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@Vapok Vapok released this Jan 8, 2015 · 1 commit to master since this release

Changes in Version 1.7

  • Removed 3rd Party Deadlock issue in Initialize Pipeline by just removing the need for that processor.
  • Fixed a site sorting issue.
  • Fixed an issue with character translation on Virtual and Physical Folders
  • Fixed a Sitecore Cache Key error when a site has a space in the name.

Changes in Version 1.6

  • Something changed the way Sitecore Event arguments are accessed preventing events from correctly processing. Updated the way arguments are handled.
  • Updated config to re-enable the "website" since Sitecore code seems to hardcode "website" in several locations.
  • Tested and Verified with SXP 8.0 rev. 150427.
  • Tested and Verified with Sitecore CMS 7.2 rev. 150408
  • Tested and Verified with Sitecore CMS 7.5 rev. 150212

Changes in Version 1.5

  • Fixes a Sitecore Bug with the Preview Function when using custom sites.
  • Some code cleanup

Changes in Version 1.4

  • Separated Out Value List Field to own module and DLL
  • Added Auto Publishing of Site Configuration Items
  • Added Auto Publish config setting to turn auto publish on and off. Default: on

Changes in Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed a Sorting Bug that would've otherwise required you to reverse your site order.

Changes in Version 1.3

  • Added Additional Site Properties to Item
  • Added ability to add custom Site Properties adhoc if so desired
  • Added a Custom Field in Sitecore allowing for non-Item Droplists to be used.
    • Added brand new pipeline to solve for Datasources
      • Code Driven Datasources
      • Pipe Delimited Datasources
    • Added Datasource Processors

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site settings2

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