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Added buttons Reset size and Lock ratio

I'v spent lots of time on this commit !
I added buttons  Reset size and Lock ratio from main CKeditor project (there was some remnants in the file).

I also added the following features :
- the size of image is always displayed, but if it is the original size, size is not written to the image when validating
- if you type exactly the file name in the input, the image preview is loaded instantly (no need to click on the ImgList)
- if you tick upright checkbox, the fields height and width are cleared
- added cleanup of Align and VertAlign

I have rewrited large parts of this file, to simplify (I hope so !).
I also added comments where I understood clearly the logic.
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Varlin committed Mar 6, 2015
1 parent 1d2896f commit 117bf2822fb77f2f28236f8cbb3e05238f60d26b
Showing with 390 additions and 277 deletions.
  1. +390 −277 WYSIWYG/ckeditor/plugins/mediawiki/dialogs/image.js

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