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Progressive Automation

This mod provides low tech automation tools for common tasks.

Mod requires Forge to be installed.

The mod has the following blocks and items:


There are 4 tiers of upgrades that will upgrade most of the machine in PA, normally range but they may do something else. Check out the block pages to find out what they do for that block.


You can put this little item into the fuel slot of any PA machine and it will enable the machine to accept and run off RF power instead of solid fuel.

Wither Tools

By infusing the energies of a nether star into basic resources it is possible to create a version of them that seems to be able to withstand a lot more durability. Using these resources you should be able to create tools that can be used for a much longer time, but otherwise have the same properties.

The Miner

This is a simple mining block that requires fuel and tools to run. You can read more about how the miner works on the Miners page.

The Chopper

A simple machine for creating a tree farm. Requires an axe and fuel to run. Read more about it on the Chopper page.

The Planter

A simple machine for farming various crops and other plants. Requires an hoe and fuel to run. Read more about it on the Planter page.

The Generator

This is a simple Generator that just requires fuel to run. All tiers produce the same amount, the later tiers just produce it faster. You can read more about how the generator works on the Generator page.

The Crafter

This machine will, for the cost of a small amount of fuel, craft an item that is selected in the left hand crafting grid using the items that are in the right hand storage slots. You can read more about how the generator works on the Crafter page

The Capacitor

The capacitor can be supplied power into the red face and will distribute power out the other sides. It has a slot that can be used to fill RF engines.