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Want an all inclusive multi-site management plugin? Dynamic Sites for Sitecore is the answer!

Other plugins cage you into fixed paths without the ability to adjust your customizations. With the Dynamic Sites Manager, you can chose custom templates to house your website configuration and spin up new sites based off of that.

Completely flexible and configurable within the Sitecore Content Editor. No need to add multiple SiteDefinition.config files. No need to have developers add config files that reset your site.

Now with Dynamic Sites Manager, you can on-the-fly create multiple sites, brochure sites, and microsites, utilizing your own site templates.

Dynamic Sites Manager, out of the box, hooks into the Sample Item template to show you it configures itself. Simply open the Settings Item in the System/Modules folder and point to whichever template you want to choose as your Site Definition template.

Dynamic Sites Manager will automatically add the required Base Configuration Templates.

Tested and Working on Sitecore 8 and Sitecore 7.

Does Not utilize a HttpBegin Pipeline Processor. Instead, utilizes existing Sitecore Providers along with a new Dynamic Sites Provider, and a new Switcher, to embed all Dynamic Sites into the Sitecore API, as if they were listed in the web.config in the first place.

Utilizes all Sitecore API Site Caches for each Dynamic Site, works with Analytics, Page Editor, Experience Analytics, and Experience Editor!

Open to comments and suggestions.