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# Spanish Translations for Allacrost Demo package
# Copyright (C) 2010 The Allacrost Project
# This file is distributed under the same license as the Allacrost package.
# Jacob Rudolph <>, 2010.
# <>, 2010.
#: map_names_tr.lua:2 map_names_tr.lua:4 map_names_tr.lua:8
#: map_names_tr.lua:12 map_names_tr.lua:16 map_names_tr.lua:28
#: map_names_tr.lua:32 map_names_tr.lua:36 map_names_tr.lua:40
#: map_names_tr.lua:44 map_names_tr.lua:48 map_names_tr.lua:50
#: map_names_tr.lua:68 map_names_tr.lua:72 map_names_tr.lua:76
#: map_names_tr.lua:80 map_names_tr.lua:84 map_names_tr.lua:104
#: map_names_tr.lua:108 map_names_tr.lua:128 map_names_tr.lua:156
#: map_names_tr.lua:160 map_names_tr.lua:164 map_names_tr.lua:168
#: map_names_tr.lua:172 map_names_tr.lua:176 map_names_tr.lua:192
#: map_names_tr.lua:196 map_names_tr.lua:204 map_names_tr.lua:206
#: map_names_tr.lua:208 map_names_tr.lua:210 map_names_tr.lua:212
#: map_names_tr.lua:216 map_names_tr.lua:220 map_names_tr.lua:224
#: map_names_tr.lua:236 map_names_tr.lua:240 map_names_tr.lua:244
#: map_names_tr.lua:248 map_names_tr.lua:252 map_names_tr.lua:256
#: map_names_tr.lua:258 map_names_tr.lua:276 map_names_tr.lua:280
#: map_names_tr.lua:284 map_names_tr.lua:288 map_names_tr.lua:292
#: map_names_tr.lua:312 map_names_tr.lua:316 map_names_tr.lua:336
#: map_names_tr.lua:364 map_names_tr.lua:368 map_names_tr.lua:372
#: map_names_tr.lua:376 map_names_tr.lua:380 map_names_tr.lua:384
#: map_names_tr.lua:400 map_names_tr.lua:404 map_names_tr.lua:412
#: map_names_tr.lua:414 map_names_tr.lua:416
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Hero of Allacrost - Demo 1.0.0\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2015-02-10 19:11+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2013-11-23 15:11-0500\n"
"Last-Translator: Yohann Ferreira <>\n"
"Language-Team: en_US <>\n"
"Language: es\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 1.5.7\n"
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:313
msgid ""
"Main theme, Village music, ...\n"
"Banesore's battle, ...\n"
"Layna Forest music, ...\n"
"Boss Music\n"
"Battle music\n"
"Birds' song\n"
"Battle lost music\n"
"Layna cave music"
msgstr ""
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_finish.cpp:811
msgid " (+20%)"
msgstr " (+20%)"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1662
msgid " SP"
msgstr "PH"
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_utils.cpp:1070
msgid " — "
msgstr " — "
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop_root.cpp:67
msgid "\"Welcome! Take a look around.\""
msgstr "\"¡Bienvenido! Echa un vistazo.\""
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_command.cpp:1234
#, c-format
msgid "%s SP"
msgstr ""
#. / TRANSLATORS: this is about displaying a time: eg 4.2s
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_command.cpp:1223
#, c-format
msgid "%ss"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:94
msgid "' if you need more details."
msgstr "' si necesitas más información."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine2_script.lua:393
msgid ""
"'All my comrades have perished in battle and I am the last unfortunate one "
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine2_script.lua:391
msgid ""
"'Battles have been waging all over the place and the Ancient have now "
"forsaken me into oblivion when they sealed the Goddess Shrine.'"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine2_script.lua:399
msgid ""
"'But I will attempt one last time to escape from here and I'm leaving this "
"note in case you'd need to do the same.'"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine2_script.lua:407
msgid ""
"'But be warned, for even the very scent exuding from the dark waters is a "
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine2_script.lua:395
msgid ""
"'My name is Shawn, and I do believe my time is running out in this life as "
"there is neither food nor water in here.'"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_cave1_2_script.lua:253
#, fuzzy
msgid "'Only the last one standing shall pass.'"
msgstr "'Solamente el último que quede en pie podrá pasar.' …"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine2_script.lua:409
msgid ""
"'The entire shrine has been turned into a murderous area and you'll have to "
"fight your way through, just as I will now.'"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine2_script.lua:401
msgid ""
"'The only way to escape this hellish place is to reach the highest floor and "
"activate the waterfall. At least that's what they said.'"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine2_script.lua:389
msgid "'To whoever will read this:'"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:429
#, fuzzy
msgid "(Also whispering) I don't know."
msgstr "(También susurrando) No sé..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_wolf_cave_script.lua:167
#, fuzzy
msgid "(Bronann looks at the ground)"
msgstr "(Bronann mira a la tierra …)"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:762
msgid "(Hmm, maybe I should get a sword then.)"
msgstr "(Hum, entonces quizás debo conseguir una espada.)"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_cave1_1_script.lua:466
msgid "(I also heard something falling outside. Let's hope it's nothing bad.)"
msgstr ""
"(También he escuchado algo caer afuera. Esperemos que no haya sido nada "
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:433
#, fuzzy
msgid "(I thought you saw me.)"
msgstr "(Pensé que me habías visto, eh.)"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:435
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"(Kalya was brought here by those weirdos. They are holding everyone captive. "
"Lilly is talking with that big guy. He gives me the chills.)"
msgstr ""
"(Esos bichos raros han traído a Kalia aquí. Tienen todos en cautiverio. Lily "
"está discutiendo con ese hombre grande. Me da escalofríos.)"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:437
#, fuzzy
msgid "(Let's have a look.)"
msgstr "(Vamos a ver..)"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:975
#, fuzzy
msgid "(Sigh)... Hmm, fine."
msgstr "(Suspira…) Hum, bien."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:732
#, fuzzy
msgid "(Sigh)... I should have stayed home today."
msgstr "(Suspira)… Mejor que hubiera quedado en casa hoy…"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:427
msgid "(What's happening here?)"
msgstr "(¿Qué está pasando aquí?)"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:425
msgid "(Whispering) Kalya!"
msgstr "(Susurrando) ¡Kalia!"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path4_script.lua:304
msgid "(Woah, this bridge doesn't look very sturdy.)"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:431
#, fuzzy
msgid "(Woah, you scared me. Are you mad? You could have got us both caught!)"
msgstr "(¡Dios! Me has asustado. ¿Estás loco? ¡Podían habernos pillado!)"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:595
msgid "(giggle) I won't tell you!"
msgstr "(risita) ¡No te voy a decir!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:323
msgid "(grumble)... Crap!"
msgstr "(gruñido)… ¡Jope!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:924
#, fuzzy
msgid "(sigh)... Georges!"
msgstr "(Suspira…) ¡Jorge!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:444
#, fuzzy
msgid "(sigh)... Got it, mom!"
msgstr "*Suspira*…Claro, mamá."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:945
#, fuzzy
msgid "(sigh...) Hmm, fine."
msgstr "(Suspira…) Hum, bien."
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:71
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:98
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:67
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:94
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_cave1_2_script.lua:191
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_wolf_cave_script.lua:200
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/battle_with_banesore/battle_with_banesore_script.lua:66
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:274
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:531
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:1017
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:286
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:411
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:474
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_cave1_script.lua:115
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_cave1_script.lua:132
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_cave1_script.lua:153
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_cave1_script.lua:185
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_north_east_exit_script.lua:290
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:505
msgid "..."
msgstr "..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_at_night_script.lua:233
#, fuzzy
msgid "... Al... right..."
msgstr "… Va …. le…."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:284
msgid "... Fine."
msgstr "… Vale."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:306
msgid "... It's not that simple, Bronann. Believe me."
msgstr "… No es tan simple, Bronann. Créeme."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:674
#, fuzzy
msgid "... My head."
msgstr "… Mi cabeza ..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:961
msgid ""
"... The incredible and amazing. I could even say, the stunning feel of it in "
"the wind..."
msgstr ""
"… Lo increíble y lo maravilloso. Podría decir, su acaricio deslumbrante en "
"el viento…"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:425
#, fuzzy
msgid "...Kalya?!"
msgstr "¿¡Kalia!?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:725
#, fuzzy
msgid " I telling you all that? It's simple."
msgstr "… Te estoy contando todo esto. Es simple..."
#: map_names_tr.lua:180 map_names_tr.lua:184 map_names_tr.lua:188
#: map_names_tr.lua:388 map_names_tr.lua:392 map_names_tr.lua:396
msgid "1st Floor"
msgstr ""
#: map_names_tr.lua:152 map_names_tr.lua:360
msgid "2nd Floor"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1254 map_names_tr.lua:200 map_names_tr.lua:408
msgid "?"
msgstr "?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:179
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"? This is the first time that I've seen you wear such a worrisome expression."
msgstr ""
"? … Esta es la primera vez que te veo con una expresión tan preocupante."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path3_script.lua:263 map_names_tr.lua:20
#: map_names_tr.lua:228
msgid "???"
msgstr "???"
#: ../dat/objects/head_armor.lua:53
#, fuzzy
msgid "A battle-worn helmet, still reliable for head protection."
msgstr ""
"Un yelmo desgastado por la batalla pero protección confiable para la cabeza. "
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:137
msgid "A blow which temporarily stun its target."
msgstr "Un golpe que aturde al objetivo temporalmente"
#: ../dat/objects/torso_armor.lua:106
msgid ""
"A breastplate with slightly thicker armor than is commonly found and "
"additional shoulder guards."
msgstr ""
"Una coraza con armadura un poco más gruesa de lo habitual y hombreras "
#: ../dat/objects/torso_armor.lua:74
msgid "A cloak worn by apprentices."
msgstr "Una capa llevada por aprendices "
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:542
#, fuzzy
msgid "A crystal stone?!"
msgstr "¿¡¿Una piedra de cristal?!?"
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:346
#, fuzzy
msgid "A dagger attack, poisoning the enemy."
msgstr "Un ataque de daga, envenenado al enemigo."
#: ../dat/objects/spirits.lua:120
#, fuzzy
msgid "A fragile spirit, child of mother nature."
msgstr "Un espíritu sensible, niño de la Madre Naturaleza "
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:607
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"A genuine and perfect feather from the great fire bird. It is known to bring "
"life to inanimated items."
msgstr ""
"Una pluma perfecta y auténtica del gran pájaro de fuego, conocida por poder "
"dar vida a objetos inanimados"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1049
msgid "A holy light strikes an enemy."
msgstr "Una luz sagrada golpea a un enemigo."
#: ../dat/objects/arm_armor.lua:86
msgid ""
"A large shield with enough fortitude to withstand waves of powerful attacks."
msgstr ""
"Un enorme escudo con tanta fortaleza que puede aguantar oleadas de potentes "
#: ../dat/objects/torso_armor.lua:84
msgid "A light chain mail woven into a tough leather cuirass."
msgstr "Una cota de malla ligera entretejida en una coraza de cuero duro."
#: ../dat/objects/torso_armor.lua:42
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"A light tunic worn by new soldier recruits. This one belonged to Bronann's "
msgstr ""
"Una guerrera ligera llevada por las nuevos soldados reclutas. Esta "
"pertenecía al padre de Bronann…"
#: ../dat/objects/spirits.lua:56
msgid "A mesmerizing spirit of living water."
msgstr "Un espíritu cautivador de agua viva."
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:274
msgid "A mythical weapon blessed with a magical fire."
msgstr "Un arma mítica bendecida con un fuego mágico."
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:660
msgid ""
"A ninja potion that bursts out a damp mist when it is crashed on the ground. "
"Used to hopefully escape from standard opponents."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:264
#, fuzzy
msgid "A powerful shot aimed at lowering the enemy's ability to attack."
msgstr "Un tiro poderosamente dirigido que disminuye el ataque del enemigo."
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:109
msgid "A quicker and more powerful blow than the standard sword slash."
msgstr "Un golpe más rápido y poderoso que la herida de espada normal."
#: ../dat/objects/arm_armor.lua:64
msgid ""
"A shield formed completely out of a light-weight but cheap metallic alloy."
msgstr "Un escudo hecho entero de una aleación metálica, ligera aunque barata."
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:324
msgid "A simple but efficient dagger attack."
msgstr "Un ataque de daga simple pero eficaz."
#: ../dat/skills/barehands.lua:29
#, fuzzy
msgid "A simple punch. Better than nothing."
msgstr "Un puñetazo nada más. Mejor que nada..."
