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cheat-sheet for game. #129

shirishag75 opened this Issue Feb 6, 2013 · 11 comments


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Hi all,
What do people thinking of having some kind of cheat-sheet maybe now or at some time in the future. It serves at least two purposes :-

a. For playtesting we don't need to make much time to test things fully.

b. Also for players who get tired of grinding or just want an easy romp through the whole thing.

I have no idea of what other people think of it. Looking forward to know more.


IkarusDowned commented Feb 7, 2013

do you mean a walkthrough?

Nope, a cheat-sheet is a way to enhance your hero with all and any qualities.

Look for instance :-

It's good for testing as well as speeding up so you can level up and then do normal and try the new things which are in-game.


Bertram25 commented Feb 7, 2013

Ah I see: Well, for now, the only "cheat" sheet we have is Ctrl+a which displays the different zones when in the map mode, very useful to debug maps and overall develop content.
Ctrl+t shows the textures
and Ctrl+r displays the FPS IIRC.

If you need to cheat, the most direct way is to edit the save games and add a lot to your strength, and/or change your current map, for instance.

As the issue is rather vague upon the need, can you tell me whether this is sufficient, or if you need specific cheats, and if so, which ones?

I wouldn't want to do via the save files although I know that could be done.

I was looking towards some sort of script or something which would do the needful.

Here's a list of cheats which would be good to have (please understand this is optional and not mandatory) :-

a. XP - Have some way to toggle XP so by toggling some switches or something I can add 100, 500, 1000 xp to the heroes. This would make levelling up far easier and figure out what actually our heroes are gaining.

b. Mana potions :- A way to have the mana potions happen. I know it's a creature drop but it would be nice to have them as well.

c. Teleportation :- This would again be nice. If I can teleport to all the places (where the save game thing works, it could also function as a teleportation hub) so teleporting to different places would also be cool.

Just some things on top of my mind.


Bertram25 commented Feb 7, 2013

All three can happen through a debug script toggled while playing.

If I later add something like: Ctrl+i,o,p for instance triggering scripts 1, 2 and 3 each doing something you can even tweak, would it be helpful for your tests or simply cheat? Note that I'd enable that only in debug builds.

simply cheat would be good. For starters it would be good to have it on debug builds and maybe at some point also have it in-game.

ping, any movement on this one ?

@Bertram25 please lemme know if you put it in debug builds and how to use it.

Looking forward to some movement on this


Bertram25 commented Feb 14, 2013

Not anytime soon on my own, sorry. It'll come when it'll come. :]

Just adding it here on suggestion of Bertram.

Hi all,
In order to test it becomes boring after a while (or even otherwise) to replay and grind all the time. If there is/was a way to export and import characters (as in already won skill levels and perhaps some inventory) that would be cool. To discourage the above (as in cheat) the imports could have 75% of the coin wiped off or something like that. That would make the drudgery of doing it all over again much less.

Just an idea, suggestion. Sorry if shared before.

I found a simple way to cheat, just change the xp of the enemies in dat/actors/enemies.lua

just see the experience given by the enemy you want and change it

See http://forum.freegamedev.net/viewtopic.php?f=76&t=4894 as how I did it.


Bertram25 commented Sep 23, 2013

Great! I hope it will help you for your future test and playthrough.

@Bertram25 Bertram25 closed this Nov 7, 2013

@Bertram25 Bertram25 modified the milestones: 1.1 Release, Episode II Mar 24, 2015

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