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cannot win battle without minor potion #4

shirishag75 opened this Issue · 6 comments

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The first battles are too hard. Cannot win without access to minor potion. Also unable to see the opponent's HP. At the very least you should be able to see the HP.


I actually did that, I did see from the git notes that the statue near the lake/body of water makes you good again, but still am not able to beat either the three slimes or the single spider and single slime thing (without the minor potions.) I was able to beat them once but only because both my heroes were able to have one dose of minor potions.

Went to flora's shop and the price for the minor potion is 60 while they got only 4 drunes from the fight they won.


Hmm, give it more time and try again. Even I was able to make it. (And I'm not that good at playing at RPG) ;)
I, myself, won't add opponent hp view. The enemy sprite state is sufficient and more RPG-ish.


Shirish made it to level 4. Seems to me the gamer frustration level is optimal ;)

@Bertram25 Bertram25 closed this

actually made it to level 6 (max level for now.)


Eh eh, your team is stronger than mine then ;)

It's something good since you'll have to tell whether you can defeat the dungeon once out.

@IkarusDowned IkarusDowned referenced this issue from a commit in IkarusDowned/ValyriaTear
@IkarusDowned IkarusDowned passive effects from equipment applied
equipment now gives "passive" application of status to your character!
An easy way to try this out is to simply add a extreme strength modifier
to the Arbalest, and watch Kayla do some SERIOUS damage!
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