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:204
msgid "A simple shot using an arbalest."
msgstr "Un tiro sencillo de una ballesta"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:579
#, fuzzy
msgid "A small amount of anthozium ore."
msgstr "Una pequeña cantidad de mena de antozio."
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:586
#, fuzzy
msgid "A small amount of auridium ore."
msgstr "Una pequeña cantidad de auridio."
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:593
#, fuzzy
msgid "A small amount of borium ore."
msgstr "Una pequeña cantidad de boro."
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:558
msgid "A small amount of copper ore."
msgstr "Una pequeña cantidad de mena de cobre."
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:600
#, fuzzy
msgid "A small amount of evanium ore."
msgstr "Una pequeña cantidad de mena de evanio."
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:565
msgid "A small amount of iron ore."
msgstr "Una pequeña cantidad de mena de hierro."
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:572
#, fuzzy
msgid "A small amount of titanium ore."
msgstr "Una pequeña cantidad de mena de hierro."
#: ../dat/objects/head_armor.lua:64
#, fuzzy
msgid "A small helmet composed of a secret cobalt-based alloy."
msgstr "Un yelmo pequeño compuesto de una aleación secreta de cobalto."
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:392
msgid "A standard wooden arbalest."
msgstr "Una ballesta de madera estándar"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:720
msgid "A strange necklace with unknown powers."
msgstr "Un collar extraño con poderes desconocidos."
#: ../dat/objects/arm_armor.lua:42
msgid "A strange ring that protects the wearer from darkness."
msgstr "Un anillo extraño que protege el que lo lleva de las tinieblas."
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:369
msgid ""
"A strike from above, stunning the enemy and breaking its magical defense."
msgstr ""
"Un golpe desde arriba, aturdiendo al enemigo y rompiendo su defensa mágica."
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:170 ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:230
msgid ""
"A strong and aggressive attack with a blade that deals significant damage."
msgstr "Un ataque fuerte y agresivo con un filo que produce daño considerable."
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:161
msgid ""
"A sturdy but somewhat dull sword whose blade was forged from a single block "
"of solid iron."
msgstr ""
"Una espada firme pero algo desafilada y con un filo forjado de un solo "
"bloque de hierro."
#: ../dat/objects/head_armor.lua:75
msgid ""
"A sturdy helmet with a hinged face guard offering additional protection."
msgstr "Un yelmo firme con una visera móvil que ofrece protección adicional."
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:78
#, fuzzy
msgid "A sword made of wood with a steel hilt, reinforced magically."
msgstr ""
"Una espada hecha de madera con una empuñadura de acera, muy bien para "
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:118
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"A sword made of wood with a steel hilt, surrounded by a great magical force."
msgstr ""
"Una espada hecha de madera con una empuñadura de acera, muy bien para "
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:44
msgid "A sword made of wood with a steel hilt, very good for practising."
msgstr ""
"Una espada hecha de madera con una empuñadura de acera, muy bien para "
#: ../dat/objects/arm_armor.lua:75
msgid "A tall steel shield with a mighty phoenix emblazoned on the front."
msgstr ""
"Un escudo alto de hierro con un fénix poderoso engalanado en la parte frontal"
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:81
msgid "A textbook maneuver that deals an effective blow."
msgstr "Una maniobra ejemplar que supone un golpe eficaz."
#: ../dat/objects/spirits.lua:88
#, fuzzy
msgid "A very rare spirit of wind, usually neither tamable nor catchable."
msgstr "Un espíritu del viento muy raro, casi nunca domable ni capturado."
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:234
msgid "A weapon bestowed to seasoned veterans of the knighthood."
msgstr "Un arma otorgada a veteranos aguerridos de la caballería."
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_finish.cpp:785
msgid "AGI: +"
msgstr "AGI: +"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu.cpp:1114 ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:198
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:538
msgid "ATK:"
msgstr "ATC:"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:100 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1188
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1800
msgid "Abdomen"
msgstr "Abdomen"
#: ../dat/actors/characters.lua:580
msgid "Acheron"
msgstr "Aqueronte"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:908
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:928
#, fuzzy
msgid "Actually, I bought the barley meal for Lilly."
msgstr "De hecho, la harina de cebada fue para Lily."
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:179
msgid "Add an item to the buy/sell list."
msgstr "Añadir un objeto a la lista de compras/ventas"
#: ../dat/credits/episode1_credits.lua:63
msgid ""
"Additional programming\n"
"and scripting"
msgstr ""
"Programación adicional\n"
"y secuencia de comandos"
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:121
#, fuzzy
msgid "Additional programming and scripting"
msgstr ""
"Programación adicional\n"
"y secuencia de comandos"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1665
msgid "Aerocephal"
msgstr "Aerocéfalo"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:401
msgid "After all we've been through, this..."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:715
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"After all, I simply wanted to make sure that boy would reach Mt. Elbrus safe "
"and sound."
msgstr ""
"Después de todo, fui yo el que aseguró que el chico llegaría al Monte Elbrus "
"sano y salvo."
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:53
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"After chasing him around the village all morning, I finally have the pen. "
"Time to bring it back to Georges."
msgstr ""
"He tenido que perseguirlo toda la mañana pero tengo la pluma. Ahora a "
"dársela a Jorge..."
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:101
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"After seeing that strange light, Orlinn ran into the woods. He's just a kid, "
"even if a quick one!\n"
" \n"
"My father asked me to go there with Kalya and bring him back safe and "
" \n"
"I can't let them down!"
msgstr ""
"Después de ver esa luz extraña, Orlinn se fue al bosque. Aunque es muy "
"rápido, es solamente un niño.\n"
"Mi padre ha pedido que vaya allí con Kalia para buscarlo para que vuelva "
"sano y salvo.\n"
"¡No puedo decepcionarlos!"
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:117
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"After we returned to the village, Kalya was caught by strange soldiers. The "
"country lord himself provoked me in battle and thanks to her, we escaped for "
" \n"
"But this isn't over. The soldiers are after us and we have to make our way "
msgstr ""
"Después de volver al pueblo, unos soldados extraños se llevaron a Kalia. El "
"Lord del campo me provocó en batalla y gracias a ella pudimos escapar.\n"
"Pero no se ha acabado, los soldados nos están persiguiendo y tenemos que "
"pasar por…"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine4_script.lua:360
msgid "Again, I can feel something moving not far from here."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/effects/status.lua:302
msgid "Agility"
msgstr "Agilidad"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1073
msgid "Agility (AGI): "
msgstr "Agilidad (AGI):"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:711
#, fuzzy
msgid "Ah ah ah, but this is exactly what I wanted."
msgstr "Ah ah ah… Pero esto es exactamente lo que he querido."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:554
msgid ""
"Ah hah! I just wanted to see your reaction. I still have some. Let me go "
"grab it and bring it back to you."
msgstr ""
"¡Jaja! Solamente he querido ver tu reacción. Aun me queda un poco. Déjame "
"buscártela y te la traigo."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_script.lua:124
msgid "Ah! Bronann. Could you help your old grandma?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_script.lua:164
msgid ""
"Ah! It's nice to see your dear young face around, Bronann. Come and chat "
"with an old grandma."
msgstr ""
"¡Ah! Qué gusto ver tu cara por aquí, Bronann. Ven a charlar con una abuela "
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:154
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Ah! Sure, as soon as your father will stop lending his sword to you to "
"practice with him. Are you sure everything is alright?"
msgstr ""
"Claro, tan pronto como tu padre deje de prestarte la suya para practicar con "
"él. ¿Estás seguro que todo está bien?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_script.lua:168
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Ah! You'll surely want to see the young lady living up there. Ah, youngins "
msgstr ""
"¡Ah! Seguramente quieres ver a la señorita que vive ahí arriba. Ah, los "
"jóvenes de hoy…"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:965
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Ah, I see. Well unfortunately, I'm so sad about a recent loss that I can't "
"find the right words with which to tell you."
msgstr ""
"Ah, ya veo. Pues, por desgracia, estoy tan triste por una pérdida reciente "
"que no me salen las palabras adecuadas para responderte."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:982
msgid ""
"Ah, the river is so beautiful at this time of the year. I feel like writing "
"some poetry..."
msgstr ""
"Ay, que bonito es el río durante esta época del año. Me da ganas escribir "
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:664
#, fuzzy
msgid "Ah, there it is. Finally!"
msgstr "Ah, ahí está… ¡Por fin!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_wolf_cave_script.lua:340
#, fuzzy
msgid "Ah, well. You were serious, weren't you?"
msgstr "Ah, bueno, no estabas bromeando."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:476
#, fuzzy
msgid "Ah? So he must be close."
msgstr "¿Ah? Así que debe estar cerca..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:153
msgid "Ahh sure! (gossip, gossip)"
msgstr "¡Sí, claro! (cotillea, cotillea)"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1327
msgid "All"
msgstr "Todo"
#: ../src/common/global/global_utils.cpp:68
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_command.cpp:1320
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_command.cpp:1348
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_utils.cpp:1080
msgid "All Allies"
msgstr "Todos los aliados"
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_command.cpp:1322
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_command.cpp:1350
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_utils.cpp:1083
msgid "All Enemies"
msgstr "Todos los enemigos"
#: ../src/common/global/global_utils.cpp:70
msgid "All Foes"
msgstr "Todos los enemigos"
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:76
msgid "All Wares"
msgstr "Toda la mercancía"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_north_east_exit_script.lua:288
msgid "All this was for a crystal?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_north_east_exit_script.lua:286
msgid "All this..."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:749 ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:789
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:826
msgid "Allacrost Artwork Team"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:713
msgid "Allacrost Artwork Team (2004-2011)"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:546
msgid ""
"Allacrost Development Team (2004-2011)\n"
"Founder and Lead Designer"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:863
msgid "Allacrost Music and Sound Team (2004-2011)"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:636 ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:676
msgid "Allacrost Programming Team"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:596
msgid "Allacrost Programming Team (2004-2011)"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:571
msgid "Allacrost Project Leads/Administrators"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:901
msgid "Allacrost Special Thanks"
msgstr ""
#: ../src/common/global/global_utils.cpp:64
msgid "Ally"
msgstr "Aliado"
#: ../src/common/global/global_utils.cpp:56
msgid "Ally — Point"
msgstr "Aliado - Punto"
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:101
#, fuzzy
msgid "Alright then, take a look around..."
msgstr "\"¡Bienvenido! Echa un vistazo.\""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:735
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Also, the person in front of the battle line will lead the group in the "
"forest. What I mean by that is the person on the top of the battle formation "
"will actually appear while the others will stay hidden."
msgstr ""
"En segundo lugar, la persona que esté al frente de la línea de batalla será "
"la que guía el grupo en el bosque. Es decir, la persona que salga en la "
"parte superior de la formación de batalla aparecerá en la pantalla mientras "
"los otros quedarán escondidos."
#: ../dat/help/in_game_move_and_interact_anim.lua:52
msgid "Alt"
msgstr "Alt"
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:425
msgid "An arbalest made out of fine noble ash tree wood."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:465
#, fuzzy
msgid "An arbalest strengthened with magical ore."
msgstr "Un arma mítica bendecida con un fuego mágico."
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:292
msgid "An attack striking all enemies."
msgstr "Un ataque que hiere a todos los enemigos."
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:415
#, fuzzy
msgid "An attack that breaks the enemy's own attack power."
msgstr "Un ataque que rompe el poder de ataque del enemigo."
