Random memory corruption at app quit #134

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Bertram25 commented Mar 14, 2013


I'm opening this issue to merge the #15 and #74, since they are basically the same.
(See their description if you need more info.)

I set this as low priority, since I'll fix potential causes of it while I see them, but I'm not actively on it, so a commit might reference this issue from time to time. Plus, the bug happens mainly in two cases:

  1. When the lua state is closed, as luabind tries to delete certain objects that are owned by the engine.
  2. When the audio manager tries to free audio sources/files that can't be or because it is already done.

I'll close the two other issues, as they are now duplicates of this one.


IkarusDowned commented Mar 18, 2013

there's a problem when you try to exit during state-transitions as well.
For example, when you are transitioning from map to battle mode and exit the game, you will get an error. I was gonna take a look at this sometime "soon"


Bertram25 commented Mar 18, 2013

There is a "Transition" game mode called, that does draw the before-battle "blurring" animation. That might come from this one. It is located here:

Thanks! :)


Bertram25 commented Mar 26, 2013

Sorry @IkarusDowned , I know you wanted this one but since I saw it, I fixed it.
Hope you don't mind ;)


IkarusDowned commented Mar 26, 2013

haha no problem, i hadnt had a chance to look into it yet, might as well
fix it if you knew how!

On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 2:53 AM, Yohann Ferreira

Sorry @IkarusDowned https://github.com/IkarusDowned , I know you wanted
this one but since I saw it, I fixed it.
Hope you don't mind ;)

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHubhttps://github.com/Bertram25/ValyriaTear/issues/134#issuecomment-15474616


Bertram25 commented Mar 26, 2013

Cool :)


Bertram25 commented Apr 5, 2013

Since the fix on the battle mode instance initialization, and the globalization of common sound effects, I have been having any such crash anymore. Neat, isn't it? :)

Has someone been having a crash lately?


Bertram25 commented May 16, 2013

Had this one when opening the save mode (continue option) reapeatedly:
5 0x0000000000bf5676 in std::auto_ptr<vt_video::Color>::~auto_ptr (this=0x1dc8df8, __in_chrg=) at /usr/include/c++/4.7/backward/auto_ptr.h:170
6 0x0000000000bf6dec in luabind::detail::pointer_holderstd::auto_ptr<vt_video::Color, vt_video::Color>::~pointer_holder (this=0x1dc8de0, __in_chrg=)
at /home/yohann/Projets/ValyriaTear/src/luabind/luabind/detail/instance_holder.hpp:79
7 0x0000000000c61ffd in luabind::detail::object_rep::~object_rep (this=0x1dc8d78, __in_chrg=) at /home/yohann/Projets/ValyriaTear/src/luabind/src/object_rep.cpp:47
8 0x0000000000c6221b in luabind::detail::destroy_instance (L=0x104f6a0) at /home/yohann/Projets/ValyriaTear/src/luabind/src/object_rep.cpp:93

Seems the color class is a problem when used as an anonymous constructor in a parameter. I'll check that.


Bertram25 commented Jun 11, 2013

Hi everyone, (@codergreen, @authenticate, @shirishag75)

Now the problem of anonymous colors parameters is solved as for me, and @logzero and @authenticate fixed certain memleak and other bad practices or warnings, Valyria is more stable than ever.

Thus, if anybody still encounters a crash at app quit with a master build and get a backtrace, can he post it here?

Thanks a lot and best regards,


Bertram25 commented Jul 1, 2013

Since I saw no memory corruptions at app end in the last two weeks and thanks to authenticate and logzero help on fixing crash causes. I'll close this issue for now.

I you experience new crash, please open a new issue. :)

Thanks a lot!

@Bertram25 Bertram25 closed this Jul 1, 2013

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