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The Allacrost/Valyria Tear statistics is documented nowhere, so here is a quick doc about it:

Characters' stats:

Strength (STR) : Used for Physical Attacks

Vigor (VIG): Used for Magical Attacks.

Fortitude (FRT): Used for Defence.

Protection (PRO): Used for Magical Defence.

Agility (AGI): Determine the speed in battle (The more the character has, the less it has to stay idle before acting).

Evade (EVD) %: Percentage of luck to escape an attack.

Every characters have 4 body points: Head, Body (or torso), Arm, Legs.

Those have 2 stats used directly in battle:

Defence (DEF): Physical defence of a character body point.

Magical Defence (M.DEF): Magical defence of a character body point.

It can attach equipment there to increase those two stats. When an enemy attacks, it aims at one of those points, so only the DEF and M.DEF of an attack point count when defending against an attack.

Stat computation against equipment: Basically, it's:

X = Base attribute + armor stat.

DEF = FRT + DEF of armor.

M.DEF = PRO + M.DEF of armor.

For weapon, the equivalent is done with:

Attack (ATK) = STR + ATK of weapon.

Magical Attack (M.ATK) = VIG + M.ATK of weapon.

Note that character can suffer from negative status effects, or be stronger thanks to positive status effects.

Their range are from 0.0 to >1.0 (1.0 = 100%)

The status effects only touch one stat each, e.g.: DEF, ATK, ...

Anyway, when a negative status effect is equal or more than 1.0, the stat is zero, i.e:

Negative Status effect = 0.6

ATK = STR + ATK of weapon - 0.6 * (STR + ATK of weapon)

DEF = FRT + DEF of armor - 0.6 * (FRT + DEF of armor)

Status effect = 1.2

ATK = 0

DEF = 0