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  1. install nodejs or use nvm
  2. git clone
  3. cd && npm install
  4. node
  5. setup /dna/secrets.json
  6. setup /accesstoken.json
  7. goto http://localhost:8080


Every .js in /scripts folder can be executed via node, example

$ node scripts/import-blogposts

import old blogposts from blogger

$ node scripts/import-blogposts

release develop to master branch

$ npm run release

release to staging

$ node scripts/upgrade-staging.js

release to production

$ node scripts/upgrade-production.js

prebuild all js/css assets

$ CELL_MODE=staging node scripts/prebuild-assets.js

change default launch port

$ PORT=1337 node

run tests

  1. setup /dna/_test/secrets.json
  2. setup /accesstoken.json to match the same value as within tests/helpers/index.js