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SteamVR Input Unreal Plugin - Documentation at:
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Official SteamVR Unreal Plugin (0.7a)

Branch Notes Download
develop Active development branch using UE 4.15, may be unstable N.A.
4.22 For projects using UE 4.22 Zip
4.21 For projects using UE 4.21 Zip
4.20 For projects using UE 4.20 Zip
4.19 For projects using UE 4.19 Zip
4.18 For projects using UE 4.18 Zip
4.17 For projects using UE 4.17 Zip
4.16 For projects using UE 4.16 Zip
4.15 For projects using UE 4.15 Zip

I. Setting up a new project for use with the SteamVR Input Plugin

If you are not adding the plugin to an existing project, create a new Blueprint project using the Virtual Reality template. Starter content is not necessary.

For Blueprint projects to use the plugin directly from GitHub, you need to convert it to a C++ project. To convert it:

  • Select to File -> New C++ Class
  • In the Choose Parent Class dialog, choose Game Mode Base
  • Give the class a name and click Create. The engine will compile the code and open the solution in Visual Studio
  • Close Visual Studio and the Unreal Editor
  • Add the SteamVR Input plugin using the steps below

I. How to add this plugin to your UE4 Project

  1. Download the SteamVR Input plugin from GitHub

  2. In your project's root directory, create a new folder if it doesn't exist: Plugins

  3. Unzip the downloaded file directly to the new Plugins folder. There should now be a folder called steamvr_unreal_plugin-master; you can rename this if you'd like.

  4. In the root folder of your project, right-click on your .uproject file and select "Generate Visual Studio project files" (this requires the Epic Launcher to be installed on your machine)

  5. Finally, double-click the *.uproject file at the root of your project to compile and open the project. If you are prompted to rebuild any files select yes

Reminder: You need to update submodules separately from your regular Fetch/Pulls of your project to update the plugin.

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