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Generative poster for a workshop of creative coding
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Creative Coding Poster!

Hi, this is the code we used to generate our poster for a creative coding workshop.


To make your own

  1. Make the base image and save it inside the Main folder as base.png. The default resolution is 842x1192px.
  2. Run the Main\Main.pde with processing 3.
  3. It will generate a lot of images with that compose the animation frames. Press ESC when you think it is enough.
  4. Move these images from Main to Fibo folder.
  5. Configure the Fibo\Fibo.pde by changing the totalvariable to the amount of images you generated in step 3.
  6. Run Fibo\Fibo.pde, it will generate new images inside the Fibo folder and will close automatically when it is done.
  7. Now you can move to photoshop and make your own gif.

Cheers ;) @Vamoss and @MarinaAvila

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