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TF2 should not minimize when it loses focus. #786

RobertZenz opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Robert 'Bobby' Zenz Michael Sartain Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden Jeff Cook
Robert 'Bobby' Zenz

Team Fortress 2 is at the moment minimizing everytime it loses focus. That is actually not a very good behavior when it comes to multi-monitor environments. I want to keep TF2 open on my main monitor while I do something different on my second one (like chatting with someone).

Michael Sartain

I think this behavior is up to the window manager you're using. We're not doing anything special in tf2 to do this. Perhaps running in a large window would achieve what you want?

Robert 'Bobby' Zenz

That's odd, I was running TF2Beta by accident for quite some time and it did not have that behavior. It only started when I removed TF2Beta and installed TF2. But I'll check my settings. Thanks.

Michael Sartain

Ok, I was wrong. It's not the WM - it's SDL. And there is a SDL hint to turn this behavior off:


After doing that, I could start TF2 and it didn't minimize when the focus was lost...

Robert 'Bobby' Zenz

Interesting, thanks for letting me know. I was also able to enforce "not minimizing" via my WM (Sawfish, ha!) so I did already shrug it off as some oddity in my configuration (wouldn't have been the first).

In that case I stick to my opinion that it should not do that by default. ;P

Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden

I've had the same problem. TF2 didn't use to do this, but recently started. This is inconsistent with other games such as counter strike which don't show the same behaviour. I can confirm the SDL export works.

Jeff Cook

Same issue here. Haven't tried the SDL export yet but will do so shortly. Would prefer if TF2 undid whatever caused this to start happening.

Robert 'Bobby' Zenz

Out of curiosity, is this now closed with "use the export", or should this be reopened/fixed?

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