#: ../dat/objects/spirits.lua:24
#, fuzzy
msgid "An enchanting child of fire."
msgstr "Un niño encantador del fuego."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1255
#, fuzzy
msgid "An offensive mystic spell formed by combining opposite elementals."
msgstr ""
"Una conjura mística que ocurre cuando dos elementos opuestos se combinan en "
#: ../dat/objects/head_armor.lua:42
#, fuzzy
msgid "An old and finely crafted piece of jewelery."
msgstr "Una joya antigua bien tallada y hecha"
#: ../dat/objects/torso_armor.lua:64
msgid "An old light soldier tunic."
msgstr "Una guerrera de soldado antigua y ligera"
#: ../dat/objects/torso_armor.lua:53
msgid "An old willow dress that Kalya likes to wear."
msgstr "Un vestido antiguo del sauce que a Kalia le gusta llevar."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:195
msgid "Ancient Strength"
msgstr "Fuerza antigua"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:729
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid ""
"And I hope that you have already equipped your sword. If you haven't, open "
"your inventory by pressing the menu key (%s), and select 'Equip'. Then "
"you'll be able to select your sword and add it as your main weapon."
msgstr ""
"Dime que has equipado tu espada … Si no, abre tu inventario al pulsar la "
"tecla de menú (%s), y elige 'Equipar'. Así, podrás seleccionar tu espada y "
"añadirla como tu arma principal, ¿ok?"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:608
msgid ""
"And how did you reach up here? Weren't you caught by the soldiers with the "
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_basement_script.lua:285
msgid "And you shall not touch my brother without mine."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:508
msgid "And you..."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1101 ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:574
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_basement_script.lua:116
msgid "Andromalius"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:578
msgid "Anthozium Ore"
msgstr "Mena de antozio "
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:351
#, fuzzy
msgid "Anyway, let's go now."
msgstr "Pero bueno, vamos..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:541
msgid "Anyway, let's stick together and we'll be fine as always, right?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path3_script.lua:571
#, fuzzy
msgid "Anyway, once the cemetery is behind us we should be out of trouble!"
msgstr ""
"¡De todos modos, una vez que atravesemos el cementerio, debemos estar fuera "
"de peligro!"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:436
msgid ""
"Anyway, we might not be able to enter there at all. But you're right, let's "
"have a look around first. Who knows?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:391
msgid "Arbalest"
msgstr "Ballesta"
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:464
#, fuzzy
msgid "Arbalest of Force"
msgstr "Ballesta"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1714
msgid "Arcana Drake"
msgstr "Draco arcano"
#: ../dat/objects/spirits.lua:23
msgid "Ardoris"
msgstr "Ardoris"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path3_script.lua:595
#, fuzzy
msgid "Are those the soldiers up there?"
msgstr "¿No son soldados allí?"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_basement_script.lua:208
#, fuzzy
msgid "Are you alright, Kalya?"
msgstr "¡Bronann! ¿Estás bien?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:736
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Are you ok? We should head back to the village so Lilly can examine you."
msgstr "¿Estás bien? Debemos volver a casa para que Lily te pueda examinar…"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/battle_with_banesore/battle_with_banesore_script.lua:74
msgid "Argh! It hurts!"
msgstr "¡Ay, duele!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/battle_with_banesore/battle_with_banesore_script.lua:94
#, fuzzy
msgid "Argh! My chest is burning!"
msgstr "¡Ayy! ¡Me quema el pecho!"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1865 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1931
msgid "Arm"
msgstr "Brazo"
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:72
msgid "Arm Armor"
msgstr "Armadura de brazo"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:960
msgid "Arm: "
msgstr "Brazo:"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1559
msgid "Armored Beast"
msgstr "Bestia acorazada"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1721 ../dat/actors/characters.lua:79
#: ../dat/actors/characters.lua:292 ../dat/actors/characters.lua:500
#: ../dat/actors/characters.lua:636
msgid "Arms"
msgstr "Brazos"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:1041
msgid "As you wish."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:373
msgid "As you wish. Follow me."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:73
msgid "Ask about battle basics."
msgstr "Preguntar sobre los fundamentos de combate"
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:75
msgid "Ask nothing. I know how to fight."
msgstr "Preguntar nada. Ya sé cómo luchar."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:574
#, fuzzy
msgid "At last, the boy."
msgstr "Por fin… El chico."
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:948
msgid "Attack (ATK): "
msgstr "Ataque (ATC):"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:943
msgid "Attack / Defense:"
msgstr "Ataque / Defensa:"
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:441
#, fuzzy
msgid "Attacks an enemy with a chance of causing death to catch its soul."
msgstr ""
"Ataca al enemigo con la probabilidad de hacer que la Muerte atrape su alma."
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:380
msgid "Audio"
msgstr "Audio"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1122
msgid "Aura"
msgstr "Aura"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:585
msgid "Auridium Ore"
msgstr "Mena de auridio "
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1893
msgid "Aurum Drakueli"
msgstr "Aurum Drakueli"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:509
msgid "Aww, ok."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:760
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:773
msgid "Aww..."
msgstr "Jo..."
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu.cpp:364 ../src/modes/menu/menu.cpp:443
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu.cpp:508
msgid "Back"
msgstr "Atrás"
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:133
msgid ""
"Balancing, ...\n"
"Quest log, Minimap support, ...\n"
"Shop Trade mode support, ...\n"
"UI theme change menu support, ...\n"
"GL code improvement, ...\n"
"Multiple screen fix, ...\n"
"Misc fixes\n"
"Joystick handling fixes"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/battle_with_banesore/battle_with_banesore_script.lua:57
msgid "Banesore"
msgstr "Banesore"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path1_script.lua:632
#, fuzzy
msgid "Banesore's minions are already all over the place."
msgstr "Los subordinados de Banesore ya están por todas partes…"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1533
msgid "Bare hands"
msgstr "A mano desnuda"
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_command.cpp:755
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_command.cpp:756
msgid "Bare-hand"
msgstr "A mano desnuda"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:711
msgid "Barley Meal"
msgstr "Harina de cebada"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:166
#, fuzzy
msgid "Barley meal? Again?"
msgstr "¿Harina de cebada otra vez?"
#: ../dat/credits/episode1_credits.lua:37
msgid "Based on the engine"
msgstr "Basado en el motor"
#: map_names_tr.lua:88 map_names_tr.lua:296
msgid "Basement"
msgstr "El sótano"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:712
msgid "Basic yet good and cheap flour."
msgstr "Harina elemental y barata pero muy buena"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:289 ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:353
msgid "Bat"
msgstr "Murciélago"
#: ../src/modes/boot/boot.cpp:370 ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1329
msgid "Battle"
msgstr "Batalla"
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:182
msgid "Battle Use:"
msgstr "Usado en la batalla:"
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:616
msgid ""
"Battle code, Menu code\n"
"Game editor\n"
"Game engine\n"
"Map code\n"
"Various game modes, content scripting\n"
"Video engine\n"
"Video engine, Audio engine\n"
"Game editor\n"
"Programming lead, Game engine, Map code"
msgstr ""
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:482 ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:799
#, c-format
msgid "Battle target cursor memory: %s"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine5_script.lua:440
#, fuzzy
msgid "Be careful, ok?"
msgstr "¡Ten cuidado, Kalia!"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:782 ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:542
msgid "Beetle"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:216
#, fuzzy
msgid "Better. Somehow, the pain faded away the second I entered here."
msgstr "Mejor… Por algún motivo, el dolor se marchó justo cuando entré aquí..."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1302
msgid "Bio"
msgstr "Bio"
#: ../dat/config/themes.lua:21
msgid "Black Sleet"
msgstr "Aguanieve negra"
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:229
msgid "Blade Rush"
msgstr "Furia de filos"
#: ../dat/objects/spirits.lua:152
#, fuzzy
msgid "Blinding as the sun, she brings life even where death belongs."
msgstr "Cegadora como el sol, trae vida incluso donde debe haber muerte."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:789
msgid "Blindness"
msgstr "Ceguera"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:47 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:158
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:213 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:269
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:382 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:442
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:619 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:905
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1365 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1421
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1468 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1743
msgid "Body"
msgstr "Cuerpo"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1123
#, fuzzy
msgid "Boost an ally's speed and slowly recovers their health."
msgstr "Aumenta la velocidad de un aliado y regenera lentamente su salud."
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:656
msgid ""
"Boot code, Battle code\n"
"Game editor\n"
"Audio engine\n"
"Various code, Mac OS X maintenance\n"
"Game engine, Game modes, Windows build scripts\n"
"Battle code\n"
"Map editor\n"
"Video engine"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:592
msgid "Borium Ore"
msgstr "Mena de boro"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1645
msgid "Branches"
msgstr "Ramas"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:411 ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:679
msgid "Brightness: "
msgstr "Brillo:"
#: ../dat/actors/characters.lua:13 ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:11
#: ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:44
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:62
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:58
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/battle_with_banesore/battle_with_banesore_script.lua:56
msgid "Bronann"
msgstr "Bronann"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:624
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:664
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:668
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:136
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_at_night_script.lua:186
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_at_night_script.lua:193
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:578
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path4_script.lua:391
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:584
msgid "Bronann!"
msgstr "¡Bronann!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:662
msgid "Bronann! Are you all right? Answer me!!"
msgstr "¡Bronann! ¿Estás bien? ¡Contéstame!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:676
msgid "Bronann! Are you alright?"
msgstr "¡Bronann! ¿Estás bien?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_at_night_script.lua:216
#, fuzzy
msgid "Bronann! Hold on! We're almost there."
msgstr "¡¡¡Bronann!!! ¡Aguanta! Casi estamos..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_at_night_script.lua:222
#, fuzzy
msgid "Bronann! Move!"
msgstr "¡¡¡Bronann!!! ¡¡Muévete!!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:580
#, fuzzy
msgid "Bronann! No!"
msgstr "¡¡Bronann!! ¡No!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:758
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Bronann! Sorry, you can't access the forest without permission. You don't "
"even have a sword."
msgstr ""
"¡Bronann! Lo siento pero no puedes entrar en el bosque sin permiso. Además, "
"ni siquiera tienes una espada…"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:771
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Bronann! Sorry, you know that you can't access the forest without permission."
msgstr ""
"¡Bronann! Lo siento pero ya sabes que no puedes entrar en el bosque sin "
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:480
#, fuzzy
msgid "Bronann! Wait!"
msgstr "… ¡Bronann! ¡Espera!"
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:27 ../dat/config/quests.lua:93 map_names_tr.lua:52
#: map_names_tr.lua:260
msgid "Bronann's home"
msgstr "Casa de Bronann"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:276
msgid "Bronann, I ..."
msgstr "Bronann, yo ..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:294
#, fuzzy
msgid "Bronann, I'd like for you to not leave the village today."
msgstr "Bronann, no quiero que salgas de la casa hoy."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:535
#, fuzzy
msgid "Bronann, I..."
msgstr "Bronann, yo ..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine5_script.lua:505
#, fuzzy
msgid "Bronann, are you okay?"
msgstr "Bronann, ¿cómo te sientes?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/battle_with_banesore/battle_with_banesore_script.lua:80
#, fuzzy
msgid "Bronann, don't listen to him!"
msgstr "¡No le hagas caso, Bronann!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:214
msgid "Bronann, how do you feel?"
msgstr "Bronann, ¿cómo te sientes?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:321
msgid "Bronann, please."
msgstr "Bronann, por favor."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:435
#, fuzzy
msgid "Bronann, promise me that you'll be careful, ok?"
msgstr "Prométeme que tendrás cuidado, Bronann, ¿ok?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:610
msgid ""
"Bronann, take this sword. You'll probably need it to make your way through "
msgstr "Bronann, llévate esta espada. La vas a necesitar para pasar por allí."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:601
msgid "Bronann, the crystal! No!"
msgstr "Bronann, ¡el cristal! ¡No!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:514
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Bronann, there is something that I have to tell you. We've been fearing for "
"this moment, your mother and I."
msgstr ""
"Bronann, hay algo que te tengo que contar. Hemos temido que este momento "
"llegue. Tu madre y yo..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:317
msgid ""
"Bronann, this time I want you to listen to your father very carefully. "
"Please, my dear."
msgstr "Bronann, hazle caso a tu padre esta vez. Por favor, cariño. "
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:582
#, fuzzy
msgid "Bronann, why?"
msgstr "Bronann, ¿por qué? ..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:567
msgid "Bronann, you should go with her."
msgstr "Bronann, debes ir con ella."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:280
msgid "Bronann, you'll get everything explained in time, I..."
msgstr "Bronann, se te explicará todo en algún momento, yo…"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:590
msgid "Bronann..."
msgstr "Bronann..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:377
msgid "Bronann?"
msgstr "¿Bronann?"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path4_script.lua:276
msgid "Brr. It's quite cold up here."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:194
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:150
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_script.lua:178
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:152
msgid "Brymir"
msgstr "Brymir"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:292
msgid "But I didn't know who it would choose."
msgstr "Pero no sabía a quién escogería."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:219
msgid "But I'm not done yet!"
msgstr "¡Pero no he terminado todavía!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:611
msgid "But I..."
msgstr "Pero yo..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:378
msgid "But Kalya, look at the passageway!"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:618
msgid ""
"But by the time I reached the area, the three of you were gone. And I had to "
"find out where you were heading."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:581
msgid "But father!"
msgstr "¡Pero padre!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:575
msgid "But he would just be a burden!"
msgstr "¡Pero él solamente sería una carga!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:727
#, fuzzy
msgid "But it doesn't matter, as you're all going to die now."
msgstr "No importa ya que todos vais a morir ahora..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine2_script.lua:436
msgid ""
"But let's be careful, as it also said this place is dangerous and the dark "
"waters are some kind of trap."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path3_script.lua:725
msgid "But let's play together first, shall we?"
msgstr "Pero podemos jugar un rato primero, ¿no?"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:646
msgid "But maybe?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:319
msgid "But mom!"
msgstr "¡Pero mamá!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:514
#, fuzzy
msgid "But she will be the next one."
msgstr "… Pero ella será la siguiente."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:312
msgid "But sis! I..."
msgstr "¡Pero hermanita! Yo..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:620
msgid "But the bridge, how did you cross?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:642
msgid "But then you're stuck here, too, right?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:557
msgid "But you might get hurt!"
msgstr "¡Pero te harán daño!"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:656
msgid "But you'll let us deal with this place, alone?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_south_entrance_script.lua:275
msgid "But you'll never find me hiding on top of the cliffs!"
msgstr "¡Pero nunca me encontrarás escondido encima de los acantilados!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:565
msgid "But..."
msgstr "Pero..."
