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Liber-Coffee loadout randomizer

I love Helldivers and its community. I had some spare time at hand that I wanted to spend in a meaningful way while advancing my web-dev skills. So I thought it'd be cool to make a WebApp to randomize your loadout in Helldivers.

Link to Liber-Coffee

The tool has your average RNG jinx. A lot of the loadouts won't make sense. There are 3 different modes to roll with weightings though to make more meaningful items pop up more often or give you an even harder time.

The feature that is probably more interesting to many is the other two dice mode that give you a random pre-saved loadout. Currently there are only the 5 that I contributed, but I want to fill the list with as many loadouts as possible, made by the Helldivers community. So I'd love to hear your favourite loadouts and add them to the list. The loadout can either be your favourite Helldivers loadout, a loadout that you just think is cool or a punishing loadout for the second community dice mode.

If you want to contribute a loadout, I just need the following to put in:

  • Name: The name for the loadout.
  • Author: Can be anything you want, though the redditor name would probably make the most sense. If you want your Twitter, Steam or PSN handel to be included, I can put that in the description.
  • Description: A text describing your loadout. You can put pretty much anything in here you want. I'll try to make Markdown formating a thing, but can't promise it at this point. So maybe also include a fallback plain text description. Links to other stuff you made or that are somehow relevant to the loadout(like a YouTube video with it) are cool too.
  • ID: A five symbol identifier that will be used when sharing the loadout. The standard alphabet(upper and lower case) and numbers are allowed. This needs to be strictly unique.
  • Loadout: The actual loadout(one perk, one primary and 4 strats). Don't worry if the loadout already exists. I want to give people the ability to make their mark on the loadout list, regardless if the loadout was already submitted. Also multiple loadouts of the same type will act as a weighting for the option, which kinda makes sense too.

In the current state of developement, the Author, Name and Description fields aren't displayed yet. I want to re-work the UI in the near future to accomodate more options like filters and the ability to compile a loadout with a selection for each item for sharing. Along with those additions there will also be room for a decent description of the community loadouts.

The Liber-Coffee is designed to work on computer, smartphone, the PS4 browser and the Vita browser. If you find any bugs or have ideas, please open an issue.

Happy helldiving!


Loadout randomizer for Helldivers




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