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Bertram25 commented Nov 28, 2012

Hi everyone,

Since the beginning of the fork, I was a bit puzzled with the difference of use of the Defense and Support skill menus. And as @rootslinux talked about it in a recent mail, more or less requesting to look at whether I should change that for Valyria Tear, or not, I simply brought it up on the table again and here is what's been decided.

Since the 4 heroes will each have their own fighter and skill profiles, I'll want the combat menu to be a bit more tuned for each one, meaning this:

As for now, we have Attack, Defense, Support, and Items.

I'll merge Defense and Support together keeping the Support name.
The Support menu will now gather all the Defensive/Effect skills/magic of the given character.

Each character will also have his/her custom menu, replacing the old Support one.

Attack and Items are untouched.

In short, Bronann will have:
Attack / Support / Holy / Items

Attack / Support / Invocation / Items

Attack / Support / Mist / Items

Attack / Support / Acheron / Items

You got it, the new skill family is plainly a custom and specific one for each character and I won't spoil it too much for now.
Codewise, to avoid borrowing hardcoded names for each characters and in the menu mode, the new skill files an related code will be renamed 'special'.
The dat/skills/defense.lua file will then be renamed special.lua and the former defense skills there will be moved to support.lua while keeping their ids.

I'll handle all the needed changes rather shortly along with the next map update batch, but I wanted to state it here, so that @rootslinux for instance can have a view on the changes planned.

Later also, and for a smoother gameplay introduction, the skill family menus that haven't got any skills yet (thus disabled in combat), will use a '?' styled image without title so that it keeps the surprise for later.

Bertram25 was assigned Nov 28, 2012

nice. Would be looking for them and the introduction of the couple of fighters who have not been introduced yet.


Bertram25 commented Jan 7, 2013

Started working on it with:

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