#: ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:320
msgid "Butterfly"
msgstr "Mariposa"
#: ../dat/objects/head_armor.lua:41
#, fuzzy
msgid "Butterfly Hair Tong"
msgstr "Horquilla de mariposa"
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:1028 ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:1194
msgid "Buy"
msgstr "Comprar"
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:729
msgid "Buy count: x "
msgstr "Cantidad a comprar: x"
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop_root.cpp:57
msgid "Buy prices"
msgstr "Precios de compra"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:721
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"By the way, have you ever prepared yourself for something like this before?"
msgstr "Por cierto, ¿has entrenado para algo así alguna vez en el pasado?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:218
msgid "By the way, where are we?"
msgstr "Por cierto, ¿dónde estamos?"
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:90
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"By the way, you're not forced to wait for your icon to reach the action "
"level before you can select an action. When these two little arrows here are "
"highlighted, you can use your up and down keys to preselect an action for "
"the corresponding ally."
msgstr ""
"Por cierto, no es necesario que tu icono llegue al nivel de acción para "
"poder seleccionar una acción. Con las teclas de flecha arriba/abajo, puedes "
"usar las flechas aquí para elegir una acción predeterminada para uno de "
#: ../dat/skills/special.lua:75
#, fuzzy
msgid "Calls the defender of the arctic."
msgstr "Llama al defensor del Árctico"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:420
msgid "Calm down Kalya, there must be a way to go through this somehow."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:953
msgid "Can you hear this?"
msgstr "¿Lo puedes oír?"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_north_east_exit_script.lua:234
#, fuzzy
msgid "Can you smell that stench?"
msgstr "¿Lo puedes oír?"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:811 ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:146
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:192 ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:245
#: ../src/modes/pause.cpp:83 ../src/modes/save/save_mode.cpp:136
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Cancelar"
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:148
msgid "Cancel a menu command"
msgstr "Cancelar un comando"
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:247
msgid "Cancel an action or menu command"
msgstr "Cancelar una acción o comando de menú"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:518
msgid "Cancel: "
msgstr "Cancelar:"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:829
msgid "Cancel: Button"
msgstr "Cancelar: Tecla"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:316
msgid "Candy"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:105
msgid "Carson"
msgstr "Carson"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:573
msgid "Carson is right, Kalya. Bronann shall go with you."
msgstr "Carson tiene razón, Kalia. Bronann debe ir contigo."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:583
#, fuzzy
msgid "Carson is right, Kalya. Bronann shall go with you. It's an order."
msgstr "Carson tiene razón, Kalia. Bronann debe ir contigo. Es…es una orden."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:529
#, fuzzy
msgid "Carson, they've crossed the river. They shall be here in no time."
msgstr "Carson, han pasado el río. Llegarán en breves."
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:49
msgid "Catch Orlinn!"
msgstr "¡Atrapa a Orlinn!"
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:65
msgid "Catch the chickens"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path4_script.lua:341
msgid "Catch them before they reach the shrine!"
msgstr ""
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop_buy.cpp:59 ../src/modes/shop/shop_sell.cpp:59
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop_trade.cpp:56
msgid "Category"
msgstr "Categoría"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:963
#, fuzzy
msgid "Causes an ally to slowly recover their health."
msgstr "Regenera la salud de un aliado."
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:191
msgid "Change the displayed item category."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:807 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:860
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1003 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1066
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1857 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1923
msgid "Chest"
msgstr "Torso"
#: ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:305
msgid "Chicken"
msgstr "Pollo"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1237
#, fuzzy
msgid "Choose a character."
msgstr "Mover tu personaje:"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1238
msgid "Choose a skill category to use."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1309 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1373
msgid "Claw"
msgstr "Garra"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:584
#, fuzzy
msgid "Clear the way, Lilly. I need to speak to him."
msgstr "Despeja el camino, Lily. Necesito hablar con él..."
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:203
msgid "Close this window / Show the system menu"
msgstr "Cerrar esta ventana / Mostrar el menú de sistema"
#: ../dat/objects/head_armor.lua:63
msgid "Cobalt Helm"
msgstr "Yelmo de cobalto"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:320
msgid "Come Orlinn!"
msgstr "¡Ven, Orlinn!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:728
#, fuzzy
msgid "Come here, now!"
msgstr "¡Ven aquí ahora mismo!"
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:127 ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:164
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:219
msgid "Command"
msgstr "Comando"
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:769
msgid ""
"Concept art\n"
"Inventory icons\n"
"Map sprite animations\n"
"Concept art\n"
"Inventory icons\n"
"Concept art, Map sprites\n"
"Map tiles\n"
"Map tiles\n"
"Map sprites"
msgstr ""
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:206
msgid "Conditions:"
msgstr "Condiciones:"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:810 ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:143
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:186 ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:242
msgid "Confirm"
msgstr "Confirmar"
#: ../dat/help/in_game_move_and_interact_anim.lua:62
#, c-format
msgid "Confirm / Open / Talk: %s"
msgstr "Confirmar / Abrir / Hablar: %s"
#: ../src/modes/save/save_mode.cpp:135
msgid "Confirm Save"
msgstr "Guardar la partida"
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:145
msgid "Confirm a menu command"
msgstr "Confirmar un comando"
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:244
msgid "Confirm an action or menu command"
msgstr "Confirmar una acción o un comando de menú"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:517
msgid "Confirm: "
msgstr "Confirmar:"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:828
msgid "Confirm: Button"
msgstr "Confirmar: Tecla"
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_finish.cpp:303
msgid "Confirm: retry battle."
msgstr "Confirmar: Reintentar la batalla."
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_finish.cpp:306
msgid "Confirm: return to main menu."
msgstr "Confirmar: Volver al menú principal."
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_command.cpp:1238
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Cool Time: %s"
msgstr "Tiempo de recuperación: "
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:557
msgid "Copper Ore"
msgstr "Mena de cobre"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:452
#, fuzzy
msgid "Could you go and buy some barley meal for the three of us?"
msgstr "¿Puedes ir a comprar harina de cebada para nosotros tres?"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1270
msgid "Counter"
msgstr "Contador"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:354
msgid "Creates a small fire that burns an enemy."
msgstr "Prende un pequeño fuego que quema a un enemigo."
#: ../dat/objects/head_armor.lua:74
msgid "Crested Helmet"
msgstr "Yelmo con emblema"
#: ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:271
msgid "Crystal"
msgstr "Cristal"
#: ../dat/help/in_game_move_and_interact_anim.lua:51
msgid "Ctrl"
msgstr "Ctrl"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:642
msgid "Cure"
msgstr "Cura"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1091
#, fuzzy
msgid "Cures all bad effects on a character, except for poison."
msgstr "Cura todos los efectos negativos de un personaje salvo el veneno."
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:265
#, fuzzy
msgid "Cures moderate poisons from an ally."
msgstr "Cura el veneno de un amigo"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1303
msgid "Cures poison on all characters."
msgstr "Cura el veneno de todos los personajes."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:643
msgid "Cures the poison from an ally."
msgstr "Cura el veneno de un amigo"
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:128 ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:165
msgid "Current Key"
msgstr "Tecla actual"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:674
msgid "Curse"
msgstr "Maldición"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu.cpp:1118 ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:545
msgid "DEF:"
msgstr "DEF:"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1616
msgid "Daemarbora"
msgstr "Daemarbora"
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:323
msgid "Dagger Slash"
msgstr "Herida de daga"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path4_script.lua:434
msgid "Damn!"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path2_script.lua:371
#, fuzzy
msgid "Dang! And now the rain too."
msgstr "¡Jope! Y ahora la lluvia..."
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:462 ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:451
#: ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:526
msgid "Dark Soldier"
msgstr "Soldado oscuro"
#: ../dat/skills/special.lua:206
msgid "Dark Wish"
msgstr "Deseo oscuro"
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:392
#, fuzzy
msgid "Deals high wind damage to all enemies, stunning them along the way."
msgstr ""
"Produce daños numerosos de tipo viento a todos los enemigos, aturdiéndolos "
"en el camino."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:565
msgid "Dear chosen one, the time has finally come."
msgstr "Querido elegido, por fin ha llegado la hora."
#: ../src/common/global/global_effects.cpp:47 ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1138
msgid "Death"
msgstr "Muerte"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1164
msgid "Death Circle"
msgstr "Círculo de muerte"
#: ../dat/effects/status.lua:1098
msgid "Death Elemental Strength"
msgstr "Fuerza del elemento de muerte"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1139
#, fuzzy
msgid "Death tries to take hold of an enemy."
msgstr "La Muerte intenta llevar un enemigo consigo."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:299
msgid "Decay Dirge"
msgstr "Putrefacción fúnebre"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1828
msgid "Deceleon"
msgstr "Deceleón"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:774
msgid "Decreases the battle speed of an enemy."
msgstr "Baja la velocidad de un enemigo en batalla."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:579
#, fuzzy
msgid "Decreases the evasion rate of an enemy."
msgstr "Baja la evasión de un enemigo."
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:220
msgid "Default Key"
msgstr "Tecla predeterminada "
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:950
msgid "Defense (DEF): "
msgstr "Defensa (DEF):"
#: ../dat/objects/spirits.lua:183
msgid "Demona"
msgstr "Demona"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1336
msgid "Demonic Essence"
msgstr "Esencia demoníaca"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:945
msgid "Detailed defense:"
msgstr "Defensa especial:"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:478 ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:796
#, c-format
msgid "Dialogue text speed: %i"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:160
msgid "Did you hear that? (gossip, gossip)"
msgstr "¿Has oído eso? (cotillea, cotillea)"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1212
msgid "Dispell"
msgstr "Disipar"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:220
msgid "Divine Wish"
msgstr "Deseo divino"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:563
msgid "Do as I say and it'll be alright."
msgstr "Haz lo que te digo y estará bien."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:612
msgid "Do you know how the others are doing? Are my parents okay?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:613
msgid ""
"Do you need some kind of motivation? If so, let me handle this with my "
"greatest pleasure!"
msgstr ""
"¿Necesitas un poco de motivación? Si es así, con mucho gusto te puedo ayudar."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:130
msgid "Do you need something, Bronann?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:381
msgid ""
"Don't blame Kalya. She was having a hard time along with her brother before "
"living here, you know?"
msgstr ""
"No le culpes a Kalia. Todo ya era complicado para ella y su hermano antes de "
"vivir aquí, ¿sabes?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:316
msgid "Don't blame him, Kalya. Actually, it was..."
msgstr "No le eches la culpa, Kalia. De hecho, es que..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_wolf_cave_script.lua:325
msgid "Don't even start, this one is all mine."
msgstr "Ni hables. Este es mío."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:125
#, fuzzy
msgid "Don't forget my trade offers!"
msgstr "No se te olvide que puedes pulsar '"
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:85
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Don't forget that certain items are limited or unique! \n"
"When revieving items, you can also cycle through the proposed item "
"categories using the menu key (%s)."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:94
#, fuzzy
msgid "Don't forget that you can press '"
msgstr "No se te olvide que puedes pulsar '"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/battle_with_dark_soldiers_script.lua:38
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Don't listen to him! We must get rid of him before reinforcements arrive or "
"we're doomed!"
msgstr ""
"¡No le hagas caso! ¡¡Tenemos que deshacernos de él antes de que lleguen los "
"refuerzos o estamos condenados al fracaso!!"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path2_script.lua:375
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Don't lose faith, Kalya. If we manage to escape from them here, we'll be "
"safe past the mountains."
msgstr ""
"No te desesperes, Kalia. Si logramos evitarlos aquí, estaremos seguros al "
"pasar por las montañas."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:468
#, fuzzy
msgid "Don't venture too far, I'll need your help soon!"
msgstr "No te vayas muy lejos. Voy a necesitar que me ayudes pronto."
