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// Copyright (C) 2004-2010 by The Allacrost Project
// All Rights Reserved
// This code is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2. It is free software
// and you may modify it and/or redistribute it under the terms of this license.
// See for details.
/** ****************************************************************************
*** \file map_tiles.h
*** \author Tyler Olsen,
*** \brief Header file for map mode tile management.
*** This code encapsulates everything related to tiles and tile management in
*** map mode.
*** ***************************************************************************/
#ifndef __MAP_TILES_HEADER__
#define __MAP_TILES_HEADER__
#include "modes/map/map_utils.h"
#include "engine/script/script_read.h"
namespace hoa_map {
class MapMode;
namespace private_map {
//! \brief Layer types: Drawn before, along, or after the map objects according to their types.
class Layer {
LAYER_TYPE layer_type;
// Represents the tile indeces: i.e: tiles[y][x] = tile_id at (x,y)
std::vector< std::vector<int16> > tiles;
// A map context - A map file can have several, but at least one.
typedef std::vector<Layer> Context;
/** ****************************************************************************
*** \brief A helper class to MapMode responsible for all tile data and operations
*** This class is responsible for loading, updating, and drawing all tile images
*** and managing the tile grid. The TileSupervisor does <b>not</b> manage the map
*** collision grid, which is used by map objects and sprites.
*** Maps have a minimum size of 24 rows and 32 columns of tiles. Theoretically
*** there is no upper limit on size.
*** ***************************************************************************/
class TileSupervisor {
friend class hoa_map::MapMode;
/** \brief Handles all operations on loading tilesets and tile images from the map data file
*** \param map_file A reference to the Lua file containing the map data
*** \note The map file should already be opened with no Lua tables open
bool Load(hoa_script::ReadScriptDescriptor& map_file);
//! \brief Updates all animated tile images
void Update();
/** \brief Draws the various tile layers to the screen
*** \param frame A pointer to the computed information required to draw this frame
*** \note This function does not reset the coordinate system and hence require
*** that the proper coordinate system is already set prior to these function
*** calls (0.0f, SCREEN_COLS, SCREEN_ROWS, 0.0f). These functions do make
*** modifications to the blending draw flag and the draw cursor position
*** which are not restored by the function upon its return, so take measures
*** to retain this information before calling these functions if necessary.
void DrawLayers(const MapFrame* frame, const LAYER_TYPE& layer_type);
/** \brief The number of columns of tiles in the map.
*** This number must be greater than or equal to 32 for the map to be valid.
uint16 _num_tile_on_x_axis;
/** \brief The number of rows of tiles in the map.
*** This number must be greater than or equal to 24 for the map to be valid.
uint16 _num_tile_on_y_axis;
/** \brief A map of 2D vectors that contains all of the map's tile objects.
*** Each key-value pair in the std::map represents a map context, thus the size of the std::map is equal to
*** the number of contexts in the game map (up to 32).
std::map<MAP_CONTEXT, Context > _tile_grid;
//! \brief keeps a reference to the current context data for speed optimizations purpose
Context *_ctxt_layers;
MAP_CONTEXT _current_context;
//! \brief Contains the image objects for all map tiles, both still and animated.
std::vector<hoa_video::ImageDescriptor*> _tile_images;
/** \brief Contains all of the animated tile images used on the map.
*** The purpose of this vector is to easily update all tile animations without stepping through the
*** _tile_images vector, which contains both still and animated images.
std::vector<hoa_video::AnimatedImage*> _animated_tile_images;
}; // class TileSupervisor
} // namespace private_map
} // namespace hoa_map
#endif // __MAP_TILES_HEADER__
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