Wordpress Plugin to Query State Senator
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My Florida State Senator

Visit afterecon.com/portfolio for a working demo.


  • Let's an end user enter zip code to find their State Senator.
  • WordPress plug-in using PHP + jQuery AJAX in order to call a MySQL DB.
  • User submits information which is used to query DB and find their State Senator.
  • Right now it's used for Florida, but can be generalized to other states and races later on.


  • Download the repository.
  • ev_dist_rep, ev_signup, and ev_zip_dist are SQL tables. Import them into your SQL web database.
  • Configure your PHP files. Eventually you will be able to do this in a nice WP backend UI, but not yet.
    • The code assumes a MySQLi connection. Enter MySQLi DB connection information at the top of the user data PHP file where the variables are defined as "ENTER_HERE".
    • Enter preferred email configuration for the automatic response email for signups, or disable it.
  • Zip the PHP files into a zip file and upload as a WordPress plug-in.
  • Then decide where you want the element to display in your website.
    • You select where elements are injected by using the classes .dynamic_area and .dynamic_area2.
    • The app injects a short user form into .dynamic_area or a short user form into .dynamic_area2.