commented Jan 31, 2017

You need to mount NTFS with custom parameters. For example:
sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 -o rw,uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=0002,fmask=0003 /mnt/windows
I've got these parameters there:
Also you can add these parameters to /etc/fstab:
/dev/sda1 /mnt/windows ntfs-3g rw,uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=0002,fmask=0003 0 0
If you want to put your WINEPREFIX into NTFS partition, you must use these parameters, or Win will say "/mnt/windows/wineprefix isn't owned by you"


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alek02 commented Feb 3, 2017

@tonyscha 's workaround solved my problem with corrupt update files on ntfs drive, debian 8.7


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makerbeleg commented Feb 19, 2017

Is there any updates? I belive @tonyscha 's solution is not the right way.


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hochl commented Mar 25, 2017

Has this problem been fixed? It affects me too, after applying @tonuscha's fix it works, but I think it's strange the mount options have such an influence on that.


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mustaqimM commented Apr 3, 2017

After applying @tonyscha's fix, I am able to install big sized games on an NTFS partition without it showing as corrupt.


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Fastjur commented Apr 25, 2017

Confirming @tonyscha fix works.


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ChazyTheBest commented Aug 4, 2017

The mount options "fix" is just a hack/workaround. A proper fix should be made by Valve devs.


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Rational-pi commented Aug 6, 2017

ok so comming
from: (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,allow_other,blksize=4096,user)
to : (rw,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,default_permissions,allow_other,blksize=4096)
Hacked the problem out on my NTFS filesystem


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meinemitternacht commented Feb 25, 2018

UUID=B6F0B8C3F0B88B5F /media/rabbit-hole ntfs-3g defaults,rw,exec,uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=0077,fmask=0077,_netdev 0     2

The preceding /etc/fstab line is working in my case. Are uid and gid reset to 0 (root) anyway? Perhaps, but I verified that it works by installing CS:GO. Worth noting that /media/rabbit-hole is owned by my user.


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Ashesh3 commented Apr 10, 2018

@kisak-valve It's been over a year but no official fix from Steam. This is very disappointing. This issue really annoys me.


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sweggycheese commented Aug 4, 2018

Yeah I've just got back to TF2, and it says that I have corrupt update files with ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/downloading/440/bin/basehaptics.txt, I have tried deleting this folder but it just pops back into the folder, anything I could do? I know there are solutions above but I don't understand what NTFS and that stuff means so if anyone could help me out that would be great. I also have a corrupt update file problem with CSGO but the TF2 is problem is more important than that so I want fixes and solutions for that. Yes I play on a mac, yes I know mac's aren't very good but it should run fine so getting a new computer wouldn't be a solution. Thanks

You could add me on Steam just comment first


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StidOfficial commented Sep 3, 2018

If i download a new game. After downloading, the game is ok for Steam. I go to verify integrity of game files and Steam detect all game files corrupt.

capture du 2018-09-03 18-49-59
capture du 2018-09-03 18-44-45

Assert( Assertion Failed: pInfo->nNumWritesFinished > 0 ):depotreconstruct.cpp:619


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outfrost commented Sep 7, 2018

I came up with a potential (cleaner) workaround for this problem and went ahead to test if it works.

  1. I created a 24 GB file on my NTFS drive using
    $ dd if=/dev/zero of=ext4csgo bs=65536K count=384
  2. Created an ext4 volume within the file using
    $ mkfs.ext4 ext4csgo
  3. Created a mount point for it
    $ sudo mkdir /mnt/csgo
  4. Added a mount entry to /etc/fstab
    /storage/warehouse/ext4csgo /mnt/csgo auto x-gvfs-show 0 0
  5. Mounted the volume using
    $ sudo mount -a

Steam installs CS:GO successfully, and the game runs fine (if a bit slowly, I'm guessing due to double filesystem overhead), until the machine is rebooted. After next OS boot, Steam goes back to showing "corrupt update files" repeatedly.


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grupo40 commented Oct 11, 2018

I have this issue as well but with a slight difference:
Both CSGO and Dota 2 are installed on the home partition formated in ext4, however there is also a steam library on a NTFS hard drive.

For some reason steam in it's twisted logic downloads the updates to the steam library folder on the NTFS hard drive instead of the home partition were the games in question are.

Is there any way to change the folder were steam downloads the updates to ?

PS: Steam won't let me remove the library folder


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waltercool commented Dec 17, 2018

By some reason, someone knows how to force udisks2 to default use user uid,gid by default? For me is default using uid=0,gid=0 with 777, triggering this issue

udisksd[17681]: Mounted /dev/sda3 at /run/media/waltercool/disk1 on behalf of uid 1000
ntfs-3g[18119]: Cmdline options: rw,nodev,nosuid,uhelper=udisks2
ntfs-3g[18119]: Mount options: rw,nodev,nosuid,uhelper=udisks2,allow_other,nonempty,relatime,fsname=/dev/sda3,blkdev,blksize=4096
ntfs-3g[18119]: Ownership and permissions disabled, configuration type 7

I want to avoid the fstab solution because my ntfs volume is external, auto-mounted with udisks2.

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