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Updated the README for latest compile instructions

- Updated the download link since github downloads facility is deprecated.
- Added advanced compilation instructions.
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@@ -20,8 +20,7 @@ You'll then be able to play by typing: 'src/valyriatear'
A Code::Blocks project file is also provided when compiling under Windows.
In that case, you might need the dependencies and headers files that can be downloaded at:
-(Look for a file)
Game directories included and used are:
dat/ img/ mus/ snd/ src/ po/
@@ -39,4 +38,26 @@ GNU Gettext
lua 5.1.x
Luabind 0.9.1 (Provided as a static library)
Boost headers (1.48 to 1.49) (make sure that the boost headers used to compile Luabind are the same version used to compile Valyria Tear)
-Qt 4+ (only if you wish to compile the map editor)
+Qt 4.8.x (only if you wish to compile the map editor)
+Compiling with editor or debug feature support:
+Using Cmake:
+Use the -D parameter when invoking cmake to add compilation flags.
+Add Editor compilation (Requires QT 4.8.x headers)
+cmake -DEDITOR_SUPPORT=on .
+Add debug menus, and debug commands:
+cmake -DDEBUG_MENU=on .
+Add both:
+On Code::Blocks:
+Got to Project->Build options, and add the flags in the #defines tab, i.e.:
+Note that the editor can't be build using C::B. Use Qt-Creator and the file for that.
+Be sure also to read the instructions within that file, as RTTI support must be enabled, and unicode disabled
+in the compile flags.

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