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Cookiecutter - Vanderbilt Ph.D. Thesis

An easy, reasonably standardized, but flexible template for the Vanderbilt Ph.D. Thesis.



This template was based on the Cookiecutter Data Science Project

An example of the resulting PDF can be found in:

Documentation Status

For the full documentation, see:

Documentation Status

Requirements to use the cookiecutter template:

  • Python 2.7 or 3.5
  • Cookiecutter Python package >= 1.4.0: This can be installed with pip by or conda depending on how you manage your Python packages:
pip install cookiecutter


conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda install cookiecutter

To start a new project, run:

In order to create the skeleton of the template, you have to run this from the terminal:


For an example on how to properly do this, see the following video. It serves as a demonstration on how cookiecutter works.


The resulting directory structure

The directory structure of your new project looks like this:

├── Bibliography             <- Folder with the .bib bibiography used in the thesis.
│   └── bibliography.bib
├── Chapters                 <- Folder with the thesis' chapters, appendices, dedication section, and other sections.
│   ├── acknowledgments.tex
│   ├── appendix_A.tex
│   ├── chapter_1.tex
│   ├── chapter_2.tex
│   ├── chapter_3.tex
│   ├── chapter_4.tex
│   ├── dedication.tex
│   ├── future_work.tex
│   ├── introduction.tex
│   └── titlepage.tex
├── Extras                  <- Folder with documents like main `aliases`, `packages`, etc.
│   ├── commands.tex        <- List of commands used throughout the thesis
│   ├── headings_settings.tex <- Settings used for the different sections, chapters, etc.
│   └── packages.tex        <- List of packages to load for the thesis.
├── Figures                 <- Directory for project figures
│   ├── project_1           <- Each project has its own folder for figures
│   ├── project_2
│   └── project_3
├── Thesis
│   └── thesis.tex          <- Main `Thesis` file. The main thesis goes here
├── Makefile                <- Makefile with commands like `make main.tex` or `make clean`
├── requirements.txt        <- File with a list of packages required for running this
└──               <- The top-level README for students


Contributions are welcomed! If you have any suggestions, feel free to submit a Pull Request.

Installing development requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt


Template for the Vanderbilt Astronomy PhD. Program - Thesis







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