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zite 2.5.0 (sdk 1.8.19) - Fixed Open Binding UI, Added ShowBindingHints
Changes for 2.5.0

 * Updated sdk header to 1.8.19

 * Fixes the Open Binding UI button. This should now work on all computers as it opens the window in SteamVR instead of through your default browser.

 * Multiple hands can now hover over one interactable.

 * Interactable now has a priority member. Higher numbers will make the interactable preferred when one hand is hovering over multiple interactables.

 * Fixed the SteamVR binding hint ui. This lets you show the user (through a SteamVR interface) what actions are mapped to what bindings in a specified set. See: SteamVR_Input.ShowBindingHints(Action), SteamVR_Input.ShowBindingHints(ActionSet), SteamVR_Input.ShowBindingHints(ActionSet), SteamVR_Input.ShowBindingHintsForActiveActionSets()

 * SteamVR_Behaviour_Skeleton will now initialize SteamVR if a Pose has not already done so.

 * Fixed default binding bug with the index hmd not responding to proximity events (controller type is "indexhmd" not "index_hmd")

 * Fixed bug with the SteamVR_Skeleton_Poser_Editor being offscreen

 * Fixed a bug with the teleport point prefabs being on the wrong layer
Latest commit 29aa1eb Nov 7, 2019


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Assets 2.5.0 (sdk 1.8.19) - Fixed Open Binding UI, Added ShowBindingHints Nov 7, 2019
ProjectSettings Version 2.0 - Windows MR, 2018.3 fixes, ModalThrowable, delayable init Sep 21, 2018
LICENSE first commit Jan 12, 2017 Update Jan 28, 2019

SteamVR Unity Plugin

Valve maintains a Unity plugin to smoothly interface SteamVR with Unity. With SteamVR developers can target one API that all the popular VR headsets can connect to. The modern SteamVR Unity Plugin manages three main things for developers: loading 3d models for VR controllers, handling input from those controllers, and estimating what your hand looks like while using those controllers. On top of managing those things we have an Interaction System example to help get your VR application off the ground. Providing concrete examples of interacting with the virtual world and our APIs.


The SteamVR runtime must be installed. This can be downloaded from Steam under the Tools category. Or by clicking here. As developers we strongly recommend that you opt-in to SteamVR beta so you can test new features and verify your application works with the latest versions of SteamVR.

  • This version of the SteamVR Unity Plugin is compatible and has been tested with Unity versions 5.4 - 2019.1


Documentation can be found online here:

Quick Start

  • Follow the Quickstart guide on this site

  • If you want to explore the Interaction System scene you'll need to open the SteamVR Input window (under the Window Menu), click yes to copy example jsons, then click Save and Generate to create input actions.

  • For the most simple example of VR with tracked controllers see the sample scene at /SteamVR/Simple Sample

  • For a more extensive example including picking up, throwing objects, and animated hands see the Interaction System example at /SteamVR/Interaction System/Samples/Interactions_Example


If you're having trouble with the plugin the best place to discuss issues is our github here:

If you'd like to discuss features, post guides, and give general feedback please post on the steam forum here:

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