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Artificial Intelligence
Dynamic Programming
Graph Theory
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Searching Algorithms
Sorting Algorithms
Tree Data Structures

Please Note

Thanks a lot for your interest in this repo! This repo will soon get shifted to suitable repository under the newly formed Theory of Programming organisation. Please watch out for that page. No further pull requests will be accepted for this repo.

Theory of Programming

This is the GitHub code repository for the educational website Theory of Programming. Theory of Programming is a website for computer science geeks who want to learn data structures, algorithms, Java, C, etc. The codes in this repository are the codes which are displayed in the website's posts.


You can contribute to Theory of Programming by -

  • Providing implementations of algorithms and data structures in other languages than which already exist. Allowed languages are C, C++, Java, C# and Python.
  • Finding bugs in existing code. Please raise a new issue if you find any bugs in the existing codes.
  • Or any other idea which might make this repo more helpful. Raise a new issue for the same.


To get an idea where to start, browse the issues. Here are a few guidelines before you race off to contribute -

  • You agree to license your contributions under the license.
  • Use pull requests early so it's open for discussion, even if your contribution isn't ready yet.
  • Ask doubts in your pull request or the issue page corresponding to your contribution.
  • Please follow the directory structure strictly.
  • Your code must strictly follow the coding conventions.


You can raise a new issue if you want to ask questions. Feel free to use the issues as a forum. Alternatively, but less preferably, contact me by mail

Happy Coding! 😎