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:106
msgid "Don't worry Kalya, I have not forgotten my training."
msgstr "No te preocupes, Kalia, no se me ha olvidado mi entrenamiento."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:423
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_script.lua:144
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:348
#, fuzzy
msgid "Don't worry about it."
msgstr "No te preocupes por eso..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:1010
msgid "Don't worry about that, Orlinn. Ok?"
msgstr "No te preocupes por eso, Orlinn. ¿OK?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_north_west_script.lua:857
#, fuzzy
msgid "Don't worry too much, Bronann. Herth will be able to help you."
msgstr "No te preocupes tanto, Bronann. Herth te podrá ayudar."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_south_entrance_script.lua:107
msgid ""
"Don't worry too much. I'm just preventing strangers from being able to sneak "
"in at night."
msgstr ""
"No te preocupes tanto. Es solamente para que los desconocidos no puedan "
"entrar por la noche."
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:78
msgid ""
"Don't worry, I'll make good prices for you as you can testify in the buy "
"ranking right there!"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:682
#, fuzzy
msgid "Don't worry, I'm fine. Err, what crystal? What... wolf??"
msgstr "No te preocupes. Estoy bien. Ehh, ¿qué cristal? ¿Qué… lobo?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:345
msgid "Don't worry, sis. It's fine, we can tell him."
msgstr "No te preocupes, hermanita. Está bien. Se lo podemos decir."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:672
msgid "Don't worry, we'll find him. Ok?"
msgstr "No te preocupes. Vamos a encontrarlo, ¿OK?"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:421
msgid ""
"Don't worry, we've managed to come this far. There is nothing that could..."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:559
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Don't worry. We'll simply talk to them and they'll move on. You know what "
"you have to do, right?"
msgstr ""
"No, no te preocupes. Simplemente hablaré con ellos y se marcharán. Sabes lo "
"que tienes que hacer, ¿no?"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_basement_script.lua:329
msgid ""
"Don't you worry about that, brother. Never leave me like that again, ok?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1180
msgid "Doom"
msgstr "Condenado"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1033
msgid "Dorver"
msgstr ""
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:183 ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:233
#: ../dat/help/in_game_move_and_interact_anim.lua:48
msgid "Down"
msgstr "Abajo"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:514
msgid "Down: "
msgstr "Abajo:"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:658
msgid "Drain"
msgstr "Drenar"
#: ../src/modes/map/map_treasure.cpp:158 ../src/modes/map/map_treasure.cpp:326
msgid "Drunes"
msgstr "Drunes"
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_finish.cpp:545
msgid "Drunes Found: "
msgstr "Drunes encontrados:"
#: ../dat/objects/spirits.lua:119
msgid "Dryad"
msgstr "Dríade"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1217
msgid "Dune Crawler"
msgstr "Arenero"
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_finish.cpp:791
msgid "EVA: +"
msgstr "EVA: +"
#: ../src/common/global/global_effects.cpp:43
msgid "Earth"
msgstr "Tierra"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:549
msgid "Earth Circle"
msgstr "Círculo de tierra"
#: ../dat/effects/status.lua:986
msgid "Earth Elemental Strength"
msgstr "Fuerza del elemento de tierra"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:460 ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:781
msgid "Easy"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:462
#, fuzzy
msgid "Eh eh? Have you already forgotten that I'm your mother?"
msgstr "¿Eh? ¿Ya se te ha olvidado que soy tu madre?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:385
msgid "Eh? You really know nothing about women, do you?"
msgstr "¿Qué? De verdad, no sabes nada de las mujeres, ¿no?"
#: map_names_tr.lua:116 map_names_tr.lua:120 map_names_tr.lua:124
#: map_names_tr.lua:324 map_names_tr.lua:328 map_names_tr.lua:332
msgid "Elbrus Grotto"
msgstr "La gruta de Elbrus"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:420
msgid "Elixir"
msgstr "Elixir"
#: ../dat/config/themes.lua:28
#, fuzzy
msgid "Elvish Feather"
msgstr "Pluma del fénix"
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_finish.cpp:149
msgid "End"
msgstr "Fin"
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:460
msgid ""
"English text review\n"
"Dutch (nl_NL)\n"
"French (fr)\n"
"Galician (gl)\n"
"German (de)"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path3_script.lua:754
#, fuzzy
msgid "Enough of this shallow game. Give me your souls, now!"
msgstr ""
"Ya basta con este juego trivial. ¡Entregadme vuestras almas ahora mismo!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:270
msgid "Enough!"
msgstr "¡Basta!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:278
msgid ""
"Enough! You hid everything from me just like everyone else. You're a liar! I "
"won't be manipulated anymore!"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:508
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Enrages an ally, increasing their attack and speed but reducing their "
msgstr ""
"Enfurece a un aliado, aumentando su ataque y su agilidad pero bajando su "
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:578
msgid "Entangle"
msgstr "Enredar"
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:52
msgid "Episode I"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/credits/episode1_credits.lua:49
msgid "Episode I - Additional Graphics"
msgstr "Episodio I - Gráficas adicionales"
#: ../dat/credits/episode1_credits.lua:45
msgid "Episode I - Main Graphics"
msgstr "Episodio I - Gráficas principales"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu.cpp:362
msgid "Equip"
msgstr "Equipar"
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:78
msgid "Er, I could use a refresher on the fundamentals of combat."
msgstr ""
"Ehh, me vendría bien un curso de actualización de los fundamentos de combate."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_script.lua:166
#, fuzzy
msgid "Er, sorry grandma. I have to go! Maybe later?"
msgstr "Eh… ¡Lo siento, abuela, me tengo que ir! ¿Quizás luego?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:379
msgid "Er, yes?"
msgstr "Eh, ¿sí?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:955
msgid "Erm, ... Well, I don't hear anything special..."
msgstr "Emm, … Pues, no oigo nada especial..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:441
msgid ""
"Erm, are you crazy or what? I usually am the one with bad jokes you know."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:156
#, fuzzy
msgid "Err, nevermind."
msgstr "Ah, no importa..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_cave1_2_script.lua:320
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Err, nevermind. We must find a way to make this move. Let's look around."
msgstr ""
"Ehh… Olvídalo. Tenemos que encontrar algo para mover esto. Sigamos "
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine5_script.lua:412
msgid "Err, not yet."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:370
msgid "Err, sis?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/help/in_game_move_and_interact_anim.lua:49
msgid "Escape"
msgstr "Escape"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:659
#, fuzzy
msgid "Escape Smoke"
msgstr "Escape"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1074
msgid "Evade (EVD): "
msgstr "Evadir (EVA):"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:599
msgid "Evanium Ore"
msgstr "Mena de evanio"
#: ../dat/effects/status.lua:361
msgid "Evasion"
msgstr "Evasión"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:454
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Even when confronted by someone who can wipe out everything you hold dear, "
"you dare to stare me in the eyes? I admire such a courageous heart, my dear "
msgstr ""
"Tanto que perder y aun así me mira los ojos… Admiro un corazón tan valiente, "
"mi querida."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_north_east_exit_script.lua:269
msgid "Everyone."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:440
msgid "Execution"
msgstr "Ejecución"
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_finish.cpp:294
msgid "Exit to main menu."
msgstr "Salir al menú principal."
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1067
msgid "Experience Level: "
msgstr "Nivel de experiencia:"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:664 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1293
msgid "Eye"
msgstr "Ojo"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:639 ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:510
msgid "Eyeball"
msgstr "Globo ocular"
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_finish.cpp:773
msgid "FOR: +"
msgstr "FOR: +"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1357
msgid "Face"
msgstr "Cara"
#: ../dat/objects/spirits.lua:151
msgid "Fairy"
msgstr "Hada"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_3rd_script.lua:452
msgid "Farewell, chosen one."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:537
msgid "Father!"
msgstr "¡Papá!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:549
msgid "Father! Orlinn has disappeared. I saw him taking the forest pathway!"
msgstr "¡Papá! Orlinn ha desaparecido. Lo he visto en el camino del bosque."
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:120 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:344
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:404 ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:436
msgid "Fenrir"
msgstr "Fenrir"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1328
msgid "Field"
msgstr "Campo"
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:180
msgid "Field Use:"
msgstr "Usado en el campo:"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:466
msgid "Fight it, Lilly! Focus!"
msgstr "¡Lucha, Lily! ¡Céntrate!"
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:21
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Finally, I found some. Lilly had what I sought in her house the whole time."
msgstr ""
"Por fin, he encontrado un poco… Lily ha tenido lo que estaba buscando todo "
"este tiempo."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_at_night_script.lua:234
msgid "Finally, we made it back home."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:33
#, fuzzy
msgid "Find Georges's pen"
msgstr "Recupera la pluma de Jorge"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:512
#, fuzzy
msgid "Fine."
msgstr "Bien..."
#: ../src/common/global/global_effects.cpp:37
msgid "Fire"
msgstr "Fuego"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:427
msgid "Fire Breath"
msgstr "Exhalación de fuego"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:379
msgid "Fire Circle"
msgstr "Círculo de fuego"
#: ../dat/effects/status.lua:816
msgid "Fire Elemental Strength"
msgstr "Fuerza del elemento de fuego"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:353
msgid "Fire burst"
msgstr "Estallido de fuego"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:96
msgid "First Aid"
msgstr "Primeros auxilios"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:727
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"First of all, before going there, you might need better equipment. You "
"should visit Flora first, ok?"
msgstr ""
"En primer lugar, antes de que vayas para allá, vas a necesitar mejorar tu "
"equipamiento. Vete a ver a Flora primero, ¿OK?"
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:59
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:64
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:68
msgid "Flora"
msgstr "Flora"
#: map_names_tr.lua:64 map_names_tr.lua:272
msgid "Flora's Boutique"
msgstr "La boutique de Flora"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:443
msgid "Focus"
msgstr "Concentración"
#: ../src/common/global/global_utils.cpp:66
msgid "Foe"
msgstr "Enemigo"
#: ../src/common/global/global_utils.cpp:58
msgid "Foe — Point"
msgstr "Enemigo - Punto"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:411
msgid "Fog"
msgstr "Niebla"
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:80
msgid "For now, let's see what I have in store and select the 'Buy' option..."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:567
#, fuzzy
msgid "For us, it will be but an instant."
msgstr "Para nosotros, no tarda más que un instante."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:569
#, fuzzy
msgid "For you, it might be decades."
msgstr "Para ti, podría haber tardado décadas."
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1686
msgid "Forehead"
msgstr "Frente"
#: map_names_tr.lua:24 map_names_tr.lua:232
msgid "Forest entrance"
msgstr "Entrada al bosque"
#: ../dat/effects/status.lua:188
msgid "Fortitude"
msgstr "Fortaleza"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1071
msgid "Fortitude (FRT): "
msgstr "Fortaleza (FOR):"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_at_night_script.lua:374
msgid "Fortunately, they didn't see me or I would have been caught as well."
msgstr "Por suerte, no me han visto o me habrían cogido también."
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:108
msgid "Forward Thrust"
msgstr "Empujón hacia delante"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:669
msgid "Fullscreen"
msgstr "Pantalla completa"
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:1638
msgid "Funds: "
msgstr "Fondos:"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:608
#, fuzzy
msgid "Gahh, ok."
msgstr "Puff… OK."
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:381
#, fuzzy
msgid "Game"
msgstr "Juego Nuevo"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:472 ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:793
#, c-format
msgid "Game Difficulty: %s"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/help/in_game_move_and_interact_anim.lua:71
msgid "Game commands:"
msgstr "Comandos del juego:"
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:221
msgid "General Purpose"
msgstr "Descripción"
#: ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:255
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:182
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:158
msgid "Georges"
msgstr "Jorge"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:704
#, fuzzy
msgid "Georges's pen, presumably used to write poetry."
msgstr "Pluma de Jorge, supuestamente usada para escribir poesía. "
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:963
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Georges, I simply wanted to ask you whether or not you had any barley meal "
msgstr "Jorge, ¡solamente te he querido preguntar si tienes harina de cebada!"
