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TF2: Cannot install to other Steam library folder #821

ToxicDragon opened this Issue Jan 24, 2013 · 10 comments


it is not possible to select a specific steam library, into which the game should be installed. Instead it chooses the "default" library... In my case, I do not have enough space in the default library, therefore I want to install the game into my second library, but the installer won't let me do that... By the way: I did not have a problem at installing Serious Sam 3, which let me choose, which steam library it should be installed...

See the pictures I made for visualization of the problem:

Hope you guys will fix that soon :)
However, the support for steam-for-linux is awesome!

best regards,

@triage-valve triage-valve was assigned Jan 25, 2013

This is expected currently as TF2 is using an older content system. That will change at some point and then you should have more control. I can't give you a specific timeframe, other than not right away but not years from now.


Wow, that was sort of quick ;)
THX for the answer... So I'll have to free some space, I guess...

Should I close this issue, or should it stay open, so that other users may see an answer, if they are experiencing the same problem?


Leave it open so that we remember it.


OK, agree with that...


Same issue with Counter Strike Source.

jethrogb commented Feb 6, 2013

Can I just symlink SteamApps in my home folder to somewhere with more diskspace?

pztrn commented Feb 6, 2013


Valve Software member

It’s not recommended to, if you must have TF2 on a different mount, move your whole Steam dir and run steam ‐ it should prompt for you to tell it where the new location is, this is safer.

xpris commented Feb 12, 2013

i try to move Steam Library Folder but it not working,

When I run Steam i have prompt about location, when i tell where Im move Steam it some error - i must try again chose folder but this is not completly? I don't remember good, but its something like.

How can I change Steam Library location? I dont can play in TF2 and CS:S :/

@jorgenpt jorgenpt referenced this issue in ValveSoftware/Source-1-Games Feb 15, 2013

TF2: Cannot install to other Steam library folder #87


Issue transferred to ValveSoftware/Source-1-Games#87.

This issue is closed - continue conversation there.

@jorgenpt jorgenpt closed this Feb 15, 2013
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