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+.TH VALYRIATEAR 6 "2013\-01\-07" "games" "Valyria Tear Manual"
+valyriatear \- Valyria Tear is a free 2D J-RPG based on the Hero of Allacrost engine.
+.B valyriatear [options]
+Valyria Tear is a free (as meant in the Gnu Public License) 2D J-RPG game
+based on the Hero of Allacrost engine.
+You can play it very much like a typical console role-playing game.
+You can explore maps and talk to non-playable characters (NPCs),
+fight active-time battles against multiple enemies,
+and manage your characters and equipment through a series of menus.
+Valyria Tear runs in a series of "game modes" which represent
+different states of operation in the game.
+.B \-c, \-\-check
+Checks all files for integrity
+.B \-d, \-\-debug <args>
+enables debug statements in specifed sections of the program,
+where <args> can be:
+all, audio, battle, boot, data, global, input, map, mode_manager,
+pause, quit, scene, system, utils, video
+.B \-\-disable-audio
+Disables loading and playing audio
+.B \-h, \-\-help
+Prints the help menu
+.B \-i, \-\-info
+Prints information about the user's system
+.B \-r, \-\-reset
+Resets game configuration to use default settings
+Valyria Tear players can input commands to the game either through the keyboard
+or a gamepad/joystick. Mouse input is not supported.
+The table below lists the standard set of user input commands,
+their default keyboard mappings, and their general purpose.
+Most of these keys can be re-mapped from the Valyria Tear main menu
+(the boot screen you see when first starting Valyria Tear).
+.B Up Arrow:
+Move sprite or cursor upwards
+.B Down Arrow:
+Move sprite or cursor downwards
+.B Left Arrow:
+Move sprite or cursor to the left
+.B Right Arrow:
+Move sprite or cursor to the right
+.B Key F:
+Confirm an action or menu command
+.B Key D:
+Cancel an action or menu command
+.B Key S:
+Display the main menu
+.B Key A:
+Swap the character being displayed
+.B Key W:
+Select multiple targets or page scroll up
+.B Key E:
+Select multiple targets or page scroll down
+.B Key Spacebar:
+Pause/unpause the game
+.B Key ESC:
+Quit the game
+Written by Yohann Ferreira and Erik Schilling
+Report bugs to
+Copyright © 2012 Valyria Tear Development Team License GPLv2: GNU
+GPL version 2 <>.
+This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
+There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

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