#: ../src/modes/mode_help_window.cpp:194
msgid ""
"Get out the Buy/Sell/Confirm mode,\n"
"or quit the shop."
msgstr ""
"Salir del modo de compra/venta/confirmación,\n"
"o salir de la tienda"
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:17
#, fuzzy
msgid "Get some barley meal"
msgstr "Consigue un poco de harina de cebada"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:489
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Gives a reasonable boost in agility to an ally for a small amount of time."
msgstr "Detiene a un enemigo por mucho tiempo."
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:454
msgid ""
"Gives a reasonable boost in strength to an ally for a large amount of time."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:890
msgid "Good luck Bronann."
msgstr "Buena suerte, Bronann."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:656
msgid "Good luck, son."
msgstr "Buena suerte, hijo."
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:112
#, fuzzy
msgid "Good. Let us quickly dispatch this minor threat."
msgstr "Bien. Ahora deshagámonos de esta pequeña amenaza."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path3_script.lua:627
#, fuzzy
msgid "Good. Let's go back and wait for them."
msgstr "Bien. Volvemos y los esperamos."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:540
#, fuzzy
msgid "Gosh! By all heavens, is this...?"
msgstr "¡Anda! ¡Santo Cielo! ¿Es esto…?"
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:67
msgid ""
"Grandma asked me to catch the chickens that flew away. There are three of "
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:166 ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:205
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:252
msgid "Graphics"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_at_night_script.lua:235
msgid "Great! Now come on!"
msgstr "¡Genial! ¡Venga!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_north_west_script.lua:800
#, fuzzy
msgid "Great! The tremor has opened a path back to the village!"
msgstr "Qué bien. El temblor ha abierto un camino."
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:22
msgid "Green Slime"
msgstr "Limo verde"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:372
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Guards are carefully watching their surroundings. I need to get closer to "
"see what's happening."
msgstr ""
"Los guardias están vigilando los alrededores… Necesito acercarme para ver lo "
"que está pasando."
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle.cpp:111 ../dat/effects/status.lua:418
msgid "HP"
msgstr "PV"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:74 ../src/modes/save/save_mode.cpp:689
msgid "HP: "
msgstr "PV:"
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_finish.cpp:749
msgid "HP: +"
msgstr "PV: +"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:468 ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:789
msgid "Hard"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:729
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path3_script.lua:1081
msgid "Harlequin"
msgstr "Arlequín"
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:682
msgid "Harlequin?"
msgstr "Arlequín?"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:610
msgid "Haste"
msgstr "Celeridad"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:488
#, fuzzy
msgid "Haste Potion"
msgstr "Poción de sanación"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path3_script.lua:660
msgid "Have we got any other way to leave this place?"
msgstr "¿Hay otra manera de salir de este lugar?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_entrance_script.lua:399
msgid ""
"Have you seen one of these before? This is a Layna statue. Praying near it "
"heals both your mind and body."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:548
msgid ""
"Have you still got any barley meal left for my parents and I? My mother "
"asked me to get some and I..."
msgstr ""
"¿Te queda algo de harina de cebada para mis padres y yo? Mi madre me ha "
"pedido que la compre y yo..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:717
#, fuzzy
msgid "He is the only one that can get what I'm looking for."
msgstr "Él es el único que puede conseguir lo que busco..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:298
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"He thought that I would be the one to be chosen by the crystal. However, it "
"seems he was wrong. Now, I am to look after you."
msgstr ""
"Pensó que yo sería el elegido. Pero parece que ha equivocado y que mi deber "
"es cuidarte a ti…"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:296
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"He trained me, taught me magic, and told me the crystal would appear one day."
msgstr ""
"Me entrenó, me enseñó la magia y me dijo que el cristal aparecería un día..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:630
msgid "He was afraid they'd corner us to prevent an escape, and he was right."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:579
msgid "He won't slow you down, believe me. Right, Bronann?"
msgstr "No te va a detener. Te lo juro. ¿Verdad, Bronann?"
# No son acantilados realmente...
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:165
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:183
msgid ""
"He's probably 'musing' around the cliffs in the village center right now."
msgstr ""
"Probablemente está 'meditando' cerca de los acantilados en el centro del "
"pueblo ahora mismo."
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:1717 ../dat/actors/characters.lua:62
#: ../dat/actors/characters.lua:275 ../dat/actors/characters.lua:483
#: ../dat/actors/characters.lua:619 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:91
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:149 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:204
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:373 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:433
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:487 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:555
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:852 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:995
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1058 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1126
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1180 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1238
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1516 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1735
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1792 ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1849
#: ../dat/actors/enemies.lua:1915
msgid "Head"
msgstr "Cabeza"
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:70
msgid "Head Armor"
msgstr "Armadura de cabeza"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu_views.cpp:958
msgid "Head: "
msgstr "Cabeza:"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:805
msgid "Heal"
msgstr "Sanación"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:119
msgid "Healing Potion"
msgstr "Poción de sanación"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:879
msgid "Healing Rain"
msgstr "Lluvias de sanación"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:1048
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:591
msgid "Hee hee hee!"
msgstr "¡Je je je!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:1056
msgid "Hee hee hee! Yes!"
msgstr "¡Je Je Je! ¡Sí!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:1066
msgid "Hee hee! (He'll never find me hiding behind the buildings!)"
msgstr "¡Je je! (¡Nunca me encontrará detrás de los edificios!)"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:389
msgid "Heh heh, don't worry about it. It will come in time."
msgstr "Je je, no te preocupes. Ya entenderás en algún momento."
#: ../dat/help/in_game_move_and_interact_anim.lua:77
#, c-format
msgid "Help Menu: %s"
msgstr "Menú de ayuda: %s"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_at_night_script.lua:288
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_basement_script.lua:242
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_basement_script.lua:265
#, fuzzy
msgid "Help!"
msgstr "¡¡Socorro!!"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:833
#, fuzzy
msgid "Help: Button"
msgstr "Menú: Tecla"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:433
msgid "Here it is, Bronann."
msgstr "Aquí está, Bronann."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:920
msgid "Here it is, Georges."
msgstr "Aquí está, Jorge."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:481
msgid ""
"Here we are, looking at this huge and wonderful, yet creepy door. I don't "
"like this."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:80
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Here you can find the hit points (HP) and skill points (SP) of the ally "
"party. Don't let our HP reach 0 or we're doomed!"
msgstr ""
"Aquí puedes ver los puntos de vida (PV) y los puntos de habilidad (PH) de "
"todos los aliados. Si dejas que nuestros puntos de vida lleguen a 0, "
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:83
msgid ""
"Here you can see the list of available wares, how many items I've got and "
"how many you already have for each."
msgstr ""
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:1132
msgid ""
"Here you can set up the video options such as the resolution, whether to "
"play in full screen, the GUI theme, ..."
msgstr ""
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:1160
msgid ""
"Here you can set whether you want to play in windowed mode or fullscreen."
msgstr ""
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:1135
msgid "Here you can setup the music and SFX volumes."
msgstr ""
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:1147
msgid "Here you change the keys used when playing with a joystick..."
msgstr ""
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:1144
msgid "Here you change the keys used when playing with the keyboard..."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:159
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/battle_with_banesore/battle_with_banesore_script.lua:58
msgid "Herth"
msgstr "Herth"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:294
#, fuzzy
msgid "Herth prepared me all my life for this very day."
msgstr "Herth me ha preparado… Toda la vida… Para este día..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:632
msgid "Herth sent you? But he told me it was nothing, that he would handle it!"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:561
msgid "Herth, we both know it'll likely..."
msgstr "Herth, ambos sabemos que probablemente…"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_north_east_exit_script.lua:267
#, fuzzy
msgid "Herth."
msgstr "Herth"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:89
#, fuzzy
msgid "Hey son! Did you sleep well? Hmm, now where did I leave that oil lamp?"
msgstr ""
"¡Hola, hijo! ¿Has dormido bien? Hum, ¿dónde he dejado esa lámpara de aceite?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:300
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Hey, wait! All of the village elders' nerves are on edge. There is something "
"going on here! Why won't you tell me?"
msgstr ""
"¡Oye, espera! Todos los ancianos del pueblo están preocupados. Algo está "
"pasando aquí. ¿Por qué no me dices nada?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:223
msgid "Hey, why would I tell you my hiding spots?!"
msgstr "¡Anda! ¿¡Por qué te contaría uno de mis sitios para esconderme!?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:1072
msgid "Heya bro! Wanna play with me?"
msgstr "Hola, tío. ¿Quieres jugar conmigo?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:150
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:171
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:191
msgid "Hi Bronann! What can I do for you?"
msgstr "¡Hola, Bronann! ¿Qué te puedo hacer?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_south_entrance_script.lua:103
msgid "Hi Bronann."
msgstr "Hola, Bronann."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:91
#, fuzzy
msgid "Hi Dad! Um, I don't know. Sorry."
msgstr "Hola, papá. No sé. No la he visto."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:173
msgid "Hi Flora! Do you have some barley meal left?"
msgstr "¡Hola, Flora! ¿Tienes harina de cebada?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:152
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Hi Flora! Err, could you lend me one of your training swords? I'd like to "
"practice a bit."
msgstr ""
"¡Hola, Flora! Eh, ¿me podrías prestar una de tus espadas de entrenamiento? "
"Me gustaría practicar un rato."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:951
msgid "Hi Georges. Erm, I'm coming from the shop and I ..."
msgstr "Hola, Jorge. Eh, vengo de la tienda y …"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_south_entrance_script.lua:105
msgid "Hi Herth. I see you've blocked the gate, why so?"
msgstr "Hola, Herth. Veo que has cerrado la cancela. ¿Por qué?"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:437
#, fuzzy
msgid "Hi hi hi... What's happening to me..."
msgstr "¿Eh? Hola, ¿qué está pasando?"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:431
msgid "Hi hi... Hi hi hi... I can't stop!!"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:460
#, fuzzy
msgid "Hi mom. Huh, how did you know?"
msgstr "Hola, mamá. Hum, ¿cómo lo sabías?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:458
#, fuzzy
msgid "Hi son, did you have a nightmare again last night?"
msgstr "¿Hola, hijo, has tenido una pesadilla anoche?"
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:368
msgid "High Strike"
msgstr "Golpe elevado"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1017
#, fuzzy
msgid "High air type damage on all foes."
msgstr "Nivel alto de daño de tierra a todos los enemigos."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:691
#, fuzzy
msgid "High earth damage on all foes."
msgstr "Nivel alto de daño de tierra a todos los enemigos."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1107
#, fuzzy
msgid "High life type damage on all foes."
msgstr "Nivel alto de daño de vida a todos los enemigos."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:864
#, fuzzy
msgid "High water damage inflicted on all foes."
msgstr "Nivel alto de daño de agua a todos los enemigos."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:337
#, fuzzy
msgid "Hmm, I'll go to Flora's shop. I hope she'll help me."
msgstr "Hum, pues, iré a la tienda de Flora. A ver si me ayuda..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:737
msgid "Hmm, right. I'm not sure that I fully get what you mean, but..."
msgstr "Hum, sí. No estoy seguro que te haya entendido, pero..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_exterior_script.lua:171
msgid "Hmm, the door is locked."
msgstr "Hum, la puerta está cerrada con llave."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_north_west_script.lua:855
#, fuzzy
msgid "Hmm. Nevermind."
msgstr "Emm… Nada."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:1035
msgid "Hmpf, no surprise. Do you want me to bring him back?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:168
#, fuzzy
msgid "Hmph, just go boy. You'll be free after that, ok?"
msgstr "¡Venga! Vete, chico. Estarás libre después, ¿vale?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/battle_with_banesore/battle_with_banesore_script.lua:86
#, fuzzy
msgid "Hmph. Soldiers, leave that man to me!"
msgstr "Pfff. ¡Dejad ese hombre para mí, soldados!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/battle_with_banesore/battle_with_banesore_script.lua:99
msgid "Hold on Bronann!"
msgstr "¡Aguanta, Bronann!"
