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Varbase Updater: Making Varbase Updates Easier

A set of scripts and tools that will help you to update to the newer versions of Varbase.

Install with Composer

If you're using Varbase 8.6.2 or older, install varbase-updater through Composer.

composer require vardot/varbase-updater

If you're using Varbase 8.6.3 or newer, skip this step; varbase-updater comes pre-installed with your Varbase project.

Run the Updater

Updating Varbase is best done through Composer. We will assume that you have installed Varbase the recommended way through the Composer-based project template varbase-project.

This will create the Varbase project directory that will look like this: /path/to/YOUR_PROJECT with the Drupal 8 codebase installed via Varbase installation profile in /path/to/YOUR_PROJECT/docroot.

Follow the these commands to run the updater after you have installed it:

  1. From a command prompt window, navigate to your project: cd /path/to/YOUR_PROJECT

  2. Run the Varbase update tool. ./bin/

  3. Follow the wizard.

Lear more on this Varbase documentation site: