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Commits on Aug 4, 2013
  1. @Bertram25

    BUILD: fix building with libpng-1.6

    hasufell committed with Bertram25
Commits on Mar 29, 2013
  1. Reinitialize more completely the sell mode when doing a transaction.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    Hopefully fixes issue #127.
Commits on Feb 1, 2013
  1. German translation update thanks to NaN :)

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    Just in time for the release.
Commits on Jan 30, 2013
  1. Made the Battle Mode use standard coordinates + scripts fixes.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    Wew, was some work!
  2. Fixed the 'New Skill learned' text place in battle finish dialogs.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    Closes #123
  3. Fine-tuned a bit Bronann and Kalya running animations

    Yohann Ferreira committed
  4. Added the missing SDL_image linker inclusion for cbp release compilat…

    Yohann Ferreira committed
  5. Italian translation update by BioHazard :)

    Yohann Ferreira committed
Commits on Jan 27, 2013
  1. @Bertram25

    Misc fix in boot mode for HEI release

    Bertram25 committed
    - Made the version string reloaded when changing the language
    - Made the boot sounds only loaded once, as it could have led to
  2. @Bertram25

    Applied a part of gorzuate's patch for OSX compilation

    Bertram25 committed
    Made the GL calls be done after SDL_SetVideoMode() as it seemed to be
    needed on mac.
    Also tested it on Windows and Linux.
  3. POT + fr translation update.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    Mistakes in english apart, I think we're good for a string freeze.
  4. Added the missing dialogue requested in the second part of the first …

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    Now Kalya will clearly show where the exit is if the monsters haven't been
    all beaten.
    I also reduced the time the stone sign image is shown.
  5. Made the scripted events use plain lua objects instead of memory addi…

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    …tive ones.
    The correct object copy is already ensured by luabind anyway. And using plain
    member (autovars) makes the lua memory being freed more easily.
  6. Got rid of the script modify class now useless.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    I don't see the need to have a class that modify a script only at certain
    places, so I prefer removing it as it was something hard to maintain
    and to port.
  7. Added the missing options in the boot option menu.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    Threshold, joystick input enabled and the joy quit button are now
    configurable through the gui.
    I also prettified the settings.lua file written in the user config space.
  8. Save mode improvements.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    - The save mode now clean the save_game1 table before reopening a save game script
    - It also disable slots where no data or invalid data is present at load time,
    as requested by qubodup.
    - When saving, it will warn whether a slot has got no data, or invalid data.
  9. Made the boot mode, the script supervisor, and the map mode

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    'clean' the lua global tables they're going to use before opening
    their script.
    This will permit to get rid of a lot of potential flaws linked
    to the lua stack data handling...
  10. Misc fixes in the script engine.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    - Made the thread pointers be removed at file closure, to let
    lua handle them properly.
    - Fixed a potential crash in a table data type lookup.
    - Properly test whether a file is open before writing in it.
    - Properly check the number types as it couldn't do it before,
    and this could be useful for floats, for instance.
    - Added the foundation permitting to get rid of the content
    of a global table, thus making it safer to place new data in it.
    I'll use that in the next commits.
  11. Fixed a potential flaw in the portrait drawn at the beginning of the …

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    …cave1-2 stone sign dialogue.
    This shouldn't have led to crash but will look better anyway when playing using Kalya.
  12. Turned all the zones global variables into local ones.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    It is faster and will avoid names collisions that might have led to
  13. Got rid of superfluous global var related code.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    Also moved the level cap into the new game call to permit other tests
    to happen at any level.
  14. Misc global lua var hunt 1

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    - Remove the useless map reference when saving a map in the editor
    - Turned instance var to local (and this is faster btw)
    - make the kalya_sprite be set to a new pointer instead of being init (if init at all on second map load?) to nil.
  15. Turned the ReloadSprite() function back to a c++ one.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    Linked to #112:
    As shirish reported having 'virtual function called' based segfault,
    and as the bug happens within the function that reload the sprite,
    I've suspected the map sprite reference badly taken has a map object
    one, or something similar.
    If it's not the case, at least this will be a cause less to see that
    bug, or it will throw the error from within a c++ function, which
    is more talkative with gdb.
    A more general global variable hunt is also to be made also to
    possibly get rid of that bug as well as the others.
  16. Turned tabs to 4 spaces in the actors scripts and get rid of useless …

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    …global variables.
  17. Fixed a invalid cursor position when equipping/using the last item in…

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    … the inventory list.
  18. German translation update by NaN! :)

    Yohann Ferreira committed
  19. Updated quest log content to reflect the latest possibilities.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    For me, the quest log is now actually very complete!!
  20. @IkarusDowned

    Quest Menu Changes

    IkarusDowned committed with Yohann Ferreira
    as per #97, a couple remaining quest menu changes
    + Added location and sub location image / description support
    + Added Completion Descriptions. This is a summary description that shows
    up when you complete the quest (in aqua! oooooOOooo....). note that in
    order to support this the description text box has been changed from 400px
    height to 200px height.
    Bug Fix:
    - Quest List had some problems with the pointer and "completed" quests. This should now be fixed
    - An edge case where a completed quest that had not been read yet was
      causing graphical inconsistencies. This is now fixed
Commits on Jan 20, 2013
  1. POT + fr translation update.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
  2. Made the hero looks wondering what's happening before the first wolf …

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    Also move slightly a tree that was annoying.
  3. Fixed a typo in the LICENSES file pointed out by Zabin :)

    Yohann Ferreira committed
  4. IT translation update thanks to BioHazardX :)

    Yohann Ferreira committed
  5. Made use of the world map and quest log entries in game!

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    It's so great to see those in use. :)
  6. Menu mode small additions.

    Yohann Ferreira committed
    - Changed a bit the world map cursor y offset.
    - Made the menu main options only loaded once,
      thus not resetting the cursor position on Reset() calls,
      and made the entries without content be disabled.
    - Add better Quest log entries, now the \n in text boxes is working fine.
      (Thanks Ikarus!!)
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