#: ../dat/actors/characters.lua:19 ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1048
msgid "Holy"
msgstr "Sagrado"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:459
msgid "Holy Fire"
msgstr "Fuego sagrado"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:163
msgid "Holy Veil"
msgstr "Velo sagrado"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path3_script.lua:774
msgid "How could I be hurt by... children..."
msgstr "¿Cómo podrían dañarme… unos niños..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:606
msgid "How in Layna did you reach Mt Elbrus all alone?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:308
msgid "How?"
msgstr "¿Cómo?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_cave1_2_script.lua:259
#, fuzzy
msgid "However, I don't know what it means."
msgstr "Aun así no sé lo que significa."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:959
msgid "Huh, please Georges. I do not want to run away like the last time..."
msgstr "¿Cómo? Por favor, Jorge. No quiero tener que huir como la última vez…"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_at_night_script.lua:276
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:571
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:967
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:387
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path4_script.lua:323
msgid "Huh?"
msgstr "¿Qué?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:577
msgid "Huh? Hey! But..."
msgstr "¡Anda! Pero…"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:533
msgid "Huh? Hey, what's happening here?!"
msgstr "¿Eh? Hola, ¿qué está pasando?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:462
#, fuzzy
msgid "Huh? How do you know my name?"
msgstr "¿Eh? ¿Cómo sabes mi nombre?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:1054
#, fuzzy
msgid "Huh? Wait! Are you talking about Georges's lost pen?"
msgstr "¿Qué? ¡Espera! ¿Hablas de la pluma perdida de Jorge?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:686
#, fuzzy
msgid "Huh? Wait, I didn't do anything this time!"
msgstr "… ¿Cómo? ¡Espera! ¡No he hecho nada esta vez!!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:723
msgid "Huh? Well, Orlinn doesn't disappear every day, you know?"
msgstr "¿Eh? Pues, Orlinn no desaparece todos los días, ¿sabes?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:478
msgid "Huh? What was that light?"
msgstr "¿Eh? ¿Qué ha sido esa luz?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:296
#, fuzzy
msgid "Huh?! What? Why? You told me that I could go into the forest and..."
msgstr "¿¡Eh!? ¿Por qué? Me dijiste que podía ir al bosque y..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path4_script.lua:463
msgid "Hurray! Those idiots will have a hard time catching us now!"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_at_night_script.lua:170
#, fuzzy
msgid "Hurry up! They're coming!"
msgstr "¡Venga! ¡Ya vienen!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:450
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"I already told you, again and again, Banesore. I don't know anything about "
"such a crystal."
msgstr "Te he dicho una y otra vez, Banesore, que no sé nada de ese cristal."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:347
#, fuzzy
msgid "I also left my parents behind."
msgstr "Yo también dejé a mis padres atrás…"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:539
msgid ""
"I believe we don't really have a choice. Somehow this place... called me."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_cave1_2_script.lua:314
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"I can feel a breeze and see light entering the cave from around this rock. "
"Orlinn must have gone through here."
msgstr "Siento aire fresco y veo luz. Parece que viene de esta roca."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:480
msgid "I can feel it, sis'. It's coming!"
msgstr "Siento algo, hermanita. ¡Ahora viene!"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_2nd_s2_script.lua:397
msgid "I can feel something moving far below."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_3rd_script.lua:480
msgid "I can hear water everywhere."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:356
#, fuzzy
msgid "I can't go back now."
msgstr "Ahora no puedo volver..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:462
msgid "I can't let them die. I have to find out something."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_north_west_script.lua:756
#, fuzzy
msgid "I can't sis. I can feel it... calling me."
msgstr "No puedo, hermanita. Siento que… me está llamando…"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_basement_script.lua:335
msgid "I couldn't agree more."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:553
msgid ""
"I did, but he just slipped through my fingers at the very second that "
"strange light appeared."
msgstr "Sí, pero se me ha escapado justo cuando esa luz extraña ha aparecido."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_cave1_1_script.lua:441
msgid ""
"I didn't know that there was a cave here. It's kind of creepy. Let's hurry "
"and find Orlinn."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:497
msgid "I didn't think I would say this, but thank you Orlinn."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/battle_with_banesore/battle_with_banesore_script.lua:90
#, fuzzy
msgid "I do remember you, old man..."
msgstr "Sí, viejo..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:588
#, fuzzy
msgid "I don't have any other choice, Lilly."
msgstr "No hay otro remedio, Lily…"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine5_script.lua:507
msgid "I don't know, I felt something crack."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:762
#, fuzzy
msgid "I don't know."
msgstr "No sé..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:435
msgid "I don't know... Ah, I can barely breathe!"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:318
msgid "I don't think I was talking to you, now was I?"
msgstr "No creo que te haya hablado, ¿no?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_north_west_script.lua:834
msgid ""
"I don't think so, Orlinn. We both know you didn't do it on purpose, right?"
msgstr "No creo, Orlinn. Sabemos que no lo has hecho a propósito, ¿no?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:314
msgid "I don't want to hear it! Now, come!"
msgstr "¡No lo quiero escuchar! ¡Venga!"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:634
msgid ""
"I fear he just wanted to protect you and make you all meet your destiny at "
"the same time."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:258
#, fuzzy
msgid "I feel dizzy. So many things have happened in such little time."
msgstr "Me encuentro mareado… Tantas cosas han pasado en poco tiempo..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:489
msgid "I feel much better now."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:429
#, fuzzy
msgid "I feel... I..."
msgstr "… OK..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_script.lua:346
#, fuzzy
msgid "I found that pen near the tree behind you. I just wanted to play."
msgstr ""
"Encontré esa pluma cerca del árbol detrás de ti. Solamente he querido "
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:421
#, fuzzy
msgid "I found that pen under a tree near the river. I just wanted to play."
msgstr ""
"Encontré esa pluma cerca del árbol detrás de ti. Solamente he querido "
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/battle_with_dark_soldiers_script.lua:36
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"I found you! My comrades will be here in no time. Surrender now, or you'll "
"be punished!"
msgstr ""
"¡Se te ha visto! Mis camaradas llegarán muy pronto. Ríndete ahora o habrá de "
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:660
msgid "I guess it's better than nothing. But Orlinn, you stay with us."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_first_floor_script.lua:170
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"I had that same nightmare again. This time, however, I still feel dizzy even "
"after getting up."
msgstr ""
"Esa pesadilla de nuevo… Esta vez me siento mareado incluso después de "
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:543
msgid "I have a bad feeling about all this now."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_wolf_cave_script.lua:280
#, fuzzy
msgid "I hope Orlinn is alright."
msgstr "Espero que Orlinn esté bien."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:288
#, fuzzy
msgid "I knew the crystal would appear."
msgstr "Sabía que el cristal desaparecería…"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:614
msgid ""
"I know, but everything has changed. I'll explain it to you once it is all "
"finished. Now go, my son."
msgstr ""
"Lo sé, pero todo ha cambiado. Te lo explicaré cuando todo haya terminado. "
"Pero ahora, mi hijo, vete."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:770
#, fuzzy
msgid "I merely remember a voice in my head. Telling me to come."
msgstr ""
"Solamente recuerdo escuchar una voz en mi cabeza, diciéndome que viniera..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_first_floor_script.lua:172
msgid "I might as well move on and forget about it."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine5_script.lua:382
msgid "I need to, I guess."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_basement_script.lua:331
msgid ""
"I promise I didn't do it this time. I just fell in front of this hideous "
"green head."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:1008
#, fuzzy
msgid "I promise I won't bother you again."
msgstr "Te prometo que no te vuelvo a molestar ..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:357
#, fuzzy
msgid "I really hope we are."
msgstr "De verdad espero que sí..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:725
#, fuzzy
msgid "I see. Then there are two very important things that you need to know."
msgstr "Ya veo… Entonces, hay dos cosas muy importantes que debes saber:"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:584
#, fuzzy
msgid "I shall become one with our only hope."
msgstr "Iré yo a hacerme uno con nuestra única esperanza…"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path3_script.lua:723
msgid ""
"I shall bring your souls to the master. You don't stand a chance against the "
"Great Harlequin."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:374
#, fuzzy
msgid "I should be able to sneak through when they're not watching."
msgstr "Si voy sigilosamente cuando no están vigilando, debería poder pasar..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_basement_script.lua:210
msgid "I should be fine, but we should heal just in case."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:71
msgid "I should be fine, thanks."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_at_night_script.lua:376
#, fuzzy
msgid "I should follow them silently."
msgstr "Debo seguirlos silenciosamente."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_at_night_script.lua:252
#, fuzzy
msgid "I should really get back home."
msgstr "Debo volver a casa..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:738
#, fuzzy
msgid "I still feel really dizzy, but I'll be ok."
msgstr "Sigo mareado pero estaré bien..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:510
msgid "I suppose you just saw that light, right?"
msgstr "Supongo que acabas de ver esa luz, ¿no?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:774
msgid "I swear it's the truth!"
msgstr "¡Juro que es verdad!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_at_night_script.lua:260
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"I understand why Grandma actually never saw you using the 'normal' path."
msgstr ""
"… Ahora entiendo por qué la abuela nunca te veía usando la vía 'normal'..."
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:69
msgid "I was able to find them!"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:628
msgid ""
"I wasn't out for no reason. Herth sent me to watch for soldiers in the west "
"parts of the forest."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/battle_with_banesore/battle_with_banesore_script.lua:84
msgid "I will... try."
msgstr "Lo…intentaré."
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:69
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:74
msgid "I wouldn't mind some help..."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path4_script.lua:393
msgid "I'll cut those ropes!"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine5_script.lua:374
#, fuzzy
msgid "I'll do it."
msgstr "OK... lo haré."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_north_east_exit_script.lua:292
msgid "I'll fix this."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_at_night_script.lua:236
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"I'll go and get Herth. Your parents must be worried. Go home. We'll meet "
msgstr ""
"Voy a por Herth. Tus padres estarán preocupados. Debes volver a casa y "
"quedaremos allí."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_script.lua:130
msgid "I'll see what I can do about it."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:118
msgid "I'll stay here as long as you need me. Do you want to buy something?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_north_east_script.lua:675
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"I'll try not to think about what it could have done to Orlinn. Let's find "
"him... quickly."
msgstr ""
"No quiero pensar en lo que podría hacer a Orlinn … Tenemos que encontrarlo "
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:531
msgid "I'm fine, I guess. The pain faded away."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:87
#, fuzzy
msgid "I'm now equipped, and access to the forest has been granted!"
msgstr "Ahora que me he equipado, ¡podré entrar en el bosque!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:740
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"I'm relieved that Orlinn is fine as well. Speaking of that, Orlinn! Stop "
"running and come here right now!"
msgstr ""
"Me alegro que Orlinn esté bien también. Hablando de eso: ¡Orlinn! Deja de "
"correr y vente aquí ahora mismo!"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_north_east_exit_script.lua:230
msgid "I'm so relieved we made it safely, hee hee."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path3_script.lua:567
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"I've never been this far from the village without Herth. This place gives me "
"the chills."
msgstr "Nunca me he ido más lejos a solas… Este sitio me da escalofríos..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:678
#, fuzzy
msgid "I, I guess so."
msgstr "Creo…creo que sí. …"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_crystal_script.lua:768
#, fuzzy
msgid "I, I, I sincerely don't know. I swear! It was like I was... dreaming."
msgstr "Yo… Yo.. Yo sinceramente no lo sé… ¡Te lo juro! Es como si… soñase..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_basement_script.lua:269
#, fuzzy
msgid "I, I..."
msgstr "Yo..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:310
msgid "I..."
msgstr "Yo..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_path_at_night_script.lua:218
#, fuzzy
msgid "I... can't. My body... Argh!"
msgstr "No … puedo. Mi cuerpo … ¡Aaahh!"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_north_east_exit_script.lua:294
msgid "If this crystal is so powerful, then I'll use it. And I'll fix this."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path2_script.lua:377
#, fuzzy
msgid "If we can reach the great plains, we should indeed be out of trouble."
msgstr ""
"Si podemos llegar a las grandes llanuras, sí, estaremos fuera de peligro..."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:426
msgid ""
"If we wouldn't have gotten here all by ourselves, I would swear Banesore's "
"army pushed us here on purpose."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:169
#, fuzzy
msgid "If you're running after Orlinn, I just saw him near your house."
msgstr "Si buscas a Orlinn, acabo de verlo desaparecer cerca de tu casa."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:880
#, fuzzy
msgid "Improves the health of all allies."
msgstr "Cura a todos los aliados."
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:82
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"In battle, our icons and those of our enemies will rise up on the stamina "
"bar. The more agility you have, the faster your icon will climb."
msgstr ""
"En combate, nuestros iconos de fortaleza tanto como los de nuestros enemigos "
"suben la barra de fortaleza. Cuanto más agilidad tengas, más rápido "
"llegarás a la cima de la barra."
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:35
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"In order to know who Georges gave the rest of his barley meal to, I need to "
"get back his lost pen.\n"
" \n"
"He said he lost it near a tree. He also told me that people in the village "
"might know more."
msgstr ""
"Necesito encontrar la pluma de Jorge si quiero saber a quién le dio la "
"harina de cebada.\n"
"Me dijo que se le perdió cerca de un árbol pero también me dijo que quizás "
"la gente en el pueblo sabe más…"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:220
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"In our basement. The other stairs there are leading to my room. This house "
"is an ancient sanctuary, so it might explain why you're feeling better."
msgstr ""
"En nuestro sótano. Las escaleras ahí van a mi cuarto. Esta casa es un "
"santuario antiguo. Puede ser por eso que te sientes mejor..."
