Steam does not automatically update newly released games that were already marked as "installed" #576

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If a game listed in the Linux Client has been "installed", but doesn't actually have any files present (i.e. the games that throw "Missing Executable" or "Invalid App Config" errors when launched), Steam will not automatically update/download them when they are actually released, nor mark them as update required.

Going into the game properties and selecting verify integrity of game cache will prompt Steam to detect that it is missing all the files and start downloading the game (The message is along the lines of "nnn files failed to verify and will be downloaded").

This python script I wrote can be used to detect any games that are in this state (since it detects all the missing files):

Specifically, I noticed this morning that The Polynomial had made a release but Steam had not automatically started downloading the update (despite it being marked as installed in my library). I also noticed the same thing happening to several other games over the past few weeks.

Processor Information:
    Vendor:  GenuineIntel
    Speed: 1600 Mhz
    8 logical processors
    4 physical processors
    HyperThreading:  Supported
    FCMOV:  Supported
    SSE2:  Supported
    SSE3:  Supported
    SSSE3:  Supported
    SSE4a:  Unsupported
    SSE41:  Supported
    SSE42:  Supported

Network Information:
    Network Speed:  

Operating System Version:
    Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 (wheezy) (64 bit)
    Kernel Name:  Linux
    Kernel Version:  3.7.0-rc6-ian+
    X Server vendor:  The X.Org Foundation
    X Server release:  11204000

Video Card:
    Driver:  NVIDIA Corporation Quadro FX 880M/PCIe/SSE2

    Driver Version:  3.3.0 NVIDIA 310.19
    Desktop Color Depth: 24 bits per pixel
    Monitor Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
    VendorID:  0x10de
    DeviceID:  0xa3c
    Number of Monitors:  2
    Number of Logical Video Cards:  1
    Primary Display Resolution:  1600 x 1200
    Desktop Resolution: 3200 x 1200
    Primary Display Size: 15.75" x 11.81"  (19.69" diag)
                                            40.0cm x 30.0cm  (50.0cm diag)
    Primary Bus: PCI Express 16x
    Primary VRAM: 1024 MB
    Supported MSAA Modes:  2x 4x 8x 16x 

Sound card:
    Audio device: Conexant CX20585

    RAM:  3897 Mb

    UI Language:  English
    LANG:  en_AU.UTF-8
    Microphone:  Not set
    Total Hard Disk Space Available:  413250 Mb
    Largest Free Hard Disk Block:  112318 Mb

Installed software:

Recent Failure Reports:
    Fri Jan  4 03:00:14 2013 GMT: file ''/tmp/dumps/assert_20130104140012_1.dmp'', upload no: ''HTTP response code said error''

@frankc-valve frankc-valve was assigned Jan 7, 2013

I have seen this with osmos, splice and penumbra: black plague.


@DarkStarSword, what setting do you have for Automatic Updates (on the Updates tab of the game)?
Also, did you restart Steam after The Polynomial was updated?


All my games are set to always keep up to date, and I'm pretty sure I did restart Steam after the Polynomial was released.


Okay, thanks. I'll need to try to get a repro in-house on this one. I've talked with the Steam tech people and they say that this shouldn't be happening.


I have the same issue with the CS 1.6 Beta. Every time there is an update, I have to verify the game cache to start downloading it.


AnAkln1: That doesn't sound like the same issue that I'm seeing - for me when a game is updated Steam does automatically start updating it, the problem I'm seeing only occurs when a game that is listed in the Linux client but doesn't have any files (empty MountedDepots if you examine the game's acf file, missing executable or invalid app config errors when launching) gets it's initial release.

When this happens the client does update the acf file and downloads the new manifest files to the depotcache directory (which is how my script identifies games in this state), but doesn't actually apply the update.

Currently the following games are listed in the Linux client on my account but have no files - when one of them makes a release I'll be able to determine if this issue still exists:

ian@delenn~/c/j/steam [i] (temp-merge)> ./ |grep -B 1 'Not released'|grep :
Waking Mars (227200):
VVVVVV (70300):
DEFCON (1520):
Bastion (107100):
Shank 2 (102840):
Psychonauts (3830):
TRAUMA (98100):

NOTE: If anyone else runs my script in that way be aware that it will list any games that were installed in Steam but have since been removed from the Linux list - for me that included BIT.TRIP RUNNER (63710), Dustforce (65300), Multiwinia (1530), Braid (26800), LIMBO (48000), Closure (72000), Crayon Physics Deluxe (26900), Rochard (107800) & Snapshot (204220).

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This is a steam client behaviour, it caches the games cdr when you install it, it doesn’t know about the linux depots that contain the data at all. When an update is pushed to the client, fsr, it doesnt recheck cdrs. Can usually be resolved by removing game, restarting steam, and installing.


It looks like Psychonauts was released a little while ago and Steam started downloading it automatically, so this looks like the issue may have been fixed :-)

Interestingly this time the acf file hasn't been updated to include any MountedDepot entries (yet? Maybe that only happens when the download finishes?). I'll post again when the download finishes.


Psychonauts finished downloading and the acf file updated. So, assuming that wasn't some kind of fluke this issue can probably be closed now.

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@AnAkIn1: Does it seem to be fixed for you?


Hasn't happened again to me either, so I guess so.


Thanks for the testing guys; closing now


This issue seems to be happening again - I had "installed" Costume Quest the other day when it appeared on my list, but it didn't install any files, nor had it started updating itself when it was released (it is set to "always keep this game up to date"). With the new humble bundle out and it the only game from the bundle in my list with this state, I tried verifying it's files, which then caused it to start updating.

The only difference from before is that my script was not able to identify that it was in this state, meaning that the MountedDepots entry in the acf file was still empty.

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