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more xp if fighting raw ? #81

shirishag75 opened this Issue · 17 comments

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Hi all,
This would be more of a discussion as well as probably a feature request if not already in there.

In many rpg games you get more xp if you fight raw. By raw I meaning less equipment. Let's say our hero gets the wooden sword and after sometime when he's levelled up a bit and he's still fighting the same animals he was fighting before, the xp would drop a bit. Now if he doesn't use the sword and goes hand-to-hand it should result in more xp.Is this sort of feature enabled in the game or has this been discussed ?


I though raw fighting was fighting without any equipment in fact.
Sincerely, this didn't cross my mind at all.

It doesn't bother me as long as it stays reasonably done.
I'd say:
Check for no equipment on a character, add 25% more experience in that case for him/her.

Is somebody interested in it? And does it seem ok that way?


I think you meant 25% more xp. Another thing I noticed if i take the sword off in the animation the sword is still there as well as the sword flash thing.

It would be cool if somebody were to implement this. Not a programmer here.


I think you meant 25% more xp.


Another thing I noticed if i take the sword off in the animation the sword is still there as well as the sword flash thing.
It would be cool if somebody were to implement this. Not a programmer here.

That part is for now mine and planned for the Episode I or the beginning of the II along with more eye candy for map sprites.


Would love to fight barehand. Hope to see the animation for this and the logic implemented soon. Would love if some more people chime in. @NemesisD, @IkarusDowned, @Roots looking at you guys. Let me/us know what you guys think, would it make sense or no ?


Erm, @shirishag75 , it's @rootslinux. @roots will hate us if you keep spamming him.

1) seperate the animation for the base character and the weapon 2) draw an overlay and match the timings for when the character moves, such that the weapon also moves. this gives you flexibility to have totally unique weapon sprites and character sprites so you can technically create more weapons

Yes, and even if the heroes are going to keep the same weapons type until the game end, it will be cool to see variation in the weapon held. (or no weapon at all).

I've already separated locally the weapon from Bronann's sprite, but I'm not going to enter the discussion more before the first release is out, sorry.


Oops sorry @rootslinux please look at above and comment as well, sorry @roots :( my bad.

Waiting for the first release to be out.


I'm not a fan of this idea personally, but it shouldn't be too terribly difficult to implement in the code. What -will- be difficult is changing the graphics to reflect when characters have nothing equipped, or different weapons equipped. Not only that, but certain skills won't make sense if a character doesn't have a weapon equipped. Kayla's initial crossbow attack skill, "Single Shot", seems really weird if she is using her fists. So maybe certain skills shouldn't work at all if no weapon is equipped. And creating a heavy additional artwork requirement is a really bad idea, because free projects like VT have a very, very difficult time finding artists willing to work without pay.

So in summary, I think that this feature is way, way, WAY more work than what it is worth. And it doesn't really do much to make the game more interesting or fun. And yes, as Bertram said there's no way this feature would be ready for the first release even if we did commit to it.


@Bertram25 any comment on when you want to take this up, in 1st episode release or later. I do understand it would take a lot of work if you or whoever decides to take this up.


@shirishag75 I think this issue is a child of the fix on XP won at battle win. Yet, if you look at the issue milestone, you'll have the answer. ;)


to be honest I have to agree with rootslinux on this one. he makes a pretty solid argument about the whole "what does fighting raw for non-melee characters mean." fighting raw makes more sense in a game such as say Elder Scrolls, where you can technically train a character to use any sort of weapon, but we have hard limitations on the type of weapons and armor a character can use.


Hi all :)

Ok, let's start by breaking a dream but in order to make things crystal clear: ;)

What -will- be difficult is changing the graphics to reflect when characters have nothing equipped, or different weapons equipped.

I've implemented the beginning of support to display different kind of weapon in battles. I won't do it for equipment, and I don't want equipment to be visible in battles or in the map, now or later. It's discriminating for the heroes' visuals.

Secondly, I thought this issue was only about giving 25% XP more per character if and only if he/she hasn't got any equipment before starting the battle. I see no other points where we agreed about, right? Or am I missing something here?


yeah, thats the simplest implementation by far. But I still worry that it would make it easy to "game" the system. You could essentially level your characters up in the same area by
First, beating them with weapons, until you were so high level that they didn't produce enough XP and then
Second, beating them all AGAIN, with no weapons equiped. On the other hand, your stats are so high now, they make up for the lack of bonus from weaponry.

Remember that weaponry does not level up like players do, it is a fixed bonus. If i get a +3 to attack from my sword, I can make up for that by leveling my character up till I have +3 stats from where I am now. The only difference is for "magical" items, which might do some supplimentary attack. So, because I have +3 attack since I leveled up and no weapons, should I get MORE XP for it? Somehow, that doesn't seem to make sense to me.
There's possibly a flaw in my reasoning, if so feel free to point it out, but that's the way I look at it :)

Now, if you REALLY wanna get creative -- limit it to bosses only....THEN I could see giving someone 25% more bonus for going in unequiped something that is "heroic." :)


eh eh. Fighting bosses bare hand :)

First thing first, what I'll include quite soon anyway is the disabling of weapon skills category when you have no weapon equipped. Yes, with the risk that you have no more usable skills in battle because being low on SP or having no magic.

This will prevent to use weapon based capacities when you shouldn't be able to, IMHO. And in this way, with the dampening of having no base skills to fight, I guess having the 25% more if you win might make more sense, don't you think?


if you are limiting to that edge case, it isn't bad i think.
Again, I'm just one voice, and really Bertram, its your game mate :) I leave the decisions up to you!


Thanks, anyway, you are open-minded and your own opinion is usually well-balanced, that's why it matters to me.

I'll implement that one after disabling the weapon cat when no weapon equipped.

@Bertram25 Bertram25 was assigned

Ok, now the characters have got bare hands skills doing strength / 3 hit points as damage, I do think this can be implemented. I'll only add 20% for now and see how it turns.

@Bertram25 Bertram25 closed this issue from a commit
Yohann Ferreira Added a 20% raw XP bonus for characters winning without any equipment.
I also fixed a alignement bug for the new skills and make a bit of room
in the growth characters windows.

Closes #81.
@Bertram25 Bertram25 closed this in 9751a54
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