#: ../dat/skills/weapon.lua:263
msgid "Incapacitating Shot"
msgstr "Tiro incapacitador"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1239
#, fuzzy
msgid "Increases all elemental effects of one character."
msgstr "Aumenta todos los efectos elementales de un personaje."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:47
msgid "Increases an ally's physical defense by a slight degree."
msgstr "Aumenta ligeramente la defensa de un aliado."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:196
#, fuzzy
msgid "Increases every form of elemental resistance for all allies."
msgstr "Aumenta la resistencia de todos los elementos de todos los aliados."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:922
#, fuzzy
msgid "Increases the air elemental defense of a character."
msgstr "Aumenta la defensa contra el elemento de fuego de un personaje."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:164
msgid "Increases the attack and magical attack of all allies."
msgstr ""
"Aumenta el poder de los ataques y los ataques mágicos de todos los aliados."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:611
#, fuzzy
msgid "Increases the battle speed of an ally."
msgstr "Aumenta la velocidad de un aliado en batalla"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1165
#, fuzzy
msgid "Increases the death elemental defense of an ally."
msgstr "Aumenta la defensa contra el elemento de muerte de un aliado."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:550
#, fuzzy
msgid "Increases the earth elemental defense of a character."
msgstr "Aumenta la defensa contra el elemento de tierra de un personaje."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:412
msgid "Increases the evade rate of an ally."
msgstr "Aumenta la evasión de un aliado."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:380
#, fuzzy
msgid "Increases the fire elemental defense on a character."
msgstr "Aumenta la defensa contra el elemento de fuego de un personaje."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:1075
#, fuzzy
msgid "Increases the life elemental defense of a character."
msgstr "Aumenta la defensa contra el elemento de vida de un personaje."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:444 ../dat/skills/magic.lua:595
#, fuzzy
msgid "Increases the magical defence of an ally."
msgstr "Aumenta la defensa mágica de un aliado."
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:733
#, fuzzy
msgid "Increases the water elemental defense on a character."
msgstr "Aumenta la defensa contra el elemento de agua de un personaje."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path4_script.lua:465
msgid "Indeed! They've been had!"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_north_east_exit_script.lua:228
msgid "Indeed! Yeepee!"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:432
msgid "Indeed, it must be a long time ago."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:491
msgid "Indeed. It seems the scent has no effect on us anymore."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:823
#, fuzzy
msgid "Inflicts poison on an enemy."
msgstr "Envenena a un enemigo."
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:821 ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:823
msgid "Input enabled: "
msgstr "Input activado:"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:943
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:973
msgid ""
"Inquire our comrades in the settlement, perhaps somebody has laid their eyes "
"on it."
msgstr ""
"Pregúntales a nuestras camaradas en el asentamiento, quizás alguien la ha "
#: ../src/common/global/global_effects.cpp:51
msgid "Invalid Element"
msgstr "Elemento inválido"
#: ../src/common/global/global_effects.cpp:74
msgid "Invalid Status"
msgstr "Estado inválido"
#: ../src/common/global/global_utils.cpp:72
msgid "Invalid Target"
msgstr "Objetivo inválido"
#: ../src/modes/save/save_mode.cpp:466
msgid "Invalid data!"
msgstr "¡Datos inválidos!"
#: ../src/modes/menu/menu.cpp:237
msgid "Inventory"
msgstr "Inventario"
#: ../dat/actors/characters.lua:234
msgid "Invocation"
msgstr "Invocación"
#: ../dat/objects/items.lua:564
msgid "Iron Ore"
msgstr "Mena de hierro"
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:160
msgid "Iron Sword"
msgstr "Espada de hierro"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:452
msgid "It is 'Lord Banesore', you scum!"
msgstr "¡Es 'Señor Banesore', desgraciada! "
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_wolf_cave_script.lua:369
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"It ran away again. I'm glad we survived. Let's get out of here before it "
"comes back."
msgstr ""
"Se ha ido otra vez. Me alegro que hayamos sobrevivido. Vámonos de aquí antes "
"de que vuelva."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_north_east_script.lua:673
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"It ran away. I'm almost certain that we'll meet it again. We'd better be "
"more prepared next time."
msgstr ""
"Acaba de irse. Estoy casi seguro que nos encontraremos con él otra vez. "
"Debemos estar preparados."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine7_script.lua:228
msgid ""
"It says: 'I fathomed it! After all, not every ladder is made of wood. Now, "
"I'll have to get back there alive.'"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_cave1_1_script.lua:443
#, fuzzy
msgid "It seems Orlinn was able to go through those platforms. Somehow."
msgstr ""
"Parece que Orlinn ha podido pasar por esas plataformas de alguna manera."
#: ../dat/help/tutorial_shop_dialogs.lua:65
msgid "It seems it is your first time around, right? Need help?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine2_script.lua:383
msgid "It seems somebody left a note here on purpose."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_cave1_1_script.lua:464
msgid "It seems the way is clear now."
msgstr "Parece que se puede pasar ahora."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:306
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"It should have been me. But I couldn't move. And now, I have to fix my "
msgstr ""
"Debía haber sido yo… Pero no pude moverme. Así que, ahora tengo que corregir "
"mi error…"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_south_entrance_script.lua:113
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_south_entrance_script.lua:118
msgid "It's a possibility. But don't worry too much, ok?"
msgstr "Es una posibilidad. Pero no te preocupes tanto, ¿OK?"
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:85
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"It's been weeks since I could go outside the village.\n"
" \n"
"The entrance has been shut with stones, and now they won't even let me go "
"and breathe in the only place I could be alone?!?\n"
" \n"
"Whatever. I need a sword just in case, and I'll get there alone!"
msgstr ""
"Llevo semanas sin poder salir del pueblo.\n"
"Se ha cerrado la entrada con piedras y ¡¿ahora ni siquiera me dejan ir al "
"único sitio a donde podía ir antes para pasar el tiempo?!\n"
"Bueno, necesito una espada por si acaso y voy solo."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:518
#, fuzzy
msgid "It's fine, I'll come."
msgstr "Está bien, vendré yo..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:399
msgid "It's my room upstairs. Don't even think about it!"
msgstr "Es mi cuarto arriba. ¡Ni lo pienses!"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine1_script.lua:483
msgid ""
"It's not like I actually want to open this, but how are we going to do so?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_stairs_script.lua:439
msgid "It's the scent, ah ah ah."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:460
#, fuzzy
msgid "It's time to think Lilly."
msgstr "Es la hora de pensar, Lily..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:382
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_kalya_house_script.lua:406
#, fuzzy
msgid "It's time."
msgstr "Ya es hora..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_bronanns_home_script.lua:355
#, fuzzy
msgid "It's too early, darling. We might be wrong."
msgstr "Es muy pronto, amor. A lo mejor estamos equivocados."
#: ../dat/credits/end_credits.lua:472
msgid ""
"Italian (it)\n"
"Portuguese (pt_PT)\n"
"Russian (ru)\n"
"Spanish (es)\n"
"Swedish (sv)"
msgstr ""
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_command.cpp:327
msgid "Item<R>Type ×"
msgstr "Objeto<R>Tipo ×"
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_command.cpp:650
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_command.cpp:656 ../src/modes/menu/menu.cpp:361
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:68
msgid "Items"
msgstr "Objetos"
#: ../src/modes/battle/battle_finish.cpp:381
msgid "Items Found"
msgstr "Objetos encontrados"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_wolf_cave_script.lua:321
msgid ""
"Jewelry is a gift from the heavens to remind us that beauty can be as pure "
"on the outside as it is on the inside. Besides, it suits me better than it "
"would you."
msgstr ""
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:384
msgid "Joystick Settings"
msgstr "Configurar el joystick"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_shop_script.lua:163
msgid "Just find our *poet* and he should give you some barley meal, ok?"
msgstr ""
"Busca a nuestro *poeta* y él debe darte un poco de harina de cebada, ¿OK?"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_entrance_script.lua:401
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Just stand in front of the goddess below the spring and push '%s'."
msgstr ""
"Ponte enfrente de la estatua de la diosa abajo del manantial y pulsa '%s'."
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine5_script.lua:384
msgid "Just tell me when you're ready and I'll throw you up there."
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/actors/characters.lua:228 ../dat/actors/map_sprites.lua:60
#: ../dat/battles/tutorial_battle_dialogs.lua:63
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/battle_with_dark_soldiers_script.lua:32
msgid "Kalya"
msgstr "Kalia"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:691
msgid "Kalya joins your party!"
msgstr "¡Kalia se une a tu grupo!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:666
#, fuzzy
msgid "Kalya! Now!"
msgstr "¡Kalia! ¡¡Ahora!!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_wolf_cave_script.lua:323
msgid "Kalya! You'd better be careful!"
msgstr "¡Kalia! Ten cuidado."
#: ../dat/skills/barehands.lua:57
#, fuzzy
msgid "Kalya's attack when she has no weapon."
msgstr "El ataque de Kalia cuando está desarmada. "
#: ../dat/config/quests.lua:125
msgid "Kalya's home basement"
msgstr "El sótano de Kalia"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_shrine_3rd_script.lua:482
#, fuzzy
msgid "Kalya, Bronann!"
msgstr "¡Bronann!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_north_west_script.lua:851
#, fuzzy
msgid "Kalya, err..."
msgstr "Kalia, … Ehh ..."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:1029
msgid "Kalya, have you seen Orlinn?"
msgstr ""
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:555
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Kalya, the army is coming. I'll deal with them. You go and find Orlinn as "
"fast as possible."
msgstr ""
"Kalia, viene el ejército. Me encargo de ellos, pero vete a buscar a Orlinn "
"lo antes posible."
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_script.lua:551
#, fuzzy
msgid "Kalya, you were supposed to keep an eye on him!"
msgstr "¡Kalia! ¡Pensé que lo estabas vigilando!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_forest/layna_forest_wolf_cave_script.lua:319
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Kalya. We're in the middle of a cave and you're only thinking about wearing "
msgstr ""
"Kalia … Estamos en una cueva y la única cosa en que puedes pensar es la "
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_at_night_script.lua:290
msgid "Kalya?!"
msgstr "¿¡Kalia!?"
#: ../dat/objects/torso_armor.lua:94
msgid "Karlate Breastplate"
msgstr "Coraza karlateña"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_center_at_night_script.lua:308
#, fuzzy
msgid "Keep quiet, little brat!"
msgstr "¡Cállate, mocoso!"
#: ../dat/maps/layna_village/layna_village_riverbank_at_night_script.lua:468
msgid "Keep quiet, you old daft rat!"
msgstr "¡Cállate, rata necia!"
#: ../src/modes/shop/shop.cpp:75
msgid "Key Items"
msgstr "Objetos clave"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:383
msgid "Key Settings"
msgstr "Configurar las teclas"
#: ../dat/objects/weapons.lua:233
msgid "Knight's Blade"
msgstr "El filo del caballero"
#: ../src/common/options_handler.cpp:382
msgid "Language"
msgstr "Idioma"
#: ../dat/skills/magic.lua:395
msgid "Lava"
msgstr "Lava"
#: ../dat/config/world_locations.lua:29 map_names_tr.lua:18
#: map_names_tr.lua:22 map_names_tr.lua:26 map_names_tr.lua:30
#: map_names_tr.lua:34 map_names_tr.lua:38 map_names_tr.lua:226
#: map_names_tr.lua:230 map_names_tr.lua:234 map_names_tr.lua:238
#: map_names_tr.lua:242 map_names_tr.lua:246
msgid "Layna Forest"
msgstr "El bosque de Laina"
#: map_names_tr.lua:6 map_names_tr.lua:10 map_names_tr.lua:14
#: map_names_tr.lua:42 map_names_tr.lua:214 map_names_tr.lua:218
#: map_names_tr.lua:222 map_names_tr.lua:250
msgid "Layna Forest Cave"
msgstr "Cueva del bosque de Laina"
#: ../dat/maps/mt_elbrus/mt_elbrus_path3_script.lua:565
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Layna Village was abandoned a long time ago, before your parents and all the "
"others settled here. Your mother never told you that?"
msgstr ""
"Pues, antes de que llegasen tus padres y todos los demás a vivir allí, se "