The F1 help in store does not help. #7

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The F1 document for store (as in buying and selling) tells nothing. It should tell how to complete the transactions.

Also dunno if the price changes when you sell or buy too much of one thing (say minor health potions for now.)


Bertram25 commented Aug 24, 2012

Note to self:
Add multi-page support in the help window, and add image display support.

Bertram25 was assigned Aug 29, 2012


Bertram25 commented Sep 22, 2012

I'll definitely add support to show image and all when pressing F1. I'll also add key reminders in the boot menu and in the first introduction map for new players.

shout out about having a training dummy, and the overall tutorial process as shared in #17.


Bertram25 commented Dec 18, 2012

Won't be done for this release. Too much work to make it look good and not enough time if we want to release this year.


Bertram25 commented Jan 15, 2013

@shirishag75 Once the final package/build is done for the current release (HEI), could you open an issue about adding a test fight in the village?
We'll then be able to discuss where and when it could happen. Thanks in advance.

Will do it, cool.

@IkarusDowned IkarusDowned referenced this issue in IkarusDowned/ValyriaTear Mar 30, 2013

@IkarusDowned IkarusDowned passive effects from equipment applied
equipment now gives "passive" application of status to your character!
An easy way to try this out is to simply add a extreme strength modifier
to the Arbalest, and watch Kayla do some SERIOUS damage!

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Episode I Discussion issue. #126

31 of 31 tasks complete

Bertram25 commented May 4, 2013


Here are some specs:
I'd like the f1 help window be a full in-game manual, opening at the right page, depending on the current game mode:

The data location shall be put here: dat/help/

A new file name help or manual.lua should contain something like this:

manual {
    -- manual page
    [1] = {
        images = {
            { "file.png", pos_x, pos_y},
             -- ...
        animations = {
            { "file.lua", pos_x, pos_y},
             -- ...
        texts = {
            { "text", pos_x, pos_y, width, height, vt_video.Color(r, g, b, a) },
             -- ...
    -- ...

This file will be parsed at the game beginning and load stillImage, AnimatedImage and textImage objects according to what is in it.
The files will be freed when the app quit.
If a file is missing, the game should continue with a simple warning.

A second table should tell which page to open depending on the current game mode, something like:

game_mode = {
    -- ...

Feel free to propose something better or comment. :)


codergreen commented May 4, 2013

Looks good to me. I don't know how to read a lua value that isn't paired with a key into c++, but I think I know how to read it using lua :P. Because of this, my plan is to modify mode_help_window so that it uses GetScriptSupervisor. It will then run a lua file that will read the manual and call c++ functions based on what it has read. Does this sound good? Or do you know a better way?


Bertram25 commented May 4, 2013

Hi @codergreen ,

A lua table already has keys even if anonymous.
Thus, you can use readString(1) to get the first parameter for instance.

As for using the script supervisor, I think it won't work as The script supervisor is and must stay a game mode component
Plus, the script supervisor should exclusively be used for game data.

Design-wise, I assume a globalmanager component shoul be created to handle that..

Feel free to keep commenting, though.

Best regards,


codergreen commented May 4, 2013

Thank you for the help @Bertram25
If I understand you correctly, I should create a file called something like global_help.cpp in the src/common/global folder to handle extracting the lua values from the manual. What needs done to make sure this new file gets compiled with the rest of the game?


Bertram25 commented May 5, 2013

You're welcome, thanks for yours in the first place! :)

I should create a file called something like global_help.cpp in the src/common/global folder to handle extracting the lua values from the manual.

Fine to me with the assumption you would create a class that would become a member of the global manager with the necessary accessors or something approaching.

What needs done to make sure this new file gets compiled with the rest of the game?

It will have to be added to the src/CMakeLists.txt file along with the other cpp files listed here.
And added in the ValyriaTear.cbp project file. What are you using to compile Valyria, btw?

Have a nice sunday!

@codergreen any update on this ? While no programmer but do like the idea of a manual as @Bertram25 has outlined. Would love to see, the more we make it easier for people to dip their toes in, the better it would be for all of us.


Bertram25 commented Jun 22, 2013

@codergreen While I don't know if you're still ready or not to do it, I've have a go at create a small static website, as an offline manual. I'll use that base to later integrate this into the game. Stay tuned! :)


codergreen commented Jun 28, 2013

I'm sorry, but I have had trouble making progress because... I don't know why. I have plenty of time and the task isn't hard, but for some reason my mind hates the idea of programming right now. I'm sorry I have to say this, but I'm not going to be able to work on ValyriaTear until I sort this issue out. It would probably be best to hand this task over to someone else. I don't need to push any of my work because I accomplished nothing in all this time :(. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Bertram25 commented Jun 28, 2013

Hi @codergreen :)

Don't feel sorry at all. The weather is becoming good just now in my area, so programming isn't my main task those days either. My body must be asking for sun, I don't know ;)

All that to say that I understand you may not me motivated to code this or anything at all.

Now, I do think this task isn't that easy at all, and that if the motivation gets back you might also want to try something easier or more motivating for you.

Best regards,


Bertram25 commented Feb 20, 2014

Note for later: Reuse the end credits script principle and use that to display pages of a manual with pictures and all.
A simple similar static HTML manual should be done, first, as a proof of concept.


Bertram25 commented Sep 5, 2014

I'm on creating a small static manual atm. It will be used as a proof of concept and offline manual before the in-game manual inclusion.

Bertram25 self-assigned this Sep 5, 2014

@Bertram25 Bertram25 added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 7, 2014

@Bertram25 Bertram25 Add a first version of a WIP offline manual
This one will be installed optionally along the game, and be used a later reference
for the in-game manual.

Part of #7

@Bertram25 Bertram25 modified the milestone: 1.1 Release, Episode II Oct 8, 2014

@Bertram25 Bertram25 added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 11, 2014

@Bertram25 Bertram25 Kept on the offline manual a bit...
Part of #7

@Bertram25 Bertram25 added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 16, 2015

@Bertram25 Bertram25 Basically finished the offline manual
What's left is to add the missing images, and make the manual install in the CMake and NSIS scripts.

Part of #7

Bertram25 closed this in 79d15a4 Mar 17, 2015


Bertram25 commented Mar 17, 2015

As told in the latest commit, the shop mode has now got a first time tutorial, and the game has got an offline webpage manual.

I'm considering this oldie closed and will work on the online manual when the game has got more interesting mechanisms and if still needed (thanks to tutorial and such).

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