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Lite tool that allows users to easily install Vanilla Remastered for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
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Vanilla Updater - Official Repostiory

Greetings, We're thrilled to announce that Vanilla Remastered is launching a separate auto-updater for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


  • The client (app) will be making sure that you're up to date with the latest release of Vanilla Remastered.


  • We are planning a lot of updates in the future and manually downloading every single patch & fix is painful.


  • The client (application) will assure that you're up to the newest version of Vanilla Remastered.

  • We're planning on releasing a lot of updates and patches periodically throughout the future and manually downloading each is ever so painful. We created something to do it at a breeze!

  • The application will assure you're up to the newest version of Vanilla Remastered.

  • Features a light/dark material theme look to it for our minimalism style.

  • A FPS Counter (which is experimental)

    • An on-board FPS displayer compared to using a CLEO or an ASI.
  • Allows easier troubleshooting and error reporting.

  • Tracking users pop.

How to install Download the zipped file from the link bellow and extract it somewhere. Keep in mind that all files must be inside one folder in order the app to be functional. Our recommendation is to place it under your main partition (e.g C drive)

But my Windows claims this as malware? We assure you that the application does not have any malicious intensions and that you can proceed clicking continue. As much as we're trying to be transparent we must keep a track of numbers therefore we can't open source the application.

Application DL link:

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