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Used Zabin's mountain tileset version + outline fix for rocks.

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Yohann Ferreira
Yohann Ferreira committed Aug 30, 2012
1 parent f497a89 commit d1eb01f7091759cba4964b5a2530f413d7ca54bf
@@ -295,9 +295,9 @@ img/sprites/map/objects/paper_feather.png GPLv2 Allacrost
img/sprites/map/objects/parchment.lua GPLv2 Bertram
img/sprites/map/objects/parchment.png GPLv2 Allacrost
img/sprites/map/objects/rock1.lua GPLv2 Bertram
img/sprites/map/objects/rock1.png GPLv2 Allacrost
img/sprites/map/objects/rock1.png CC by 3.0 Daniel Cook + Outline fix from Bertram
img/sprites/map/objects/rock2.lua GPLv2 Bertram
img/sprites/map/objects/rock2.png GPLv2 Allacrost
img/sprites/map/objects/rock2.png CC by 3.0 Daniel Cook + Outline fix from Bertram
img/sprites/map/objects/table1.lua GPLv2 Bertram
img/sprites/map/objects/table1.png GPLv2 Allacrost
img/sprites/map/objects/table2.lua GPLv2 Bertram
@@ -330,7 +330,7 @@ img/tilesets/desert_house_tileset.png GPLv2
img/tilesets/harrvah_house_interior.png GPLv2 Allacrost + From Jetrel's mockups + Bertram
img/tilesets/mountain_house_interior.png GPLv2 Allacrost + From Jetrel's mockups + Bertram
img/tilesets/mountain_house_exterior2.png CC by SA 3.0 Allacrost + adapted other Circle 2D graphics from Daniel Cook (
img/tilesets/mountain_landscape.png GPLv2 Allacrost + From Jetrel's mockups + Bertram
img/tilesets/mountain_landscape.png GPLv2 Daniel Cook + From Jetrel's mockups + Bertram + Zabin (OGA) modification and additions.
img/tilesets/village_exterior.png CC by SA 3.0 C. Nilsson for the top-left three flowers (OGA), Guido Bos (OGA) for the other flowers, Daniel Eddeland (OGA) for everything else, except for the vertical bridge that I (Bertram) made based upon his style.
img/tilesets/water_tileset.png CC by SA 3.0/GPLv2 From C. Nilsson for the water lilies with transparent background (OGA/CC by SA 3.0) + LPC Team for the water lights (OGA/CC by SA 3.0), Leonard Pabin (Len) GPLv2 for the stones, the water original tiles, and the water lili with a dark blue background + Bertram's small variations.
img/tilesets/wood_tileset.png CC by SA 3.0 From Jetrel's mockups + Bertram
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